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Just a tease and reblog.(Freebies inc).

I just had to do it.

No that’s not Mina Nakamura in the background it’s her Bot…a Bot with attitude!

You may have noticed I’ve been wearing the same hair in a couple of recent posts and it’s because it’s a New Mina.  This one doesn’t come with anything other than the colour, no bells and buttons to change this hair so what you get is a classic easy to wear hair, everyday hair.  The way it frames your face and curls at the neck it’s just so right and you know what my RL hair is almost identical to this both in style and colour!!! My parting is slightly to the left rather than in the middle but it could be meee…ok ok it’s a stretch to think I look anything like my AV lol but at least we both have BANGING hair lol.

Anyhow this isn’t available yet because….drum roll….it’s going to be available at the next round of FaMESHed which starts on the 2nd.  This might be a real treat for us Cheap B*s as it is it’s 7th Anniversary and we all know that a lot of SL birthdays/anniversaries=FREEBIES!  I can’t promise you that there will be any freebies and TBH I am not even going to try to get into this event for a week or so after it’s started but you might just spot a gap for you to squeeze in and check it out.

To make up for teasing you with the hair I’m going to do a reblog for the top and jeans.  The top is one of the Blueberry GG’s, just like the hair a fab everyday wear item and even comes with the usual big hud of colours/textures (this is “Jolly Hollidays” gift)the same can be said about the jeans which come from Shiva.

When you walk into the Shiva Shop on the wall to the right of the desk is a picture of the jeans in all the colours but you will spot that these are marked as “promo” and cost only 1Ld.



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Lucky Lucky Chairs.(Freebies).

I have such a long “to do” list today but my “to do” has got up and gone so I’m going to prevaricate for just a bit longer and then log off and sort out RL sh*t.

I’m not a “camo” sort of girl not even if it’s pink lol but for some this little number is right up their alley.

This is not a lucky chair win it is a free group gift but if you do have time to loiter I did spot some decent gifts in those lucky chairs and enough loiterers to hopefully cut any waiting time down.

There is a new Group Gift in the LSR Moda shop but I think that it didn’t have my SLink P fit for that one and I couldn’t be rat arsed to change my shape so I went with this one.  If you don’t like this still go over, I remember blogging the sporty dress and another one and I’m really pleased they’re still out so again pop over and check out all the GG’s as well as the Dollarbies and Lucky chairs.

One more “Teasing Post” to come and then I’m going to log off.

LSR Moda

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Gearing up.(Freebies).

I was pleasantly surprised at this rather nice Subscribers gift from Gaall.

Once you’ve grabbed this don’t run off as when I was LM grabbing I spotted a Group Gift of a dress.

I have to add that when I logged in this shirt has gone from a really nice gift to a keeper.

PS.  This is Aprils Sub gift which might just change sooner rather than later so don’t delay.


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I’m going to tease you. (Freebie).

Just before I did my last post I spotted this picture of one of the freebies I’d picked up yesterday and so I’m going to do this quick post but since I need coffee more than I need to log back into SL I’m not putting the link to the shops just yet.

These Kawaii ballet slippers will fit any feet, mainly because you have to remove them lol.  I already own the amazing Ballet slippers from Mosquito’s way but they not only come with a price tag, worth it, but you have to have the right “Pointe” feet to wear them so for many it’s an expense they don’t/won’t/can’t afford and in that case these might just do the job.

LM in 15 mins.

Ava GirlThere are Group gifts in the main entrance, 50Lds, but to find these and other free group gifts head to the courtyard on the top floor.

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All about Evie.(Freebie).

I’m allowed 1 nip and here it is and its a fine looking nip even if I say so myself lol.

These shorts were worth changing into my Fat Ass to wear, you do get the 4 main fits.   There is a really pretty metallic rose headdress which I don’t think I’ve blogged but I will leave that for you to find.  There is also a dress and I think a wearable cushion.  You find these on the wall in the shop and not near the reception desk.

I also wanted to give you a brief look at my New Mina.  Funnily enough, I was checking out hair shops as although I adore Mina’s I’m always on the lookout for not just free hair but new designs.  I gave up when I had to relog in frustration as the damned freebie I was wearing wouldn’t detach itself.  So when the notice about a New Mina came through I just grabbed it in relief.  As for the details about it I haven’t a clue but I’m taking a break for a coffee, watering my plants, checking emails etc and when I log back in I’m going to return to the freeness hunt with vigour.


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A lazy start. (Freebie).

I’m 99% sure this skirt is a reblog but as mentioned in my last post it’s “worth it”.

I think you can see why it’s worth it, perfect for summer/beach wear etc.  It does come with an applier top which I think because of the design and the colours you get in that hud would suit jeans/leggings more than this skirt.

BTW the opposite the ZD shop where you get this skirt is the Piaggio shop and there is a freebie in there, a new one, but because it was more sporty it didn’t fit with this skirt but once you’ve grabbed this then pop over and check that one out.

ZD Zhora Design

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S@bbia to the rescue.(Freebie).

Just as I was about to think today was a washout Jury Gothly the owner of S@bbia has yet again saved my bloggers behind with this new Group Gift.

A simple shirt dress, 1 size fits all.  You all know I have a soft spot for S@bbia clothes and this one is no different.  I just think her clothes are so wearable and to get such good freebies just makes my day.