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ArisAris PROMO $99L

ArisAris Fat Pack PROMO $99L

Oo just what I was looking for – a cute dress to take me to the beach and partying afterwards! ArisAris have come up with the goods yet again – this is the Miami dress, great styling with bunchy side ties and deep side cut outs – yummeh.

ArisAris Hud

This is on promo for just $99L – mhm that’s right – so each dress will cost you hmm lemme think – approx. $4.5L ! Great selection of plains and patterns in the Hud, all twenty of them.

Fits for: Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Maitreya – Lara Petite, Slink – Hourglass, Kupra Original, Kupra Low, Kupra Bimbo, ERIKA, MB. Legacy, Perky, eBODY Reborn

Miami dress on the Market Place

ArisAris Main Store

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All The Fun @ NextUP

Ever Green @ Next Up

If you’ve been missing those Gacha events – take a look at NextUP ! Similar to gacha and just as much fun. Evergreen have such a neat set to play for “The Ants Picnic” – ohmydays…CUTE ❤ I set a few of the sweet ants out around my SL picnic table to take a peek at them – some move, some float, the grasshopper plays his violin.

The Ant's Picnic Fat Pack Ever Green @ Next Up

Above is they key and at only $50L a pop its crazy not to have a few pulls. If you’ve not used Nextup machines before simply put – you can see what items is “next up” ie: pay and you’ll get it, you can also see the next two items in line. So you might decide to wait until a couple of people have played, or grab a few for yourself. Its also possible to buy the whole dam fatpack at the event.


NextUP gallery

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Ever Green @ Miix Event

Ever Green NEW !

New round of Miix Event Yipeee! Yes yes Ever Green has something new for it – an exclusive Arabian night Day bed. I got so chilled I almost fell asleep but I had a coffee and soldiered on trying out all the poses and the gazillion texture choices – seriously, every part of this bed can be texture changed – I plumped for the most glorious turquoise blue theme. You have choices of versions, Single , Cuddle or Adult. Land impact on all of them is just 8Li. If you buy at the event you’ll get a hefty 50% discount so the single is $75L, cuddle is $113L and the adult is $138L what bargains !

Ever Green @ The Miix Event (upper gallery)

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Retro Vibes @ NextUP

Menu Driven Retro Vibes Living Set FAT PACK Ad

Oh My Dayssss SO retro! I was so pumped when I saw this set by Ever Green – love me some vintage feels. This is the Retro Vibes collection that’s out at the NextUP event – think gacha but you see what’s up next. Unbelievably just $50L a pop ! A fatpack is also available if, like me, you have no patience

Ever Green @ NextUp NEW RELEASE

I test drove almost all of this set – the bar just won for my absolute fav pieces – great animations for bartending , standing, seated etc. Menu driven so a ton of colours to fool around with (same goes for all the items)

Ever Green NEW RELEASE !

Adorable dining set – which counts as one item to be won – low land impact and plenty of animations for dining and sitting – you can even have a jello desert !

Ever Green NEW ! Retro

Relax in the tub styled chair and footstool , watch a bit of vintage television – lots of moving pictures to chose from – love that ❤

Ever Green Retro Vines New!

Seriously SO stylish – even my poodle approves. I’m going to have a VERY hard time trying to fit these items in my home but wheres there’s a will there’s a way right? If you’re not familiar with NextUp machines its super simple. The machine shows the “next item up” for grabs – if its what you want – pay et voila its yours – or you can wait till someone else takes something orrrr buy a couple of thing to get the pieces you want – choice is yours.

Happy Shopping ❤

NextUP Event

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New & Free @ Brillancia

Brillancia Priscilla top Sophia skirt NEW!

Brillancia are in the latest round of blanc with this sweet summery skirt “Sophia”. Snug fit with a great bit of detailing with the off centre zip. Fitmesh size for -Maitreya-Maitreya Petite – Legacy-Legacy Perky-Ebody Reborn. The top news is that the top comes along with it as a free gift! $270L per colour orrrr a fatpack for $1300.


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$99L Promo @ ArisAris

$99L PROMO Complete outfit with boots ArisAris

Fantabulous promo for a limited time @ ArisAris – all of the above outfit can be yours for just $99L. Its called “Sweet Bad Girl” and that’s really a perfect description for this!

$99L Hud

This is the Hud – W-O-W its ginormous ! Every piece is a separate so you can mix & mingle parts with other pieces you already own – love that. From the sweetest pink to leopard prints, devilish reds and more.

Fits for: inithium Kupra Original, inithium Kupra Kups, Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Maitreya – Lara Petite, MB. Legacy, MB. Perky, MB. Perky Petite, eBODY REBORN, Cinnamon&Chai

ArisAris Promo Outfit

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Brillancia @ Tres Chic

NEW @ Tres Chic Brillancia Lise

Brillancia is at the latest round of Tres Chic, and they’ve got the “Lise” top and pants up for grabs @ $249L each . Love that you can buy them separately! Cool leather look fabric with a fab belt and waistband on the pants, which has texture change. Fits for: Maitreya-Maitreya Petite – Legacy-Legacy Perky-Ebody Reborn – thanks Brillancia ❤

Tres Chic