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A new outfit is out at Pink Cherry…and its definitely one all ready for a warmer spring… this is the “jeans mini outfit”, I chose to show it in this sweet beige (it’s called brown on the box) but there are quite a few other colours also. Unusual design skirt, that fits really well..and a one strap top…all mesh. Perfect for beach walking…plus you can get some great mileage by mixing & matching each piece with your existing wardrobe…gotta love that.


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The names Dagostino….Player Dagostino

SFD Male group gift

o.O swooon….not often I get the chance to take photos of Player…always worth the wait ! Check this out guys…this is the monthly group gift from SF Design…a superbly made Tux style shirt, ala Mr James Bond…it comes with sooo many options…shirt tucked in or out…bow tie , bow tie undone as above…

SFD Male group gift NEW!

Of course I had to get in the action and try my hand at being a Bond girl… I slipped into my Valencia lingerie also from SF Design and did my best to drape myself over Player…

SFD Male group gift_003

Of course you don’t have to look all mean and moody to wear it…after taking the photos we relaxed on our beach…its the perfect item to make you so handsome and dashing…especially with that little tell-tale lipstick mark on the collar (there is also one for your face)…thanks Swaffette ❤

(The pose we are using in the second photo is actually  gift in The Lavender Hill Hunt, its by elephante and costs just 5L for the duration of the hunt)

SF Design


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More Lavender …

Lavender Hill Hunt-  Senzafine chair

You can certainly relax in style with this superb gift from  Senzafine, the”Marguerite chair”, its their gift in the Lavender Hill Hunt. Beautifully crafted piece and its stuffed full of lovely poses to make lounging around stylish…not too heavy on the prims either , check out the detailing on the wood, it’s just gorgeous…Head over and hunt ! (you’re looking for a lilac square – looks like a piece of paper)


Lavender Hill Hunt Blog (all info)

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ohmai…Alicia has me indecisive !

Rumina Alicia & coldLogic Diaz in poppy

A month or so ago I shared with you a great hair do from a new hair designer “Rumina”, wellllll theres a fantastique new style in store ! Alicia 2 is the name…and its pretty unique…long side swept ponytail with tightly pulled back hair…toppped off with a brushed over fringe…and gawd…the colour choices are just fahhhbulous…you all know Im a blondie..but I seriously fell in love with the range of mochas, fudges,sandy blondes…so versatile. My outfit is from the latest collection at coldLogic…”diaz”, Im showing it in the poppy tone…preppy and fresh with a real sophisticated feel…you can also wear the jacket without the dress cool huh?!

Immerse EiiKiiS SunKissed & Rumina Alicia 2

Anddd thats not all…the simple to use HUD has some brill can change not only the shading on the top part (and you get ooooodles of tattoo base hair colours to play with yay!) but also on the pony tail…dip dye is FUN ! I tried the blondes too…couldnt resist…it was sooooo hard to decide what colours to wear, so I stuck with blonde & more blonde…love it ❤ Singles are only 200L and big whopping fat pack 700L…Ohhhh and dont forget to join the group and grab your gift while youre there…classic pony tail with optional flexi bits…thanks Malia ❤ My snazzy little dress is new form Immerse…its called ” EiiKiiS” and I plumped to wear it in the sunkissed shade..but theres heaps of other tones to choose from…absolutely adore the slashed sleeves !

Rumina inworld Store

Rumina market place store



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Flower Power

Lavender Turns out both Faith and I were looking forward to this Lavender Hill Hunt but since she had joined the group before me I graciously backed down…apart from this hair.  I do have a liking for coloured hair, I think that if you’re in a dressed down mode then slap on a coloured wig and you still look a bit different from the rest.  The hair comes from Mina and once I’ve put my clothes back on I’m off there for a good look.

Mina’s  has a bit of everything. Hair, mens hair, shoes, hats, skin, eyes and I have to say that even if your not interested in the Hunt item still pop over because I loved the colour/pattern changing Beanie so much so I bought it and at a 100Lds for a choice of 9 colours/texturing a good item to have. Don’t forget to snag the gift bag on the counter as well, I’ve not had a chance to unpack it but it says “Fatpack” so it’s going to have a few colours in it for sure.

Now check out the flowers!  When trying to think of how to show off this hair I popped onto the Marketplace and typed in Lavender and almost the first hit was “Free For All” a shop owned by Ima Flanagan and yup everything is free (apart from the rentals which I will be having a peek at soon just out of curiosity).  Although they’re seriously low in prims, 1-2 prims, they’re pretty dense which makes them perfect space fillers.  A great choice such as  Mulberry bush, Lavender Thicket, Grass Thicket, Black Eyed Susan thicket etc etc and even some buildings.  Sadly most aren’t copy so I’ve shamelessly logged into MP and I’ve snagged myself dozens of them because after all they’re “FREE FOR ALL”.  These items can only be found on the Marketplace but if your in the Marketplace for a home then check out her rentals.


Mina MarketPlace

Free For All (flowers only)

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Lavender Hill Hunt

Lavender Hill Hunt Breno bunny chair- Intrepid maxi dress

Lavender is such a delicate colour and one of my fav’s for spring…The Lavender Hill Hunt has begun and if , like moi, you love all things lilac…this is a fabulous hunt for you. The hunt runs from 25-Feb to 10-Mar and features gifts from a diverse range of stores: from fashion to decor, from accessories to poses, there’s something for everyone. There is a microscopic charge of 5L per gift…SO worth it ! Above I’m wearing the glorious maxi dress being offered by Intrepid…such a classic shape & style…demure and feminine….the chair is from Breno…its made me laugh ! A really great selection of poses for both male & female…sooper cute..

Lavender Hill Hunt Immerse cami dress, A&A eyeshadow,SIGMA Jewels necklace

Next up is another stunning gift, this time from Immerse. The cami dress is sweetly sassy…with a flared hemline and deep puff gathered sleeves. I teamed it up with the gift from SIGMA Jewels , which is a beautifully crafted necklace on a fine silver chain…plus one of the three hunt gift makeup products from Adore & Abore, a rich dark lilac eye shadow…

Lavender Hill Hunt Akeana'a Architecture Lovely lavender Lounge

I also picked out this lounge set to share with you from the vast array of goodies you can grab…funky huh?! Its made by a new-to-me store called  “Akeana’a Architecture”. The item comes in a rez box…which makes it easy peasy to get it all in the exact location…the chaise has quite a few poses to choose from…its verrrrry different from what Id usually go for…but the tones of lavender and purples work so well I loved it.

Lavender Hill Hunt [CIRCA]

More decor, this time from an old favourite of mine [CIRCA], always such attention to detail, and this is no different. Dont miss out on this gorgeous pouffe…not only a truly stunning texture and colour but its got soooo many delectable poses ! The shadow box table is interesting…look inside to see all the tiny trees and grass…you actually get two versions of this…the short one as above and a taller one.

Lavender Hill Hunt even.flow muffin sleeved shirt

even.flow yay! They are offering as their gift a handy-dandy blouse that will certainly jazz up your existing wardrobe pieces…worn over crisp white trousers for spring…zesty ! Beautifully shaped sleeves and a wrap belt…I adore.

Lavender Hill Hunt Leri Miles Designs mesh sweater

Last up for today…is this fun chunky sweater from Leri Miles Designs…you get two colour versions in the box which is pretty cool…both with a sort of shabby vintage feel to them…complete with missed knitted stitches that lends it a realism I love ! Zan has some more to show from this hunt so get your huntin goggles on and start searching out the goodies !

Lavender Hill Hunt blog (all info &LM’s here)

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Breakfast at Tiffany(s)

SFD Group gift_003

Great news ! Its time for a new group gift from SF Design.(and if you’re not a VIP member WHY not !)..and this month its this black & white dress called “Tiffany”…I havent worn a non mesh dress for simply ages…and this was such a pleasant surprise. Its twirls and sways as you move…gently and subtly….there are delicate layers of lace along and underneath the hemline that peek through when you move or dance…I have to say, it totally stole my heart this morning when I tried it on. I came over all Audrey Hepburn !

SFD Group gift

It comes with a belt, two options resize or not…plus a really well made “balconette” piece for the bust area that finishes the style off perfectly…you also receive the long rather glamorous gloves…ohhhhh musnt forget to tell you…I took these photos at a new little club that’s opened…such an atmospheric place outside and in..its called “Club Noir” and caters for the Jazz & Swing crowd…it was not the right time of day when I visited for a jiggle but I think I’ll return another time and give it a whirl !

SF Design

Club Noir