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Lazy post/Lazy Day. (Free credit).

Yet another generous 300Lds worth of free shop credit. You have to be a subscriber to get it and as a subscriber, I know that this free credit pops up quite a lot.

The reason I’m just showing you the boards is that when you click on them you then have to choose which out of the four shops listed, Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptation and C&S you want to spend your credit in. Since the shops are all in the same place I’ve just put the one link which should take you to the shared plaza area.

I just have to show off what I got using my free credit in the Sweet Temptation shop.

I’m such a sucker for draped boobies.

Much appreciated that you get the whole month to spend the free credit.

Sweet Temptation, Gaall, Vaxer, C&S( Chic & Shoes).

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Read the details. (Freebies & Free Shop Credit(?)).

Out of the blue, I was sent a 250Lds Shop Credit card from Tiffany Design. Since I’m not in the group I can only assume it’s one of those random gifts for subscribers which always cheers me up. If you go now to slap the sub-board I can’t guarantee you will get it but if any future gift cards are sent out you will be grateful for that slap.

Not a total loss, if you don’t get the 250Lds gift card as when you go into the shop on your left you will see some free group and VIP group gifts and a free 100Ld Gift Card.

This dress is one of the free group gifts and it comes with a big hud of colours and textures, some lovely florals, and matt colours but it’s the metallic ones that really shine…boom boom.

I did try and nope I can’t trans the gift cards which is fine by me as it’s going to be easy to spend it.

As for the VIP Group that costs 500Lds and I do believe the Gift Card for that is 400Lds

UPDATE: To me Tiffany Design was always the place to go for wedding dresses/gowns. When I went back to LM grab I had a quick look in the wedding dress department (small build to your left) and OHMAI! The dress on the stand is not only divine it’s for sale…would people think me weird if I wandered around SL in a wedding dress?

Tiffany Design. (The Sub Board is just there where you TP in and I see that this dress is also a subscriber’s gift as well as inside on the group gift wall.).

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It’s still on…Free 500Lds Shop Credit & Backdrop.

I did a post about the free shop credit and gift outfit at the Next Door shop not too long ago. Since I couldn’t pass on the credit I decided to head on back and this time I was able to use the credit to treat myself to this pale pink version of the group gift, that one is a bold red and green colour.

This outfit comes as a bra, panties and that lovely sheer skirt and all can be worn as separates. Better still since this only used up 199Lds worth of credit I went into the room next door as I’d seen the same design but in bold florals and leaves.

As for the backdrop, I’d picked up one of the weekend special offers from Paleto and while I was there I spotted some free for all backdrops inc this one. This is the side of a building, three floors, with fire escape ladders. 50prims in total.

Next door Design.


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You don’t have to be POSH. (Free Outfit, Free Backdrops & Free 500Lds Gift Card).

I do go to events usually when they’ve calmed down and often I walk away with nothing but landmarks which I actually like because they take me to shops I don’t know or I’ve not visited in a long time and the “Next door” shop is one of them.

I picked this outfit up from the POSH Event however when you go to the actual Next Door shop you can’t miss the big poster of this outfit which is a freebie.

And even better there is a sign for a generous 500Lds shop credit/gift card. Sorry I did try, rezz and then take it back into my invent, and it’s still non-trans so it looks like I’m just gonna have to spend it.

As for the backdrop, it’s also free. I was at another event where I saw that the Saintstreet shop has some backdrop/builds for sale so a quick TP to their shop and I found a pile of free backdrops, pay 1Ld and it’s refunded.

Next Door Design. (Outfit & Shop Credit).

Saintstreet. (Backdrops).

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Pondering. (Belle Epoque Group Credit).

500Lds worth of shop Belle Epoque shop credit for only 10Ld! It’s a no-brainer the only struggle is what to buy! I’m going to have to work my way through all my Belle Epoque clothing so I don’t end up buying copies.

There is also a new group gift as well and I will be honest I wasn’t keen on any of the prints so I’m nekkid until I make my mind up about what I’m going to buy.

PS. Double-check but I’m pretty sure we have till the 15th, just check the big notice board in the shop.

UPDATE: Yup we have till the 15th to collect and the 16th to spend. I also spotted in the notice that from that date it looks like the Belle Epoque group goes up to 50Lds. Considering the quality and frequency of the group gifts…a bargain.

Belle Epoque.

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GO NOW! (Free 500Ld Gift Card).

I ran in nekked, joined, clicked and ran home still nekked but with 500Lds worth of free credit. Sadly this excellent offer is over today so don’t delay.

PS. I did actually quickly check and yes non-copy, trans.

UPDATE: Not only do you need to go now to get the credit but also to spend the credit as it’s also time-limited to the end of the day. Also as Faith has found out it’s limited to I think Lelutka Evo and or EvoX. Sorry this does look like a new shop and there isn’t much in at the moment so you may miss out this time but keep the LM at least and in the future, there may be more stock and more gifts given out.

Hera Kors.

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When being nosy pays off. (Free 750Lds worth of shop credit & Group Gifts).

I keep my mini-map open so when I see a crowd of AVs grouped together I know it’s either an orgy or a sale/event…and in this case, I got lucky and it’s a sale/event.

The VIP group is free but the small print on the poster says that at the end of the month it changes back to a paid group and you also have till the 30th to spend the credits.

The picture is of the poster in the shop and you click it, to find it and the wall of group gifts and lucky boards just head into the back room.

PS. It’s busy.

UPDATE: My “PS” turned out to be prophetic as the sim is down. They’re probably just doing a restart as it was packed when I was there.


(I’ve amended the LM if it doesn’t take you to the Trend shop it means you’re next door lol. Either open your mini map and follow the crowd or leave the shop and turn right and go through the neon light tunnel…easy to see).