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Lazy Post. (Free 500Ld Gift Card).

Just as I was about to log out a notice came through from the “Next Door Design” group that they have a 500Ld shop credit for group members since I am a group member and I love free credit I rushed over.

It’s a bright red notice on the easel just outside the shop door. Not going to lie I forgot to take a picture, its easy to see, as I saw it was actually a gift card and not shop credit so I passed it on and then logged out. I’ve actually already gotten a couple of items from this shop so I decided I may as well treat someone else.

Next Door Designs.

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Causing Havoc. (Freebies & Free Shop Credit, RUSH).

Fortunately the issues SL was having with logins have passed and now I can show you my goodies…and I don’t mean my Perkies.

The top is a group gift from the Mym shop. A nice simple cropped top, with some boob-defining wrinkles and a hud of 4 shades and I’m now wishing I’d chosen the red colour. I was also lucky to win the lucky chair gift which I’m not showing you as there is only 1 chair and I only really do lucky chair/board prizes when there are a lot of them, nice gifts and a high turn over.

Everyone knows I don’t often show off accessories but with the Havoc shop gifts, it’s a different matter. The waist bag is a reblog and it does say “Updated” but I’m not sure what the update is as it’s pretty darn good in any case, I’m wearing the original one I have as a keeper. The “Bat bag” is cute and but it was the “tool bag” in my right hand that got me excited.

I’m pretty sure there are new gifts and all are accessories and for the most part, they come with big huds and a really nice touch is you get very low-primmed rezzable versions.

I spotted the snow outside of the Havoc shop and what looks like a market, it is the weekend and other special offers, I then decided to check out the Roslyn shop as it shares the same shopping area.

I joined the free group and grab just one of the bags as I’ve done enough accessories for the day but fortunately, I also decided to check the shop out properly as it’s not one I’ve visited often and look what I found…yeah it’s SHOPPING TIME BABY! Unfortunately, I believe we only have till the 17th to get the credit and I will check to see if there is a use-by date as well and also add the LM as I’ve just tacked this bit onto this post as I’d hate for people to miss this.

The small print says that the store credit doesn’t expire but the group returns to a paid one after the 17th. So don’t delay and grab it today…urgh I rhymed!

And another UPDATE, as I’m wandering around the Roslyn shop I’ve spotted even more shelves of group gifts the accessories are on the wall to the left as you’re facing the reception desk while on the back of the wall behind the reception desk are clothes…a decent amount and I’ve grabbed them all. They look “shop quality” so I’m going to have a nice time spending the free credit and then unpacking everything.


Mym Store.


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Easy peasy lemon squeezy. (Freebies & Free Store Credit).

I needed this easy start to this morning/week as thankfully although my cold has almost cleared up my week of icky, snotty, achy mystery may have almost passed but it has left me with a completely trashed house, a big pile of laundry and as for work…Ooh Dear and yet I still have time to SL lol.

Not only are there free clothes in the Reed shop they’ve now gifted us with a generous 500Lds worth of credit. I can’t see a use-by date so that is always appreciated.

The board you click is easy to spot as it’s in front of the reception desk but I still decided to take a picture to show you. The other group gifts are on the wall to the left when you walk into the shop. I’ve actually had the most recent gift for quite a while and haven’t got around to blogging it so check those out.


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First, maybe!(400Lds for 15Lds).

I think I was the first to TP to the Tachinni shop as when the notice I TP’d so fast even I hadn’t rezzed properly and by the time I did I was surrounded by fluffy orange clouds as everyone in the Tachinni group came running.

The Tachinni group only costs a token 15Lds to join as well and I didn’t really need to be in such a rush as it makes a nice change that we have till the 23rd of Oct to spend the credit as well.

I did spot something about a big giveaway but I think that has something to do with Social Media and guess what I don’t do anything, I don’t Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok so it’s not something I can enter but check that offer out as well.

UPDATE: 34 people on the sim. I’m 99% sure there are group gifts and the fatpacks are on sale!


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Helloooo…(Free 300Ld Gift Card).

Blinking Nora yet another free gift card and group gifts, this time from the Brillancia shop.

Stupid backdrop but I don’t know when this offer is over and I didn’t want to do yet another basic point-and-click photo so I just threw a backdrop out and pulled a pose as I don’t know when this offer is over so I’d go now.

This outfit is one of the group gifts as I don’t want to spend my free gift card as it is trans which means I will be passing it on.


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Give me credit. (Free 700Lds Shop Credit).

This photo is as good as it gets as the Beyond shop is beyond heaving…boom boom. I had to TP in and out a few times before the sign you click rezzed enough for me to click it..another..boom boom lol.

Yup a generous 700Lds worth of credit and I’m not sure what the cost of joining the Beyond group normally costs but till the 2nd it’s FREE. Not sure if that cut-off date includes spending the free credit. So hustle on over and get spendy.

PS. Don’t forget there is as far as I can remember group gifts…UPDATE because there are a lot of group gifts and I thought I’d show you just one of them.

Out of the big hud of colours I chose these two.


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I can’t show you much. (500Lds Gift Card for 30Lds & Free make-up.)

These two items come from two different shops and I thought I’d just clump them together as I can really only show you point-and-click photos.

First the gift card. As you can imagine for only the 30Lds joining fee you not only get loads of group gift shoes but a generous gift card. I’ve not checked to see if it’s trans yet but I will as soon as I can because even though I don’t need it I’m sure I can pass it on.

It’s very busy on the small platform that has the two small Stephanie L shops so I’d just grab the gift card and then return when it’s quietened down and you have more ease of movement to grab all the group gifts and spend the gift card.

The reason I don’t do make-up mush is that we all wear so many different mesh heads/appliers etc and since this one is just for the EvoX-enabled noggins then not everyone can wear it (I can).

I just couldn’t resist showing this to you as those colours are just so juicy. So if you do/can wear LOL EvoX then check them out.

UPDATE: As I’ve had the time to check and yes the Stephane L gift card is TRANS! So a sweet gift for someone if you yourself don’t need it. It’s the usual case of rezz it then take it back into your invent and it changes into a trans gift.

Stephanie L.