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I’m so excited. (New Mina Hair & Freebie(s?).

I found out that this new Mina hair comes from the Hair Fair and today is its first day, yes I will be going and yes if I find a hair that Mina hasn’t created yet and think it will make a great addition to my invent I will/may buy it. As I always say “hair and skin” are the two things you can’t skimp on.

The funny thing was when I first put this hair on my initial thought was “this is a horrible fit!” then I spotted the tattoo layers and of course realised it was another close-shave look. She’s got a new range of shaved styles and yet again she’s done another really great look. Check out those fine strands of colour.

I’ve not done it yet but if you want a different shade from the preset ones in the pack then just follow the easy instructions and you can save them in the Hud or just use the sliders to play with the shading but don’t forget to make a copy first especially if you’re trying it for the first time and you mess it up as it’s much easier if you’ve still got the original.

Or it looks like she’s now selling patterned/shaved base layers if you want.

Yesterday I spotted in a notice a picture of this top which is a gift from the “off-line” shop but you get it from the “The Tres Chic Event”. Not only did it turn out to be as good as I hoped it comes with big assed hud…always a plus.

Pay Attention, because I also missed this and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted more gifts at the Tres chic event. When you TP over, head forward and on the wall of stalls you will see on the left end is a large picture with this gift but check out the right end of the wall and you will see there is a pile of gift boxes, one-click gives you them all. I’ve not unpacked those so I don’t know what or how many gifts there are but I’m looking forward to that soon.

Mina’s Main shop. (for the demo).

The Hair Fair. (to treat yourself to this or another hair).

The Tres Chic Event. (to treat yourself to this top).

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I know now. (Freebie).

The freebie is the dress only.

I finally received a book I’d preordered as a Christmas present for myself so yeah it’s taken a while but I’m so happy to finally have it. The reason I mention it is that it’s a book to teach you how to sew, repair, maintain and create your own style of clothing and as I always say that is why I LOVE the S@bbia brand.

This one-piece dress is a S@bbia classic. One size fits all and a homespun look to it. Nice pleating on the skirt part.

If you do need boots and I should have used them instead of these old S@bbia group gift boots that I’m wearing then the mesh boots are still in the S@bbia shop but it may change soon so I’d get them now as they will go not just with this outfit but many others.


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Just a reccomendation.

I now post all my pictures to Flickr but don’t worry about “following” me as they’re the exact same pictures I use on this blog. I try to do my best photo-wise but I am limited by time and yes skill. On Flickr, there are some stunning SL artists who create dream photos of a dream world and Skippy Beresford is one of them.

Skippy’s photos of his cheeky fun little boy AV just capture a wonderful child’s eye view of his adventures in SL. He has a massive following because I suspect that just like me when life is a bit of a pain in the ass as soon as you see his happy little face it really does give you a boost.

Skippy Beresford. (Flickr).

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I came in just for this. (Freebie ‘n’ New Mina).

I spotted this freebie days ago but as some of you may know I’m dealing with “stuff” in RL so it’s been nice to take a break and finally grab it.

I LOVE BOATS! Because I’m a water baby anything that has anything to do with water I love and this boat is just pure quality. The detailing, texturing and colours are second to none and all of that is just FIVE PRIMS! So you know it’s going to be staying on my beach.

I’m just teasing with the hair because I know nothing about it but rest assured as my next post will be about this hair.

Yeah, that’s a shaved undercut at the back.

eBento. (Walk forward to near the back of the event and it’s on a column).

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The best is behind me. (Freebies).

The best isn’t that lovely laid table it’s the slashed back and bow accessory to this lovely top.

You only get two shades this black one with a nice texture that stops it from looking flat and a very bold red which because of that heart cut out suggests it may have been Valentine’s gift but it is still wearable any time of year.

Picked up from the Liziaah shop and I know the name but out of the gifts I don’t recognise this top so I do believe it’s new, to me, as well as other gifts which I do remember.

The gifts are the Bags on the shelf with the letter “L” on them.


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Wet or Dry? It’s your choice. (New Mina Hair).

I missed that this new hair is for sale at the Summerfest Event, thank you, Faith.

I wish I was having this much fun but I have so much to do and so little time to do it in

Before I unpacked “Doris” I thought this was going to be an updated version of an older hair which is also called Doris so it was a nice surprise that it’s not only a fresh new design but one of her interactive wet ‘n’ dry hairs.

I remember the thrill of the first time I wore one of these interactive hairs. I think that one called “Sandra” is the very first and it comes with a fun hairdryer & AO that you could wear to return your hair to its dry state. Mina Nakamura quickly learned that wet hair was pretty popular and soon added the “permanently wet” option to the hud so all of her wet hairs can be kept that way.

A bit of a close-up as I was hoping you could see the water droplets that stream down, you can just about make out 2 of them at the very bottom left-hand side of my hair. Don’t worry if you don’t care for that as they too can be turned off.

As always especially since this does have a hud to use, get the Demo from Mina’s and just have a play around with it. Don’t forget to check out the other interactive/wet hairs which from memory are near to a shower in her shop so you can test it out without having to TP somewhere else to test it. Although I will say I believe it still only works with SL System and not the water effects you get in standard showers etc….again check it all out with the demo and then TP to the Summerfest 22 Event to buy it.

PS. Sorry, the outfit isn’t a freebie, it’s also a wet/dry outfit from Blueberry.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim for pictures

Summerfest 22 Event.

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Not for me. (Freebie(s)).

This newest gift from Coco Designs is their usual quality. A linked shirt, cardie and tie and I won’t be keeping it.

The only reason I won’t be keeping it is that the grey reminds me too much of unrezzedness (it’s a word!). Obviously close up you can see the fine knit detailing and with the addition of the OTT cuffs and collar is pretty interesting.

I’m not too mad as the bold red pants I’m wearing are also a new Coco Design gift. Simply fab, tight fit all the way down to the ankle where they have been split which makes wearing boots/shoes/sneakers look a bit more natural.

PS. Yes, that is a new Mina hair but I don’t know anything about it yet.

Coco Design.