Mixed tape

Managed to lure Player to the studio…yay! We’re both showing off the new group gift from Monroe’s. They are starting a guys section,which is super good news for you boys. The tee is free in the notices if you join the group, or you can buy it on the market place for 1L here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Monroes-Mix-Tape-Tee/2206444 

Also I’m told there is to be a male model competition, applications can go in now until May 6th to Kittee Skytower  via a note card. Heres the info,copy and complete questions onto a notecard:

SL Name:

Age in SL:

1.How often are you on?

2. Do you have any modeling experience?

3. Why should you be picked as a Monroe model?

4. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
Please include 3 pictures of yourself including a headshot, full body shot in an outfit of your choice and a full body shot in a swimsuit and send to Kittee Skytower before May 6th.

*** Please Put your name in the title of this Application like so :   Monroe’s Modeling Contest Application: Your Name Here

The winner will be announced two weeks after the start of the contest and will recieve a 3k prize, the full Monroe’s collection of men’s clothing and photoshoots with Monroes in the future!

Go for it guys! Monroes


Say what you mean..mean what you say

Great batch of T Junction shirts out for your perusal this week..as always…they pretty much speak for themselves, they always strike a chord with me !

Each is shirt is just 75L, great quality…you can also purchase on the market place as gifts here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26976

Pop over to the store today, there’s a discount section ,guys store,freebies & Lucky boards !

Go say it : T Junction


Rule Britannia

My colonial roots must be showing because when swaffette Firefly sent out her latest gift to the SF Unisex clothes group to commemorate the Royal Wedding, I just had to run up and get a picture of them to show you all.

The gift I’m speaking of are these very British cufflinks and bowtie featuring the Union Jack. As you can see, they go perfectly with one of SF Design’s tuxes (I’ve got the Godfather Tux on here minus the jacket). Both the cufflinks and bowtie and beautifully done but I especially like the cufflinks, zoom right in on the flag to appreciate how well it’s done. You also get the usual choices of a resizer scripted and non-scripted versions of both.

So even if you’re not British (or a colonial like me) you should join the SF Unisex Clothes group and pick up this gift from the Notices archive to celebrate the big day and give yourself a different option for your tuxedos.

Visit the store here: SF Design

Pose by Vista Animations


Heavy Artilleri

Everyone’s got a little Artilleri on these days and for very good reasons daddy-o. First and foremost is that they’ve got some stylin’ gear, very retro. The second reason is the 50% off sale that’s on at the moment until Sunday.

The tremendous prices to begin with have been slashed even further and I was able to pick up the grey Burt Jeans, Classic Shirt and Buddy Glasses for just about L$200 total. As you can see from the picture, these are some very cool clothes and I love the little touches like the cigarette packet tucked into the shirt cuff and the tape wrapped around the bridge of the glasses though you can choose to wear versions of these without those touches.

You should definitely make a visit to Artilleri part of your weekend and take advantage of this huge sale on a great range and men’s and women’s clothing and furnishings.

Get the gear here: artilleri 

*Credits: Hair by KMADD | Skin and Facial Hair by Sacred | Pose by Stakey



Named after its creator..”milo” is a striking yet casual outfit from Bubblez. Divine silk look tank, little stars are printed on the shoulder straps..its beautifully detailed…teamed up with an essential pair of beach bum shorts in brown…purfect! (thank you milo x) The outfit is just 50L..no special promotion, just plain honest good value hurrah!

Go get Milo’d: Bubblez


Last Chance !

I decided to go visit Indie Rose today and scope their egg hunt…very glad I did because I found some prettiness ! Each egg is just 1L..above Im wearing the striped blue denim capris and white Tshirt..2L for this outfit…

Thought Id give the silk cowled neck shirt another airing, it’s the new subscribo gift, join and snaffle it up from the history, found another pair of those striped capris in green yay! Outfit cost 1L

I searched a little longer and came up trumps with these very useful classic white shorts and a racerback tee, I also found one in magenta..the flipflops are seriously cute and unisex guys …outfit cost 3L

Had run out of time …almost…when I discovered an egg on my way out..the wrapped blouse is a gorgeous deep burgundy with gold threaded embroidery..beautiful! Outfit cost 1L . Hunt ends in two days..so hurry on over and see if you can find more of the twelve eggs hidden!

Go get searching: Indie Rose


Judas Kiss

Judas sits atop my head and can for you as well thanks to Zoobong. Ajay Giano has set out this version of his unisex beanie as a dollarbie for group members. I’ve got a bunch of hats in my inventory, I guess I’ve got a thing for them and this one is a good ‘un.

This features an awesome knitted texture in dark grey and sits perfectly on your skull and since it attaches via your chin you can wear this with your hair. Judas also has a cool little pom-pom on the back with a pink cross design and its name stitched across it.

The Zoobong group will cost you L$300 to join but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it as you get terrific gifts like this one and you can also pick up some of the older gifts that I’ve blogged (if you haven’t already) like the skin I’m wearing and all for just L$1.

Get the gear here: Zoobong

*Credits: Tattoo: Aitui | Pose by Glitterati | Beard by Sacred