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A little bit of Avo. (Freebie & 25 Hunt Prize).

What is more disgusting that olives? Avocado’s of course and don’t even get me started on Corriander! So now I’ve confessed to my hatered of these very popular food items I do love Nutmeg both the spice and SL shop.

Most of us will have seen the “Rock out with your guac” hunt as the board/posters in the shops involved in this hunt are pretty big and bold in colour.

These gifts/prizes cost between 0-25Lds and in this case the mirror on the wall is the 25Ld gift from Nutmeg. BUT check out that heap of throws and blankets on the stool as they’re a NEW Nutmeg group gift so FREEEEEE! It is 11 prims and non edit as it messes with the mesh but superb Nutmeg quality and comes with poses.

You don’t need the Hud but I’d 100% recomend you get it as you can easily TP to the different shops involved plus you get the hints with the hud. So I’m gonna link you to the Seraphim blog where you can get the Hud sent to you inworld and you can also see the prizes. A nice mix of decor and clothing from some of the big shops.

I’m going to go and find the 2 miserious gifts from Concept.

PS. It’s not a guacamole you’re looking for it’s a bright maracca.

PPS. Don’t go looking in the larger Nutmeg shop as there maybe a copy of the group gift there the hunt prize is in a smaller satelite shop, so use the Hud to TP you to that shop.

Seraphim Blog. (Hud and pictures).

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It’s a short(tie). (Freebie).

For some reason I seemed to have missed the past few “The Make Over Room” events, or have they not been running at all as I just can’t remember getting any notices about it.

So I was happy to see a notice and also these gift shorts.

Normally I’d like to try to hunt down a free top to team up with them but they’re very nice indeed with a nice hippy chic feel to them so I’m just going to cover up my boobies and let you see them now and not later.

The Make Over Room.

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I’m done! (Freebies).

It’s been a long, long, long day so I’m glad tomorrow I can have a sofa day. I did manage to get 2 blinking good freebies this morning and it’s only now I can show you them.

First this dress, not my normal style but lovely attention to detail such as the lacing at the back.

At the same time I grabbed these shoes.

Both gifts come from the Limited Addiction shop. That shop’s group is a paid for one, to find these freebies for the “Mesh Body Friends” and I think it’s the “Fashionable” group then if the LM doesn’t take you to them then just turn right when you go inside and they’re right next to the door…easy to find.

Limited Addiction.

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It’s time to poop ‘n’ scoop.(Free Hunt).

It’s time for some mindless wandering around the sewers of Second Life.

What you’re looking for is this adorable little poop, just look at that face and those legs!

This is a sim wide hunt of endless sewers so unlike me I’d reccomend you open your minimap and work the hunt in a grid.

You do have items dotted around such as these dead ladies so you can use them to track where you have been.

I must say I actually really enjoyed it and now I’ve seen from the blog link how many gifts I’ve missed I will be returning esp since we have till the 31st to do it all.

As for the gifts here are just 2 of them.

This is actually a pretty big plant, in an old paint tin, you can’t mod it to make it smaller as it messes up the mesh but its nice to have a more statement sized plant esp when it’s still only 1prim.

I just had to show you this as it is just creepy. I spotted in the smallish amount of gifts I found a nice mix of tattoo’s, decor, some clothing etc.

There is also a sale going on, this is all in celebration of the “SL Syndicate’s 3rd Anniversary”. The sale is at their main headquarters so I will be visiting there soon. I’m putting the link to the Second Life Syndicate Blog where you will not only find the links to both LM’s you can also see the shops involved and now many poops they have out for us.

Second Life Syndicate Blog. (Landmark for hunt & Sale).

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So bad! (Lucky Board, Free Hunt & Sale).

By now you will have seen all over SL blogs and inworld notices that Lagom have a FREE HUNT going on. 20 pretty pink flowers have been hidden all over the shop, and I suspect if you use the TP door to the childrens department there will be some in there as well.

In this picture there is a mix of lucky board wins, hunt items and something I’ve bought for myself.

The paid for item is that stack of boxes and bags with a laptop on top called “shopaholics desk” which is most appropriate. There is a sale going on as well since I didn’t know if the prices you pay are the reduced price or you got a refund on purchase I decided to buy this as I thought it would make a nice prop/backdrop for a picture so I paid 100Lds and didn’t get a refund of any sort which suggests that anything in the sale has had it’s price changed to reflect that.

The Lucky board win is the actual skybox I took these pictures in and I also won a lovely fatpack of garlands, you can just about make out the leaves and in the pack there are also feathers and I think snow ones. I think all of the Lucky Boards have new gifts in them so well worth lingering for a while.

As for the hunt items, I found only 6 out of the 20 items and I’m looking forward to finding the remaining 14. The messy blanket, the papier mache style whale, those baubles on the floor and the larger pink speakers and not shown are some excellent make up brush decor set.

This wearable “not today blanket” was a fun suprise. It’s quite a good reflection on how I’m going to spend the rest of my day, tucked up on the setting SLing.


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More Poison. (30Ld Group Gift).

“What an elegant and classy shopping mall” I bet thats the first thing you will think when you TP to the Poison Rouge shop, or rather their landing LM.

You will find this dress right at the LM and it’s only 30Lds to join the Poison Rough group.

Just like the landscaping this dress is classy AF!

And yes I’m wearing earrings, not included, as for once when an outfit has screamed for accessories I went out of my way to pop a pair on.

When a shop has been landscaped/built looking so good it keeps you there. You find it so relaxing, you just wander in and around and in this case I think that all of the shops are actual the different Poison Rouge departments. So far I’ve just checked out the hat/accessories department and later when I log back in I will be checking the rest of the shop out.

PS. The dress looks more pinkie rather than the actual champange colour it is.

UPDATE: As of yet I’ve not found any other group gift I have however found this dress at it’s full price of 299Lds so again a quality dress for a bargain group price. I’m putting this update just in case you’d like to try a demo out first, so on landing at the shop head left towards or follow the sign to the building that holds the “fashion” items.

Poison Rouge.

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I need to show you something. (500Ld Gift Card for 25Ld).

This deck chair has absolutely nothing to do with the very generous 500Ld gift card that you can pick up from the AMUI shop, I just had to use a picture of something and I had been sitting on this chair to try to stop me from TPing to shops as I work through my invent.

AMUI often has a lovely offer out for us and this one is to celebrate Mothers Day. Join the group for only 25Lds and click the board and I think you select “deliver” or something from the menu and it’s sent to you and you just wear it then go shopping.

BUT although it says it’s non trans it actually is. Simply rezz it and then take it back into your invent and thats it, pass it on if you don’t need it.

PS. There is a summery dress as well for group members.