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I could be yours. (Even more free Shop Credit).

I went to the Vagrant stall at the Shop & Hop event just to get the 300Lds worth of free shop credit. While I was there I saw this 3-piece outfit and I had to have it.

Sadly for me, it turned out that each item has to be bought separately and would come to twice as much shop credit I had so I had to walk away because I am after all a Cheap B*tch.

So now you may be asking yourself if I was too cheap to buy it how come I’ve got it? That’s because I’d TP’d to the Vagrant main shop to spend my credit and spotted another 300Lds worth of shop credit in the Vagrant shop itself. Added to that there is a 50% sale on everything and this very same outfit was included in the sale..same price as at the Shop & Hop Event. 1 click to get the extra 300Lds worth of credit and 3 clicks to get the 3 matching items.

I will give you the LM for both the Shop & Hop and main shop and with that 600Lds in total, you can give yourself some really nice treats.

BTW. I almost bought 2 of the items at the event and I think, unlike some shops you can actually use your credit at the event.

Vagrant. Shop & Hop.


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Refusing to work. (LM/List/Link for Shop & Hop).

I’m not going to dwell on it as SL is supposed to be our “happy place” but due to my recent loss, RL has had to take first place which means I just don’t have the time, energy and yes also the will to do this round of the Shop & Hop event justice. This is a shame as I do know I’m going to miss out not just on the free gifts but there is some super bargains to be had.

Just because I can’t doesn’t mean you should miss out and although you’ve probably already got it I’m going to put the link to a comprehensive list of all the shops involved and even better there are direct TP’s to those shops. So for those of us with time constraints, we can pick and choose and others can just pick, chose and also saunter the whole shopping event.

As it happens I’ve just spotted this event goes on till the 10th of July so really I should be able to do all of the 400 shops at this event at some stage.

Shop & Hop Landmarks.

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Green on green. (Freebie).

I’d seen the notice off Maai for a new group gift but hadn’t opened it till late last night so I was happy when I logged in this morning as I had this lined up to show you.

The style of this neat skirt and top is comon enough, good quality, lots of fits and comes as a two-piece so a great gift but for me personally the bold print and green on white colouring…just perfect.

As I’m LM grabbing I spotted there are a few more group gifts, not sure if I have seen them before so they may be a surprise for you as well?

PS. That’s not a “stock” photo it’s an actual backdrop which is as flat as my hopes and dreams for a skinny body lol.


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Free Gift (M&F sizes) 50% Sale !

Free Pizza Tee female & male

Amias is having a 50% store wide sale until July 10th – great news, if like me you adore their stuffage. Right the landing point is Junes free group gift – this pizza shirt/dress. You get a Hud with white, black & grey colours – also sizes for the guys yay ❤


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Broken Link. (Freebie(s)).

I have no idea who or which group sent me the link to the new gift in the Fia Fulo shop but I’m grateful for it.

OH NO! I spotted it too late! (comment if you too have spotted it).

I’m 99.99% sure this dress is a reblog and the reason is because of those metal catches which are so realistic inworld as they do look rather flat in this picture. You also get a nice hud of colours and for once I picked the white.

This is new. As with the metal catches on the first dress this one comes with that metal belt, which can be worn without, as it’s a nice finishing touch and a hud of colours.

The third gift will be a surprise.

Via Fulo.

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A Graceful Parting

Thoughts This Week 2

When something you once felt was wonderful ends…how do you feel? A situation, a love, a passion…and you realise its time to move on from it or them. The realisation is painful, it hurts… and yet you know that its time to let go. How do you deal with the situation?

“I need help–Hey Siri, how do you kill love?–but who am I kidding? She doesn’t know. No one knows. I have to figure it out myself, alone…”
― Caroline Kepnes, 

I’ve spent the last year knowing that the love I once had with someone was dying. Like a small animal tangled in a barbed trap, bleeding slowly to death. Fleeting moments whispered to my heart to think it wasn’t, but I knew. I steeled myself to speak of it, not knowing what the reaction might be. Did he feel it too? Would he rage? Will he be relieved to stop the pretence ?

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye – life will reward you with a new hello.” ― Paulo Coelho

Once you have stepped forward and spoken your heart, there’s an awful quietness. A vast emptiness waiting for the reaction to land. I felt physically sick but also I knew, for me, it was the right thing to do. You hope upon hope for some grace to be shown, perhaps a few words of goodbye. It doesn’t always work out that way.

Tell me about your *partings* ?

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Non, je ne regrette rien. (Cheapie & Freebie).

The title should translate to “No, I don’t have any regrets” and I don’t.

This is a 10Ld gift from the B Bos shop and It looked ok on the picture so I figured why not and blimey it’s good! Not crazy about the gillet/vest thing only because it’s not to my taste as there is nothing wrong with the quality and fit.

As you can see from this picture they come as separate and the bodysuit/bather is my cup of tea. Sorry though limited in fits, Maitreya, Legacy & Legacy Perky. So when looking at the B Bos “gifts” check the sizes before you buy as they all seem to be 10Lds.

The B Bos shop shares the same platform as the “OOPS” shop and I found this freebie, there is another outfit and a leg accessory as well.

You can just make out the top part of this dress is hanging under your boobies making it very cheeky. You get little bow pasties and a Foo Foo cover. Light and dark shade of dress is included. Sorry, I totally forgot to size check but as it’s free it costs you nothing to try it.

Pay Attention. These two shops share the same platform, the gifts are not in the shops they’re on a wall outside.

B Bos & OOPS.