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Boring! (Free For All Credit).

My picture is the only boring thing as Arcane Spellcaster is giving us non-group members 250Ld’s worth of shop credit.

The reason I’ve taken this basic point and click picture is so you can differentiate it from the other and more generous group gift of 500Lds for group members. I do believe the group joining fee is a more than reasonable 150Lds and you get sent regular 500Lds worth of shop credit (every 3 months) but don’t quote me on all of that as I’m now logged out.

Arcane Spellcaster.

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Good Luck. (Free and Cheap Shop Credit & Gifts).

I’ve had to take a break from landscaping my new island because I’m fiddling with it too much and messing up.

Blueberry has a 300Ld shop credit (20Ld joining fee) for us lucky people and yes the shop is HEAVING! As well as the sim next door which is why I’m really pleased that the credits are in the group notices. You have, I think, 2 weeks to spend them but if you want to hit their Black Friday sale then I wish you luck.

I then TP over to the “Hot Stuff” shop to grab their free shop credit. TBH It wasn’t the shop I thought it was going to be but that didn’t stop me grabbing the credit and spending it on a simple strappy top.

The “Pink vendors” are simply the pictures where the frame is pink and there are a lot of pink framed pictures as well as other group gifts and lucky boards.

Blueberry. (Inworld).

Hot Stuff.

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Free Credit.(Wear to keep, Rezz to gift).

There is a very good rain effect going on outside(and inside) the Sugar Dolls shop so I took the opportunity to pop on one of my many umbrella’s and took a snap and the rain isn’t showing up in the picture so it does look as though I’m wearing it for no reason lol.

Never mind and as for the reason for my visiting the Sugar Dolls shop? Free credit of course. Since the note said the group has been set to free for a limited time I’d go now and join, grab and then like myself spend some relaxing time mooching around the shop.

Also I will say from my brief visit that there looks to be a lot of shops on this sim so once I’ve had my mooch I will check the sim out. Plus you can’t see it but to my left there is a stall with some discounted(?) items on it…and yes I will be ditching the umbrella.

UPDATE: Just before I was going to use my free credit I decided to double-check and YES if you rezz and then take back the gift card it becomes trans so as much as I could easily have bought some items from the shop it was nice to be able to pass it on. Plus there are group gifts and lucky boards.

Sugar Dolls.

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Meh! (Group Gifts & Free 1000Ld Shop Credit).

This was my first thought of the day and nothing has changed lol.

This is not so much a “lazy post” as I did grab a couple of the group gifts and of course the generous 1000Lds worth of shop credit but as you can image the Trend shop is heaving with lots of fluffy orange clouds, naked, semi naked and fully dressed AV’s as everyone is there grabbing the goodies. Sadly the outfits I picked up didn’t come in either of my SLink bods and I couldn’t take any pictures in the shop so instead this post is info only.

The Trend group is free till the 30th BUT the free credit is only out till the 28th and you do have to grab it and spend it before that date. Still plenty of time to pop in when the place is a bit quieter.

The gifts are upstairs and yes you can walk up those very dark stairs.


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I needed this. (Freebie(ss) & Free Shop Credit).

Until I find a great freebie I feel restless. It’s not helped that today a lot of sims, inc ours, have been down. So to find not just this dress but other freebies and shop credit was just a great way to sign off what had been a very stressy RL day.

This old dusty rose pattern reminds me so much of old sofa material. I’ve had outfits in the past with a similar texture/pattern and guess what…I just love it! I wasn’t expecting it to fit as well as it does because it’s a Maitreya only but it’s bloddy decent fit which means it’s a “keeper” for me. There is a pink version as well which I will try out when I log back in later.

There are other free group gifts I think about 6 or 7 which I will have a proper look at as my eyes were just drawn to this dress. Then I spotted a gift box on the desk and guess what? Pay 1Ld and get 100Ld’s worth of shop credit. Sorry as usualy I forgot to check to see if the 1Ld is returned.

I’d already had a quick look around the shop but now I have some credit I will return as there were some pants I’d liked and maybe if I can add to my credit a cropped top that looked interesting.


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Just a heads up/reminder. (400Ld Credit for 15Ld).

Yeah, sorry it’s another lazy post. Before I got chucked off the internet I did a post about the Tachinni birthday gift of 400Lds worth of shop credit for only the 15Lds it costs to join the group.

When I did that post the shop, as you can imagine, was super busy and now it has finally calmed down enough for you to visit grab the credit and go shopping.

I already own the things I want from this shop so this cheeky top is what I picked up (you will have to try the menu it comes with to see that). Of course, there is much more you can choose from including some excellent coats for an Autumn/Winter look.

The LM will take you to the middle of two shops, Vision is in front of you and Tachinni is behind you. So turn around and grab the credit and SPEND it as I do believe you have only till the 12th. Then check out the Vision shop which is what I’m going to do when I get to log back in.

BTW, the cap/hair is of course a Mina. This one isn’t on offer I just wanted to show you another of Mina’s version of a cap hair. Plus if you’re a horse rider in SL/RL you will recognise the style of the cap is very much in the style of a riding helmet and I’m 99.99% sure that you can buy this hat as a horse riding helmet with a tucked-in hair do.


Mina’s Mainshop.

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Activate to Celebrate. (15Ld for 400Lds).

I’ve been in the Tachini group for quite a while now and I’m pretty sure when I first joined it cost more than the 15Lds but it is now AND look at that, 400Lds worth of shop credit!

Considering how many orange fluffy clouds and bare naked AV’s there were rezzing/lagging the place up I was surprised the gift board and group joined rezzed so well.

This is in celeration of it’s 3rd year in SL and not only do we have this generous gift but I believe a sale and 30 people could win 2000Lds worth of credit. I will have to check the note but in all honesty the shop credit is generous on it’s own and the others are extra.

Fortunately we do have till the 12th to spend it which hopefully means that as time passes the shop calms down enough for us all to be able to move and spend those credits.

In the note they’ve given us the code to join the group so to save you time/lag cut and paste this into chat.


PS. When you TP you’re automatically facing the Vision shop, turn around and thats where the Tachini Clothing shop is.

Tachini Clothing.