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Trash or Treasure? (Cheapie & Dollarbies(S)).

The first picture in the Silk Road listing on the marketplace just looks familiar to me but I know I’ve not blogged it so maybe it was Faith or possibly another blog. What is 100% new to me is this poofy sleeved blouse.

This blouse is only 5Lds. I bought this black white option to show you the other 2 colour options you can buy, all black or all white. The best bit is if you look closely esp on the white sleeve you will see that they do have a touch of sheerness to them. Only a Legacy fit only and in this case, I was happy to put my Legacy Perky shape on.

This is a dollarbie latex dress. This is a mesh body classic fit and although you can see a touch of breakthrough it wasn’t bad on both my SLink and Legacy body so for only 1Ld worth a try and you can see it does have a decent shine to it.

You will see another top listed in the marketplace shop and for only 1Ld it’s a nice boob draping blouse.

Silk Road. (Marketplace).

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Read my thigh. (100s of Freebies).

I must admit I can’t remember if a post has been done about Promagics STUFFED FREEBIE ROOM! I’m pretty sure that we will have done a post but I’m also pretty sure there is a whole load of new stuff that I’ve not seen before.

TBH it was a bit overwhelming as to how many gifts there are so I literally slapped on the first outfit that I could use as Promagic doesn’t do SLink fits as standard and I will sort out the rest later.

There is such a mix of clothing from dresses, shoes, pants, kawaii outfits, accessories and a LOT of them are fat packs. Not only are they generous in the number of gifts but all are shop quality. So in a way, I am pleased about the lack of SLink P as it means I don’t have another hoard of clothing to add to my already bloated invent.

To get to the goodies don’t go straight into the shop as there is a large poster on the outside wall which is the TP to the group gift room. Once you’ve grabbed them all then head on back to the main shop as there is a new subscribers gift, some weekend special offers and what got me to Promagic was a pair of laced-up boots for only 99Lds and everything is to be found just in the main entrance room.

Promagic & Gaury. (The LM takes you to a shared TP, one to Promagic and the other to Gaury)

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Weekend Sales – Which Am I doing? (freebie)

Complete free outfit with shoes & hat by Fatal Fashion @ Energy Weekend Price

Ahoy ! Totally loving my free complete outfit from Fatal Fashion – its just one of the free gifts this week in the Energy Weekend Price sale ! Just wear your Energy tag(its free to join) et voila ! I’m a bit late to the party today so I might see you around at the various sales – say hi !

Here’s my to do list for the weekend – Happy shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale (If you love Scarlet Creative you are going to be SO happy this week – I bought the telephone box with secret skybox!!)

30L Saturday (I bought the boots at Patty CK – dead pleased with them)


Energy Weekend Price

Happy Weekend Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

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MP Dollarbie.

What a shame this is a Maitreya only gift as it’s pretty darn good and because it comes as separates very handy

You get the top, shorts, bum bag and not shown is a bucket hat. It looks weird enough just floating mid-air without being topped by a floating hat.

This is only available in a marketplace shop.

Amani (Marketplace).

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Raise & Lift – Neve @ Tres Chic

Neve @ Tres Chic October 2021

Another terrific release from Neve ! The raise and lift set features a sweet skirt and a cardigan with cropped shirt beneath. You can buy each piece separately, I know I will wear them with other items in my wardrobe for sure. Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky. Free demo at the event

Neve - Lift Skirt - All Colors

Four packs of four designs or a fat pack of course. Loving me some plaid action !

Neve - Raise Top - All Colors

Four packs of four designs for the cardigan & cropped top – you can remove the undershirt via the Hud and fool around with the colours. Thanks Neve team ❤

Tres Chic

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A Nuve you & now Mudskin! (Free Group).

Info only and GO NOW, don’t read the rest of this post just GO NOW and join the Nuve group.

Thanks to Shi I’ve just found out that the Nuve skin shop is on its last day of a free group membership. I know very little about the shop, on my brief LM grabbing I did spot that they are nice skins and I also spotted some discount rooms.

OH, Shi is on a ROLL! Sorry, again no pictures but she IM’d me that Mudskins also is free to join so naturally I rushed over as I don’t know when that will end and of course once you’re in the group you can return to look at the shop at your leisure.

Last update to this post as I have to return to RL and since I hate doing a pictureless post I just want to show you this pretty picture as I am using one of the gifts from the Nuve shop which are to be found on the back of the staircase.

It’s a pack of windlight settings which may seem an odd gift from a skin shop but I think these settings are not only stunning as a backdrop but also still make your skin look amazing because as we all know not all windlight settings are the most flattering. I will have to test them all out fully later when my RL work is done.



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Free Credit.(Wear to keep, Rezz to gift).

There is a very good rain effect going on outside(and inside) the Sugar Dolls shop so I took the opportunity to pop on one of my many umbrella’s and took a snap and the rain isn’t showing up in the picture so it does look as though I’m wearing it for no reason lol.

Never mind and as for the reason for my visiting the Sugar Dolls shop? Free credit of course. Since the note said the group has been set to free for a limited time I’d go now and join, grab and then like myself spend some relaxing time mooching around the shop.

Also I will say from my brief visit that there looks to be a lot of shops on this sim so once I’ve had my mooch I will check the sim out. Plus you can’t see it but to my left there is a stall with some discounted(?) items on it…and yes I will be ditching the umbrella.

UPDATE: Just before I was going to use my free credit I decided to double-check and YES if you rezz and then take back the gift card it becomes trans so as much as I could easily have bought some items from the shop it was nice to be able to pass it on. Plus there are group gifts and lucky boards.

Sugar Dolls.