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Credit where credit is due.(Big A**’ed List).

You may miss this as it’s in the comments section of a previous post and it’s definitely a WOW “comment” actually it’s also a spreadsheet.

Basically, Nadjanator has gone and done an eye-watering job listing, not just the shops that are having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday event but they have also given us the LM’s, Flickr and in some cases the MP links for all of them! The work alone that has gone into this is outstanding.

A lot of the shops have a cut off date for the 30th and guess what? Today is the 30th so you may just still have time to log in and grab a discount. Mind you I think a lot of us have spotted that even when an “official date” is over until a seller logs in and resets the prices sometimes discounts and gifts can still be picked up at a late date.

So bit sloppy kiss to Nadjantor as just scanning that comprehensive list I can see a lot of shops I’ve not visited in a long time and a lot of shops I just don’t recognise. So I am going to work my way through the list and yes I/we will have probably missed the sale but I’m all about the freebies so I’m hoping for some interesting finds to do future posts on.

PS. If you’re wondering I didn’t buy a single item of clothing in the Black Friday sale what I did buy was 3 big packs of landforms/cliffs and a set of steps…I’m now poor lol.

PPS. Yes at the bottom of the screen is 3 tabs, “Guide to categories & Abbreviations”, “SALES” & “Acknowledgement” and it’s the sale tab that opens up to the LM’s etc.

PPPS. Yes the link is secure, but if you’re not sure then just wait for future posts.

Nadjanator’s Black Friday Spreadsheet.( spreadsheet).

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Drop-in at Snowdrop.(Freebies(?)).

I have played with the editing just a little bit in this picture as this event is very picturesque so much so that if you’re after a lovely backdrop to take some Christmasy snaps you cannot go wrong as even without the OTT editing this is a perfect point and click place to get a great shot.

The only reason I have a question mark in the title is that I have found a gift (gift box outside of the Thor shop) but I’ve not had the time to really look around. So I want to log in later once my RL stuff has been done and dusted so I just enjoy this really lovely shopping event as a lot of time, effort, money and imagination has gone into this really pretty Christmas market square and I suspect the whole sim has also been landscaped for people to use at their leisure.

Snowdrop Sim & Market.

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A little bit naughty $25L

$25L Tuesday @ Belle Epoque

I couldn’t resist this robe from Belle Époque in this weeks round of $25L Tuesday. Yes just $25L per colour or a fatpack for just $200L. You receive two versions og each, one sheer one not. Maitreya fit only , link below for all the $25L Tuesday offers.

Happy Shopping ❤

$25L Tuesday Gallery

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Let’s NOT go outside! (Freebies).

The freebies are pants you can see and the shoes you can’t see as for the top an old purchase.

We have snow in the UK, ok thin and crispy snow which is pretty to look at but treacherous underfoot so I’m staying indoors where I’m as snug as a bug.

Yeah, I should have guessed I wasn’t the first to see these ISON leather pants as the ISON shop is heaving with fluffy orange clouds of the unrezzed grabbing the goodies.

OK, so I may not be the “first” to show you these gifts but I’m glad I got them. You have a massive palette of 60 gorgeous subtle natural shades. All the shades are very shiny almost a latex shine which I think when teamed up with a neutral top looks brilliant.

The other gift is a matching pair of strappy shoes with another big colour hud.

I could be mistaken as it has been a long time since I was at the ISON shop but I would have said it was a paid-for group but not now, it’s free to join but I’d rush over to join the group as it may not be free for too much longer and of course these gifts may also disappear soon.

You will find the gifts right at the main entrance, along with all the fluffy orange clouds, and you still have to pay 1Ld for each gift which is refunded.


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Let’s go outside. (Freebie).

I forgot to add Hilly Haalan as one of the other places I need to visit in my last post and guess what? A new group gift.

Very smart black skirt and pinstripe shirt and the addition of that handbag makes for a very professional “Boss Lady” look.

There are two other gifts at the LM, a lovely necklace which I was tempted to put on top of this outfit and then changed my mind also a body con style leggings and top set.

Hilly Haalan.

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A blank slate.(New Kaithleen Group Gift).

The dress is not free as the Kaithleen group cost 99Lds.

I did a post about the Kaithleen group gifts not too long ago but since this is a new gift I’m chuffed to be able to do another post so soon.

Look at those folds and ruffles which are the best mesh you can find.

All of the group gifts are shop quality and if you go into the shop itself on the back wall of the reception wall…easy to see when you get there…is a wall of again shop quality lucky boards prizes. I do know from past visits it wouldn’t take anyone any length of time to score some goodies. So for that small investment of 99Lds you have this dress and all of the other group gifts and whatever you win off the boards.

PS. My next stop will be S@bbia, then !g0 and maybe Ricielli and then back home to start decorating my home as I’m starting from scratch again.


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Strawberry & Mint. (Freebies).

I already had the very wearable strawberry basket in my invent. Comes with a good arm pose and as you walk you keep the pose. There is another wearable version for wearing on your head if you want to look a bit quirky…I’ll keep to the arm pose. As a decor item, it says it’s only 2 prims.

The basket is an old gift but the lovely mint loose sweater is a new gift as well as the LM. This comes from the PPS shop, which stands for “Paint the Sky with Stars” and I think that’s a lovely name.

This is a bit of a Kawaii shop with some interesting and unique style of dresses so make sure to check them out once you’ve grabbed the freebies. These are to be found on the wall next to the desk and you buy for “0” Lds.

PPS. (Paint the Sky with Stars).