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Uhoh…Last chance Today!

ninight creations Gypsy Hunt_003

Oh gosh I’ve been catching up with my blogging…and realised that I almost missed the mini Gypsy Hunt that Ninight Creations is in – phew! Youre going to have to dashhhhhh as today is the last day… this is the stunning Gypsy style dress you can hunt down and make your own, isn’t it just divine? A range of pinks and greens and purrrply mauves make up the colour pallette…race over today and see if you can find it…youre looking for a tiny button..good luck !

Ninight Creations

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Cupcakes & Cuteness

CandyMetal new  Kawaii Collection Dress Mesh  pink stripes png

CandyMetal always has such a vast range of styles to tempt you with…and today I’m going both ends of the spectrum. Above is one of the sweater dresses from the

Kawaii Collection…this is the pink stripes one, very delicate baby pink..which I adore…simple design…great for wearing as a dress, long baggy sweater etc..

CandyMetal new  Kawaii Collection Dress Mesh  cupcake

I also just loved this one “cupcake”, grey marl shade…sweet print and a perfect fit…whats not to like?!

CandyMetal Ling Dress

Also released this week…and its going from cute to sleek, is this mesh dress “Ling”, oriental flavour..clinging silk, with a fantastic dragon print …slits both sides and WOW..check out the butt detail (NO, I’m not showing mine !) Quite a few colours in this, I just loved the red ! Thanks Emychan ❤

CandyMetal Store

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I’ve got bunches to share with you today…two new Stores to welcome to the blog, even.flow and estatica ! Above I’m showing you the Enviro vest from even.flow in the scrummy earth shade…I teamed it up with a handy dandy layering tshirt from Jane…et voila. I’m going to play around with this vest later and see what else I can wear it with…got a feeling its going to become a firm fav…the super good news is its available for just 69L at the moment in the Acid Lily Gallery…dash to grab yours ! (There is also a lovely blue scarf that sits so well with the vest on offer for only 1L)

The bench I’m sat on, is from estatica…suhc a classic shape and realistic shade of stone…just one prim and 47 poses I believe…his, hers & friends yay! This is the round version…149L…great price…photo one above is the straight style…same prims, same great price….

You all know I’m rather passionate about decor..and estatica is my kinda place..not only superb looking pieces but low low lowwww prims and really lovely animations…I just will not say something is fabulous..unless it truly IS ! I was genuinely astounded by how good looking these pieces are..this is the desk and chair from the Bertram range…again a very traditional style, yet it still works in my shabby chic boathouse…the whole item is just TWO prims ! Couple that with some seriously cool poses…this is something you don’t want to miss…totally adore the couple arguing poses !

The desk also rezzes items for some animations, such as reading (like I’m doing here) and writing…just perfect. One thing I just loved, was the captains letter that rezzes on the desk..if you touch it, it passes you a copy of the letter that you can wear as a HUD..such a beautiful passage (Im reliably informed it’s from a Jane Austen book) so so so romantic…

If you have time check out the other items in the Bertram range…especially the sky home…its gorgeous…loww prim once again (13) and has a few surprises to keep you entertained ! I opened this door…loks like you can walk right in huh? Well you can’t, it’s an optical illusion ! estatica also has a few gorgeous group gifts out, join fee is just 50L at the moment, definitely one to go for…thanks estatica & Pam and Yingy ❤


Acid Lily


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Land & Sea

The reason I’ve made the “and” more pronounced is because at this prim count you too could have a home on your land and your sky.

I remember having flat basic building platforms that had more prims than this sweetie.  A lowly 8(4) prim count for all of this.

Big picture window so make sure you rezz it when you can capture an amazing sunset/sunrise.

Look at the texturing.  None of that ugly free wood plank look.  Perfectly in proportion to the average AV.

Apart from the open window this is the only feature in this home and the rest is a blank canvas.I’ve not used windlight at all just the normal environmental settings and you can see how gorgeous the texturing is.  Hop on the grey office chair and TP to the rezzed demo and you too will be able to see that this is a great offer. A small shop on an excellent shopping sim.  They have a couple of weird things, Flying Toast carpet, some really good and low prim wall decorations and for those with Brats, I mean kiddies, or those who are a child at heart a Dino Gatcha that gives you a rather good childs rocker but the best is this Mesh skyhome called Camelot and it’s only 8(4)prims and 50Lds!

With such a low prim skybox you can have a home on your land as well. This is a Dollarbie from Kukuvaya and it’s top quality.  Box is just inside the entrance on the floor.

A simple square but with gorgeous feature windows and a lovely porch area. 48 Prims in total but this is a sold well textured home.  Small and compacy with excellent scenic windows.

I’m in pain because I so desperately want at least 2 of these to be my new home.  This lady has managed to combine compact, cosy, snug, wallpaper, old fashioned  with open windows, clean-cut well textured and just plain homely livable homes.  Sometimes you want the view outside to be hidden and sometimes you want to bring the outside inside but still have a snug and private feel to indoors and she has managed it beautifully.  I’ve seen many homes in SL and I put these ones easily in my top 3 for prims, price, texturing and esp the windows and decor.  But of course this is only my opinion.  Fortunately she has a fully stocked rezzer for you to have a try.  She’s got land home, skyhomes (more than just a square box) pavilions and other smaller structures.

This isn’t a picture of the Dollarbie but just an example of the attention to detail.  This is a small Box room in one of her homes perfect for a shower room or in my case a craft room and even this small room has been given plenty of wall space and yet look at those windows such a good clear view of outside.

Conspiracy Theory (sky home)


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Iam Angelic

Bubblez has a new release out called “Angelic”, its gauzy and sheer in places…and has “knickers” to protect your *cough* innocence ! Bubblez alwayys comes up with something that catches my eye…and this outfit really did…its a sumptuous gold…deep V neckline…it also comes with a gorgeous necklace and matching headband that totally set the whole thing off….head over to the store and take a peek. Dont forget to join the group so you can collect the ample amount of gifts that are out for you..and wander to the back to find the heaps of luckyboards to slap – thanks Milo ❤


Bubblez on the Market Place

Bubblez Blog

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Doll Face (SAH Item)

This was just a tester photo to see what the pose looked like at different angles but I ended up just loving it so what the heck I’m using it.  A SAH Gift (Suicide Awareness Hunt) from Mar.

I also love this photo as I think it shows clearly why this skin is called Doll.  It’s very china pretty with blushed cheeks, pale skin, glossy lips and oversized lashes (prim)  The skin comes from Mar (Creative Studio). The tag line on her skins is “built for beauty” and they are.  These are strong  skins with dramatic shadings and colours.  Fierce is the type of woman who would wear these skins no wishy-washy here.  Lots of demos to try on and I loved everyone I did try.  Small selecetion of clothes, eyes and lashes (bought myself a pair of pearly wispery ones which look so good on) but loads of skin demos.  But make sure to check out outside because she has some shapes on offer of 25Lds and although there is no demo they look like good shapes and for that price worth a try.

Mar Creative Studio

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A couple more …

I have a couple more items to share with you from The Silver Lining Hunt yay! I did go search for both of these, but as usual failed to find them. Luckily for me both designers kindly sent a review – so thankyou – phew ❤ Above is the gift from Pestique…something very close to my heart and also something I see most days at work…I can tell you this is as close as it gets to a professional kitchen set up…absolutely fantastic…would really liven up your SecondLife kitchen…stainless steel that is sparkly clean…pots, pans and even some milk & cookies…brill !

I’m pretty sure Player will adore these as he’s SUCH a ginormous geeeeeek…(as am I really), these fabbo space invader prints are the gift from Breno…you get them separately or joined in a row…I shall have to squeeeeze them in at home!



Silver Lining Hunt Blog