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At Home

Wether you’re gonna be at home mooching about like moi…or youre exploring the SL globe..this new dress from CandyMetal is just perfect…its called Lin and is just 199L…three colours available. I really loved the neutral grey..but theres  green and a purple …you also get a small short top to wear underneath….if youre ok with flashing a bit of boobage..dont wear it ! Thanks Emychan ❤


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Beautify your space

Ohhh yummmy…I have some hunt & group gifts to share with you from [CIRCA]…First up is this glorious tree swing set…isnt it dramatic?! The tree is fabulously decorated with raven’s and candles..and these great big fat flowers…reminds me of a magnolia somehow.

This is the gift for the Fairest Of All Hunt…its just 5L…and wow what a statement piece…the swing seat is loaded with some lovely poses and it actually does swing…perfect!

There is also this adorable Parisian conversation bench, a little retro…with a kick of turquoise…plenty of poses so you can lounge around on it blissfully…if you look above my head slightly, you’ll notice a gorgy wall sconce with candles that gently flicker…this (and another in a slightly different style) are the current group gifts, one is in the subscribo , the other is in the main group…they go sooo nicely with the bench no? The bench is the hunt gift for “If I were rich” event…this ends on the 31st August so if you want to search this out..get going !


Fairest Of All Hunt Blog

If I were Rich Hunt Blog

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Maison Close – Open

Ohhh you know a couple of days ago I showed you that divine mesh corset and lingerie from Maison Close? Welll I’m such a truffle hound when I find something I like..I went back to the market place store…et voila! To celebrate the opening of the inworld store there are several gorgeous dollarbies…only for one week if you like…you should dash to get them! I’m showing one of the sweet short mesh dresses on offer, ruffled skirt and a tight bodice…topped off with  a little bow…

Also this mesh dress..similar to the first but with a little more detail with the stripe fabric on the upper half (LOVE stripes!) This is also just one of your linden dollars !

I really liked the “Leather love story” set, not only is it another one of the opening dollarbies but it also has a lingerie set that goes with it how fab ! Long gloves give it a real touch of old Hollywood glamour…


Last up..there are two sets of this lace top and panties or black. Both are as lovely as each other…I’m guessing you’ve seen this shape of mesh top around a lot recently but the lace fabric gives this camisole a little bit of an edge that I really enjoy. (nippletastic!) All these are only on the market place store as dollarbies, but pop over to the inworld store..its sooper pretty and girly ! Im going to be keeping on eye on this brand for future releases.

Maison Close on the market place

Maison Close inworld store

Shoes : GOS Pimp your pumps pointed court

Hair: Exile “Like lovers do” in vanilla

Mesh Chandelier by LAQ

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Grey Havens

You might remember that not too long ago I blogged a fantastic mesh 2 piece suit from Kauna. Well, now he has it in this super grey colour.

This is still an awesome-looking suit with fantastic details which I think stand out even better in grey than they do in black. The creases on the trousers are especially well done. Included with this suit are: two versions of the jacket – one with black buttons and one with white – in three different sizes, four versions of a crisp white shirt – one to be worn with the jacket and tie, one to be worn with the jacket unbuttoned and the two others can be worn without the jacket. You also get the gorgeous trousers in two versions: one with a coloured belt and the other with a leather belt as well as a professional-looking grey tie.

Phew, that’s a lot of gear you get with this suit and that’s not including all the added extras you can purchase to make it look even better like different shirts and tie packs (like I’m wearing in the first picture). You also get (yes, there’s still more!) a HUD with this suit that lets you change the colour of the jacket trim and the coloured belt.

For this suit jam-packed full of awesomeness, it will cost you L$799 and while you’re down at Kauna you should definitely wander around the store and check out the super cool mesh menswear he has on offer.

Get the gear here: Kauna

PS: The tablet that you can see in the two pictures above is a freebie from Kal Rau that I came across on the marketplace. It is very, very cool. The pose is built-in and you can also change the display to a number of different options. You can grab it here:

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Best News Ever !

o.O Hubbidy Hubba! Not only do I have some coldLogic pretties to show you…BUT…but…but…as I’ve already mentioned this week they do have a 50% sale on throughout the store..and you know what? They are only gonna let the new releases enter that sale too !!! oh my oh my oh my…you are so going to have to dashhhh over there, because the sale ends on Weds ! Without further ado..Ive lined up a few looks to tempt you (sorry!) Above I’m wearing some essential wardrobe pieces…you will wear and wear these little gems..The eise trousers and waid side tied casual..yet smart..two cuffs styles on the pants and the usual variety you’ve come to expect in sizes from coldLogic. Both of these come in some totally lush shades..and of course..50% if you nab them before the end of play Wednesday…

Next up is the mcgillis skirt and mcgillis top…both sold as seperates…and will work brilliantly with your other favourite bits and bobs..or as Ive done , together. Love the loose styling of the blouse, it softly drapes and has a toning insert in the middle..great range of colours for both . The skirt is super feminine…the delicate floral print follows on from the blouse..and it has a waterfall drop to the hemline…verrrrry girly and flattering…

I had to showww you this , its subtle…and just the sort of thing I wear in real life…the gill skirt has that lovely styled shaped hemline I adore..and the tallen top is a real handy dandy piece..great with a skirt or jeans..or pants..or shorts..and on and on..I ❤ useful clothes…treat yourself to a bunch of these and you’ll find it hard to take them off ! Sweet range of shades in both..go take  a peek !

Last up I chose this dress to show you…its called manza…and is one of my all time favs, especially in PINK hooooray for pink! Now this frock REALLY needs to be in your wardrobe…why? Cause its classic…it will take you anywhere..wriggle your tootsies into a pair of on your pearls..grab your purse…and youre a vixen …add some dash with a scarf or a hat…youre good to go..its just all-a-round-gorjus! Available in a few shades go grab your own…and be delectabubble…there is more in this collection..some rompers and such… grab your pennies and head down before the sale ends and stock up on the pretties ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld

coldLogic blog

Furniture photo four is by Laq..all mesh and oh-my-god its so low prim its criminal ! Small range of decor instore…incredible prices and soooo lully!

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There be Fairies

Aww wouldya look at me…all sweet and fluttery…SO unlike myself ! The outfit above is from NiNight creations..and is their gift offering for the Fairest of All hunt that begun recently..theres squillions of great stores in this event…all prizes are just 5L ! My outfit comprises of a sweet two-tone blue mesh dress…sparkling delicate wings and of course a wand. Sooper lovely ! While I was out hunting, in my usual rubbish fashion…I was searching  JeSyLiLO for their gift and just couldn’t find it ~le-sigh~…however I did stumble upon the skin I’m showing, which is their gift in the Drafted Hunt…just 5L for this darling…Im not a huge pale skin fan..but I thought it looked lovely with this outfit…

Ohhhh I also literally walked over another hunt gift while I was at NiNight creations, it’s the gift for the Endless Summer Hunt and cost me zero Lindens hurrah! Gorgeous orange tones in the summery maxi dress…just perfect for strolling along the shoreline…trust me, if I found it…you will too…just walk in the main entrance et voila!

NiNight Creations

Fairest of All Hunt Blog (lists all stores and hints)


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Its that time !

Its I must have something wicked to show you right? I dooooo ! This week SF Design has a pair of their awesomesauce mesh boots up for grabs…The Elfin boots come in many many colours…and its this lush goldy bronze thats on the Monday Mania offer…25L will bag you these…resize option also included ! Thanks Swaffette ❤ (Guys there’s also a pair for you to snatch up in the mens dept )

I also picked up something a bit different from my usual look, it’s from KG Designs…and is called “Tangerine”…you get the leg and top plus a groovy belt..andddd also the braided hair !!! All for 50L and only for today..I popped over to the inworld store and it wasnt out last night…so Im really hoping it is today !

To all you Brits out there…happy bank holiday today ❤

SF Design

KG Designs