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Looking Poised

Argrace NEW - Haku hair - Poised November group gift FREE Flor sweater

Better dash to grab up the November group gift from Poised, only today left ! It’s this lovely sweater called “flor”, ribbed knit with a dainty shirt collar peeking over the top. Such a useful addition to your wardrobe no? The group is free to join – what are you waiting for?! I’ve also got newwwwww hair from Agrace. I whipped over there as soon as the new releases came out. Three styles in this release, I’m showing Haku, which is a sweet tousled style – I always go for the light blonde pack , 250L per pack with five tones in each shade.



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Its Advent Calendar time !


Its time to start to remember that each day you can receive a lovely gift from all the Advent calendars that pop up around SL. One of my favourites last year was at Cleo Design. There were gorgeous pieces , novelties etc. You just have to go to the store and touch the right door for that date. You cant go backwards, so don’t miss a day ! Thank you for doing this Cleom, its a real treat ❤


Cleo Design

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Hi Style Lo Price.

I was very surprised that this shop, DIRAM, which seems to sell High Fashion outfits should not only have a FREE to join group.  However you do still have to pay a single Linden for each item which is just a token price.


OK so I have had fun fiddling with the effects on this picture, I only really do that when the item is either free or a Dollarbie, but this hasn’t really changed the texturing as much as you think.  This looks great in all Sim settings and the same can be said for the 2 coats I also picked up.  As you can see from the exaggerated styling this stands out from the rest.  Jacket only the breast-plate I’m wearing is mine.

If this is too outlandish for your taste then check out this amazingly wearable Autumn/Winter coat.


Yup this is another GG from DIRAM although again you do have to pay a single Linden for it.  WOW and not only do you get this red one but a patchwork one.  More GG’s here.

If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the GG’s then you will have to do a bit of hunting, if I remember correctly when you land it’s in the shop to your left and you should be able to see bags through the windows.  If you have any probs don’t hesitate to contact me inworld and I’ll show you in person.


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“All the Free/Cheap yo Body Can Handle”.

Faith and I get so many notes and notices from events and groups we have to spend our first half hour, at least, in SL just going through them all and admittedly a lot of stuff still slips by us but when a note comes through titled “All The Free/Cheap Yo Body Can Handle” then it’s going to grab your attention.

So basically it turns out a whole load of well know and lesser known names have stalls set up and the general theme is something silly or fun.  Lots of Freebies and cheapies and some a little bit more in price but plenty for those looking for either a bargain or just something plain old Daft.


So I went and grabbed myself a load of “daftness” some items were free some were cheap and some was too daft not to resist.  Worth a look around and I do remmeber the wellies are free and the 2 sets of Sheepies (the hat) were only 7Lds.  I do remember paying for the snow ball outfit but it will not have been expensive and the Brain friend and lunch box are freebies.

A big enough event for you to be able to walk around picking up some fun items but not so big you get overwhelmed.

Now for something definitely not silly.


A great freebie from Antielle.


I had to take a bottom shot just to show you that nothing has been spared on the detailing for this great GG.  Mesh and all the sizes.  You do have to join the group, free of course, and there is more than just this on offer, skins, SLink nails and 2 more outfits.  I’ve just spotted that the outfit I’m showing you is actually 250Lds full priced in the shop, these ones are the same designs but with more floral textures in the design.  Sexy and sweet at the same time.

The Silly Seven Celebration


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Hi Ya Dave.

This is going to be a slighty odd post because I simply cannot show you ALL of the goodies I got so I’m going to really suggest you follow the Link to Hello Daves Flickr and everything you see marked as a Group Gift seems to be in this pack.

Dave’s Flickr

I’m not even sure how I stumbled into this shop and I almost left as the walls and walls of SLink nails was making me drool,  I like many others have a budget to keep to even though everything seems to be well priced at 99Lds a pack. Then I spotted the Freebies that “Dave” has out for anyone to grab, Dave is actually Maia Gasparini LOL so he is a she.  This is what is written in the note that comes with this gift

“Click on any bottle of polish to apply that colour to both your Slink hands and feet, or click on the tub of nail polish remover to bring your nails back to a natural french manicured finish.”

OO that’s different it means you don’t have to go searching through your invent you can just rezz this decor item on your dresser and click away on you colour of choice or remove it.  Although I have to confess I’ve just not tried it yet.

Hello Dave

The reason I’ve not tried out this yet is because next to the board showing you this items is a VIP notice which says if you have missed old Group Gifts then join the VIP Group, which I’m pretty sure was only 75Lds, and you get all of the old Group Gifts sent to you so I did and watched as my invent went CRAZY as oodles and oodles of Group Gifts loaded into it.  I’ve counted a total of 92 (give and take a few) nail and toe packs and in each pack is a choice of colour so you have so much choice which is why I really suggest you check out “Dave’s” Flickr and everything marked as Group Gifts is what you get.

I finally caved in and attempted to get the best shot of a pair of nails taken inworld.


I normally don’t do nails because I find it a pain in the rear end trying to get a decent picture but the quality of these nails is excellent.  I think this is one of the shades from an Autumn pack and there was a blue, pumpkin and other colours AND as I was stood there pulling poses a New Group Gift came through. Yes that is my skeleton in the background it’s what happens to people who annoy me (but I rarely get annoyed so everyone is pretty safe).

Make sure to  check out the Marketplace as there not only the Free gift shown but 2 others.

PS, it goes without saying no SLink hands no SLink nails.

Hello Dave (inworld)

Hello Dave Marketplace

Hello Dave Flickr

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O -M – G 50% off SALE!

coldLogic Black Friday SALE ! 50 off storewide !

Just had to share this amaaaazing sale with you all – yes yes yes coldLogic has a 50% off storewide sale on wooot! Its only on for the 27th and 28th of November , so if you’ve been eyeing up those quantum packs or the new sweater range or anyyyything in fact – get your running shoes on and dash over there ! (This sale is only applicable at the main store location.)

coldLogic store

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Gift & Luckyboard

Dench Designs - Group gift free

Couple of astonishingly good items to snap up for you. Above is the Thanksgiving gift from Dench Designs. It’s totally lovely and rezzes a boat load of food. The thing I liked most is that you can rez as much or as little of the food and decorations as you wish. If your prim budget is lacking just a few items or if you’ve got heaps – rez it all ! The chairs have some lully poses in them for both males & females. Ohhh btw this set uses that system where the props appear without having to get them out of your inventory, a permission pop up arrives to say yes or no – it might get obscured under the blue menu so keep an eye out for that.

Bubblez Lucky Board free gift

Feeling lucky? Bubbles has this funky sweater/dress in their lucky board. Not a long wait for your letter to come up so give it a whirl. While you’re there you could have a stab at that 10L a pop gacha machine !


Dench Designs