Scar Tissue

A group notice the other day jogged my poor memory and it occurred to me that I hadn’t been to …Scars… in the longest time. So, I picked myself up and decided to go over and have a mooch around. Their clothes are fantastic; a diverse range of stuff from t-shirts, hair and coats and more. The prices are very reasonable as well, from what I saw there was nothing priced over L$250. I couldn’t very well resist picking up a couple of things and I thought I’d show them to you all.

First off is the Cardigan and White Shirt set which is sold for a tiny L$130. This is a wonderful layered item with the grey cardigan sitting over the crisp white shirt. I’m loving the multi coloured buttons on the cardigan and the grey and black design that runs up the middle of the white shirt and around its collar. Although the set looks fab put together, you can also choose to wear just the cardigan by itself or the white shirt by itself. All the variations also come on all layers so you can mix and match to your heart’s content with this. The collar and cuffs are also super-easy to fit. You can also buy this set in different colours.

The second item I picked up is another layered jacket and shirt combo called the Design Jacket Set. I got it in blue but there are a range of awesome colours to choose from. Again there are good options to wear with this jacket as you can wear the jacket and shirt in long sleeve or short sleeve or you can just wear the jacket in the same sleeve length variations. There are two different collars you can pick to put on, one being with the stole like I’ve got on in this picture or one without a stole. The Design Jacket contains a prim bottom for the coat and cuffs for both the long and short sleeve versions of the jacket. The price for this set is L$250 and I thought that was pretty wicked considering the different options you get with this.

So there you are, just a couple of the many wicked pieces of clothing you can pick up from …Scars… and if you don’t remember or didn’t see my last post about this store, there are a selection of cool group gifts you can pick up as well.

Get the gear here: …Scars…


Babushka Dolls

JANE - babushka dolls tank

Jane has more spring fever ! I swear that girl never sleeps …and I’m kinda selfishly glad *grins*…Ive had a thing about babushka dolls from when I was a weeny one..and have several collections..and I lurrrrve this new tank ! Sooper cute and all have such vivid spring/summer colours…Im wearing the milk tone..easily slung over a pair of Jane’s 27 classic wash jeans with fold up cuffs ..scrummmy ! Oh oh oh check out my shoesss..new from Argyle Anonymous.. the “Happy Flats” seemed to go superbly with my Jane stuff yay! They have squillions of colour options for the buckle,strap,seam & shoe…

Babushka tank : Sheer madness deal all three tones for 50L !!! Or each 85L (better dash to get this offer)

Argyle Anonymous: Happy flats 169L

JANE - hollie dress

The Hollie dress is cute-as-a-button fresh! With its floral ruffles at the bottom of the skirt…big patch pockets (just right for hankies,lip gloss and polo mints) and denim strapped top its real sweety..I wore it all afternoon,drifted about feeling majorly perky !

Jane: Hollie dress greedy pack of 3 tones / 245L individually 125L

Jane tied ticking skirt & playtime racer tee

Anddd now for something totally different..the “tied ticking” skirt is just awesomesauce…seriously…it just fits..perfectly..its sure to be a spring & summer wardrobe staple for moi. We’d call the top of the skirt a “pie crust” edge here in good ole England (yes we are a nation of pie munchers!) Each skirt comes with two bow-belt shades , one matching, one coordinating, this means two tones to rummage through your jane gear and match up ! I wriggled my tootsies in a pair of piggies darling socks (available in store in millions of shades) and predictably found my strawberry matching playtime race tee to complete the look..(I wish I wasnt colour blind sometimes -KIDDING) and because it looked so incredibly pretty….

Jane tied ticking skirt & sheer layers in chcolate

I had to wear it in another shade..celery! This time a chocolate belt with bow, so I dug around and found those handy-dandy sheer layer tee’s Jane released last week…and voila! Little tip on those sheer layers..if you feel a bit too nipply in one layer..add another,even all three layers like I have above, still a little risqué nipplage going on but not soooo much, it gives it a real gauzy effect, I love it !

Thank you Janie !

Jane: tied ticking skirt 95L, playtime race tee three shades 50L , sheer layers three shades 50L

Go get a spring fever : Jane   Argyle Anonymous


We all love a Gossip

Poised Gossip & KRASH loops & beads necklace

oh-mai-gosh England is having a real summery moment the last few days..and the new release from Poised is just purfect for it ! “Gossip” is a complete look, highwaist shorts, double layer tee in positively oooodles of colours ! Naturally I was lured by the choc & cream tones first, great stitching detail on the shorts..I teamed it up with a necklace from KRASH , you’ve all probably noticed I’m rather attached to my rosary beads…well same store with more goodness ! This has sooo many colour choices of beads,accents & hoops (using a really simple menu driven menu) you will never need another chain again ! One sooper thing more, it’s NOT scripty, in these days of worry gubbing about scripty items I’m gonna give Ken Rosenthal a ^5 for making this a no-lag-zone hurrah!

Poised gossip & KRASH buttons necklace free gift

eyewateringly scrumptious Gossip set in zingy orange & Lime yummmeh…dont be afraid to buy a few of these outfits and play with them..tangle them up for a unique look. I snaffled up a gift from KRASH whilst I was there the cute-n-geeky buttons necklace..grab this it’ll be a summer spring essential !

Poised Gossip & Krash Pink rosary

Did you really think I was not gonna show the PINK version of the newness? get a grip ! It made me squishy happy the Ken Rosenthal also made my all time fav rosary now in pink too *happy sigh*…can a girl have too much pink..nah never !

Go get juicy: Poised      KRASH


Happy Birthday…to us!

Happy Birthday Pure people !

Awww yes indeedy, it was one year ago today that Pure Eggs & spam opened their blog doors! Its been a sensational year for us as we have learnt & grown. We had a lil pink type partay in the Pure studio..I wanted Stevie to smile but frankly it was a “whoaaewww” moment..guys just look kinda dorky when using facial animators right? So he looks glum and aloof and guy’ish amid the pinkness *smirks*

 We’re sooo thankful to the designers who allow us to review their creations and show you the newness! I always used to be a little shy about “speaking” to some..but I can honestly say I’m glad they spoke to us! We’ve found many new friends through blogging….from those that write in, some who give us tips for new & sooper stuff and of course the designers themselves..who despite being terrifically busy always find the time to say “hi how you doing”. I have personally found sooo many new stores & creators through blogging, is that a good thing? It means MORE shopping yay! Sooo whats a partay without giftsss….of courrrse there’s a gifty for all the Pure group members, it’ll be winging its way to you all as soon as I’ve gift wrapped it !

Personally I’ve really enjoyed being involved with some of the charity events that are held, and am in awe of those that arrange & organise them,there are some really fabbo ones coming up this year too!

Huge birthday type kisses & hugs for all of the Pure group, designers & friends…*chinkchinkglugglug* Heres to another year blogging!

Fai ❤,Player, Steviebobs, Faeth, Drivin & Zanzibarrr


::VMC:: newness!

VMC Pretty Mini Dress RED

Oh lala I can show you the newww release from ::VMC:: ! It’s sizzzzly hawt, clingy and has great details. From its hip belt to the body buckle..verrrrry low at the back…delicious! There are five colours to choose from, I’m showing red here…below..

Pretty Mini Dress Purple

..I’m wearing the purple version…can you believe these are just 20L??!! All five can be yours for just 100L oot oot! Check out the rest of the store while you’re there, plenty to see and snap up some amazing bargains …thanks Victory Modan for allowing me to blog the prettiness!

Go get dressed:    ::VMC::


On the Canvas

Ah yes, the Mania is upon us once again. Monday Mania, that is. SF Design has some nifty headwear for you guys as this week’s item: the ‘Canvas Cap’.

I love a good hat/hair combination and the canvas cap is definitely that. First things first, the hat itself is very cool the texture on it is great, it looks like it would be nice and rough to the touch. To me this has a little military look going on that I like a lot. It is colour changeable as well with six different colours to choose from including: stone, khaki, brick, grey, denim and navy.

Now onto the hair which is a neat, short style peeking out and it’s extremely well made. The hair itself also comes with colour change options. Again there are six different colours: red, brown, blonde, black, dark brown and dark blonde. While I try to avoid red hair in Second Life unless it’s absolutely necessary(got enough of that in real life, thanks) all of the other colours are very wearable.

With both parts being colour changeable there are a huge number of different variations you can pull off with this great looking lid while looking cool and casual. Better yet, this just fits. I didn’t have to play with this at all in terms of resizing it. The best part, of course, is the price. As always with SF Design Monday Mania items, the canvas cap will only set you back L$25 for today only. You can find this at the Monday Mania price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the men’s casual section entrance.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Sadie Sadie married Lady

Zaara Shubh dress

ooOOoo on a trip to [elikatira] for newwww hair today, I wandered into the other stores around and found this deeelightful dress from Zaara set out as a gift! Its creamy & lickable, flows around you with great detailing…thanks Zaara, it’s a keeper ! If you’re wondering, YES I couldnt resist newww hair also, I bought one called “Mood” from [elikatira] only 220 for a fat pack of bright blondes yummmmeh ..why did I use this song as my post title? Shhhhhh its a biggg secret and Ive been banned from telling, BUT..she willl know why ❤

Go get hairy: [elikatira]      Zaara