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Decisions decisions ($50 offer!)

Easterling Daisy dress NEW!

Easterling has some newness going on that I want to share ! Above is the Daisy dress, sweet little strapless flirty piece. The daisy chain belt really sets it off a treat. Perfect to take you through Spring into summer, whats really impressive is that it comes with a HUD. If you’ve bought from this store before, it wont surprise you to know just how many versions of this dress you get for your cash.

Easterling Daisy dress HUD


Tadah! Lacey , plain,various colour set, plus you can also change the belt – brilliant. Plenty of sizes for mesh bodies, plus the usual standard. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body and its an absolutely perfect fit.

Easterling tank & skirt - NEW

If you liked the skirt I blogged the other day “Marzia”, the  coordinating tank top “Lisa” is now out – yay! Once again a fantastic fit, the included HUD allows you to maximise its flexibility.

easterling tank hud

Voila! As we head into (hopefully) warmer weather this nifty item will be sooper handy-dandy.

Easterling Tube dress NEW - inc HUD with 4 styles & 23 variats!

This is the offer piece, the Elle Tube dress, if you buy this from the market place store (and ONLY the market place) it’s just $50L ! Cute as a button and check out the HUD that comes with it…

Easterling tube dress HUD

A.mazing huh? Four styles – Sporty, Simple,Dainty & Sensual – all for the price of one single dress. Plenty of excitement with the more sheer options and the lacey bits, then dead casual if you opt for the sporty look. Mesh body sizes included, plus standard – you really can’t go wrong with $50L.

Easterling Market place ($50L offer)

Easterling store

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I have cake & a super sim decor bargain

I got a New RL bread maker last night so today I have made 2 loaves, 1 cake and a pan of Jam, or as you Yanks say “jelly”, and since the sun has struggled out from behind the clouds I’ve been lazing like a Lady of Leisure in my garden feeding my fat face.  It goes without saying I’ve eaten too much bread and cake and now I feel bloated and sad!

I’ve mentioned the 25Ld Tues offers before, just sub to one of the shops involved in it and you should get sent out a note with the LM’s and shops involved in that weeks 25Ld Tue offer.  Most of the shops involved are more towards the RP/Rustic/Gor/Medieval SLers BUT do NOT let that put you off if this isn’t your thing.  I’ve found some excellent decor items for my sim and home and occasionally an outfit which I couldn’t resist.

I have to admit that once I get my hands on the list I quickly scan it to see if my Fav shops are in the list and this week DD (Dysfuntionality Design) were on the list so that was my first place to TP over to and check out these low primed pretty floating Chinese lanterns.


You get the 5 colours shown, copyable and only 1 prim each so you can rezz as many of these as you wish.


Super simple menu with them just rezz  on the ground click on it and you get 2 tabs the first is to choose how wide or how close you want the lantern to float to where you rezz it and the other to activate it and once you click that it just floats away.  Being able to choose to keep it in a restrictive area means you can rezz these even on a small plot and of course again you can rezz just the single lantern or as many as you wish.

If you’ve never been to DD (Dysfunctionality Designs) then you must go, I’m pretty sure there is some decor freebies there but it’s been a long time since I’ve checked, but go for the fruit n veg because you will find some of the best, realistic and low primed fruit n veg planting you will find in SL.  Very reasonably priced as well esp for such exc quality.

How good is this! I know that there is a quick redelivery system here at DD but as I was LM grabbing, it doesn’t take you direct to the 25Ld offer but look on the ground and there are signs that lead you right to it, but I also decided to splash out and I’ve bought some grasses, bunnie rabbits and other items for our sim inc a stunning rose-bush which comes with a colour hud etc but I’d forgotten I’d already bought it so I paid my 125Lds which is shockingly cheap for such quality and I got it returned to me!  Took me a second to realise, and check my invent, that I already own these roses and so it wouldn’t let me buy something I already own! How good is that!

Dysfunctionality Design

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Neve Rhapsody - four colour tones inc.

I really want to share one of the new releases from Neve with you. This is the “Rhapsody” dress, its elegant, stylish,cute and whimsical – and more ! If you already shop at Neve, you’ll know that the new releases come in many variants of colour & pattern packs. Each pack gives you four tones plus sizes for:  Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Soooo Above is the rhapsody dress in a dainty salmon pinky colour, this is from the “Lively” pack, all the tones are eye catching but not overly so. In this pack the piece looks quite casual, something to drift around in, perhaps barefoot.

Neve Rhapsody rear view

Quick snap to show the detail on the back, exposed shoulders are always lovely, plus straps all loosely tied at the nape of the neck. Love the tight gathered line around the high waist.

Neve Rhapsody Suffuse - four colour tones inc

Same dress, different pack – doesn’t it make such a HUGE difference?! This is the rhapsody style dress but from the “Suffuse” pack . Much more dressy I think and a little Bohemian. Gorgeous collection of tones on this, earthy and elegant, wear it with heels, flats or bare feet, it’s simply divine. Make sure to check out all the different variants of each piece! Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog (for all new releases)

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I’m off to see The Wizard (Freebie n Hunt).

How many of us would love to be paid to SL?  Yup me too but sadly I work hard for my money but I’ve left my AV standing on the  on the Magic of Oz sim waiting for when I can get back inworld and I can continue to collect eggies.

But first the Freebie which you don’t even have to bother to hunt down.


The dress is from Prism and is a St Patrick’s day pressie.  A rough hessian textured dress with the pretty floral bands and even though this is a St Patrick’s day gift its wearable any time of the year.

Now for the Hunt.  When you rezz on the sim the first thing you do is snag a basket, big sign for you to click, and you must wear this basket to collect the eggs.  Lots of little eggs scattered around this fantasy themed “yellow brick road” sim and as you saunter around picking up the eggs you will come across little surprises such as skully here.


Some of the old classics are still there but I spotted some new places for you to explore.


Although word of caution because I was tempted by this mine entrance and it is really an interesting place to explore and it leads you down into temptation because at the end of the tunnel is a market.


A market of  “breedable’s”, breedables of any sort has never been a thing to me I can just about remember to feed “Fred” my donkey and he only needs feeding once a month so no matter how cute or even how valuables some of these breedables can be it’s not my thing but if you are then there are stalls of the little critters just waiting to be taken home with you and I even saw an auction market space so if you want to buy and sell I couldn’t imagine a nicer place to do it.


So I backtracked my way to the Yellow Brick Road and safer ground.

OK this is such an easy hunt to do but a few simple rules and although I’ve only started it and I’m going by memory I’m pretty sure it’s not changed.  So you must wear the basket and every egg you see click the egg which magically disappears and reappears into your basket if you get too grabby like me then you will break the eggs so basically you have to give it 30secs before you grab another and they’re everywhere.  So easy to spot and since you don’t need to grab specific eggs each 6 random ones win you a prize.

Once you’ve collected 6 eggs you get sent a message/menu and from that you can choose the shop you want to claim your prize from and then you’re sent a “stack of eggs” and you can just continue on with the hunt or go grab your gift straight away.  6 eggs =1 gift and since I want them all it’s going to be a pleasant hour in SL just sauntering and enjoying.

So once you’ve collected all of the “stacks of eggs” you want for the prizes you want then make your way to “Munchkinland” which is a pretty little town centre with lots of little shops to tempt you.  Inside each shop is the same sort of basket that you’ve been collecting your eggs in so simply wear/add the matching stack of eggs that you have been sent and stand close to the basket and click the eggs on your head and you get sent the prize.  Pretty simple, enough things for you to do to make it interesting but easy even for a dork like me to do but if I’ve not made it clear then check out the link for the Blogg, last link given, and it’s explained pretty clearly there.


Magic of Oz Eater Hunt LM 


Ozimals “Magic of Oz Easter Egg Hunt”Blogg

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I’m not a Meanie (Freebie & New Mina Hair).

In SL just like RL I have become the hunter of the free, cheap or such a bargain you cannot resist it and yes I am a Groupon addict but sometimes to support someone it’s good to just cough up some cash. Much to everyone’s amusement I paid the full price for a book when I could have gotten it off Ebay for a quarter of what I paid but I wanted to support the writer and it’s the same inworld.  So this outfit is the save a bit.


I know that Zenith had some New Free to join GG’s out but I thought they were just pieces of jewelry and even though I knew they would be exc quality I don’t wear much SL bling but I decided to pop over in any case  I was wrong because although there is new jewelry this outfit is certainly new to me.


A simple, sweet and wearable spring outfit of a skirt/jumper combo and with the Zenith quality texturing a lovely gift. This outfit also comes with a rezzable/wearble fun pinecone figure which I’m not wearing.  What I chose to wear is also another Freebie from Zenith and it’s the backpack, not 100% sure if I’ve not shown it to you before but I suspect I have but it doesn’t matter…or I simply don’t care LOL because quality like this needs to be blogged and reblogged.  Although I’ve forgotten to take a close up the leather of this bag is so realistic it almost moo’s.  Actually it also is so low primmed, 2-3prims, it also makes for an excellent item of decor for your home.

Even if you don’t like what you see, what is wrong with you!, still TP over because there are new GG’s out as well as all of the old ones and that inc one of the best Kimono style outfits I’ve ever seen and amazingly that’s a Freebie in fact I will scroll through my Flickr and see if I can find the pictures I took of it and I will post them at the end.


Now for the Spend.  This hair called Bridget is not only perfect with this outfit but I can see from my SL wandering that Boho, Hippy Chic seems to be coming back into style and this hair is perfect for that style or a young girl.  “Bridget” is the “gift” from Mina’s offering for the “The Gacha Guardians Event” and I’ve cut and pasted what is in the note as it’s a bit different from the usual Gacha event.

“The Gacha Guardians was inspired by other amazing stamp collecting and hunt events like Enchantment and TAG! Gacha. The Gacha Guardians have taken what those incredible events and others like them have done and added their own special twist; The Gacha Guardians rewards players for just playing! Join us on a magical adventure, help the The Gacha Guardians beat back the darkness by collecting the runes of light and unlocking the magic portal to the Guardians’ hidden treasure trove. There, using special keys bestowed by the Guardians, you will be able to unlock special limited edition gifts! ”

Sooooo basically it looks like as you’re wandering around being tempted by the Gachas you hunt out the “runes” and unlock a whole load of goodies of which the Tie Dyed hair set is the special gift from Mina’s.  The Gacha contains all the shades we know well inc Rare ones but again this “tie dyed” set of 5 looks like it’s free once you’ve done the work in collecting the runes.

No LM for this event yet I will give it to you on the 1st because thats when it starts but I will out the link to the blog site for it and if you scroll down you will see the colour packs that will be in the Mina Gacha.

Found em! but this also comes with a PS because yes this outfit is still there at Zenith but there is also a NEW one in the same style.

It even includes the head dress as well so even if so far you’ve not liked what you’ve seen it’s still worth a visit to check out the rest.

Zenith Mainshop

Mina Mainshop

The Guardians Gacha

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Its free

Free Dress - Slink,Belleza,Maitreya fits,plus fitmesh plus standard (also in black)

I found this sweet little dress on the market place this morning . Two colours to be snapped up, this teal and the other is black with grey bits. Maitreya,Slink & Belleza mesh body fits included, plus fitmesh, plus standard sizing! The back is dead lovely, all strippy strappy. Just perfect for strolling about in on Easter Monday! No inworld store sadly – or I would’ve popped over to scope out the place.

TaNs market place store

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Don’t be afraid. (Freebie).

“Don’t be afraid” to layer is what I mean.  Never Wonder, the owner of More Than Ever sent me out her New Group Gift/Sub board Gift and I both loved and didn’t love it, the nicest thing about Never Wonder is she never expects anyone to blog her outfits but if you do she’s so sweet it’s a pleasure to be able to show off her work so when I got this dress because something wasn’t working for me I filed it away but it just kept on nagging at me because I loved the skirt part it was just the top half that didn’t work for me. BUT that’s not to say it wouldn’t for you and in fact if you have long hair or love to show off jewelry then this bare shoulder dress is perfect and I did actually take a really nice photo, but a boring one,  with me wearing long hair and a heap load of some exc free jewels, I’m hoping to show you them soon, but I also knew that what I really wanted was a sweater, shrug or cardigan to go over the top.  Sadly for me because I like to try to cut out excess in my invent with outfits that I want to keep I delete the larger or smaller sizes which don’t fit me but that meant I knew I had a couple of items in my invent which would have been excellent layered over this dress but because they were only in the sm/Xsm sizes bits poked out and then I found this sweater and the size M fitted beautifully and I love this now.

XXXLayered use

Like most jean wearing crafters I have that bag of beloved old jeans waiting to be upcycled into something adorable and this dress or rather the skirt part is what I would love to make if my skills weren’t as basic as being able to sew in a straight line LOL.

Actually here is the picture I did take so you can judge for yourself which look you prefer, this was more of a test picture and I was checking out my new pose cube.


More Than Ever