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In from the Cold

FATEwear Feb 2013 2 Final

Don’t I wish! I am quite sick of Summer and am looking forward to the upcoming cooler months (not that it gets really cool here).  At any rate, cool or warm, I’m glad to be back amongst these pages to show you guys some new brilliance from FATEwear.

The Edward suit is the first thing I’m going to talk about and there’s not enough that I can say – there’s just too much to mention about this suit. Firstly and most importantly, the look of it is just fab. As you’d expect from FATEwear, the texture is fantastic and every detail is accounted for wonderfully. There is a great selection of colours to choose from and we’re just scratching the surface of this suit.

FATEwear Feb 2013 Final

Can you see what I mean? See how in the first picture I’ve got a hand in my pocket and this one the jacket is over my shoulder? Course you can see that! They’re not my poses though. Nope, those are animator attachments that came with my suits. You see, the Edward suit is a collection of different looks, seven of them, individually packaged and they are labelled (A) to (G) to make it easier to work with them. This is why I earlier said that I couldn’t say enough about this suit, all you need to know is that it looks awesome and that there’s so many options to play with, you have to check them out next time you’re down at FATEwear (which will be soon right!?)

FATEwear Feb 2013 3

Last but not least, a new coat! How many times over the years have you heard me say I love coats? I’ve lost count myself but it still holds water, I can never get enough of them and FATEwear’s Lando coat is a great one. Check out the detail on it, so so good, I just love the belted style. The texture, wow, you can almost feel it just to look at it. The addition of the turtleneck to wear underneath just gives it that little bit more awesomeness but you can choose to go without it if you’d like. As always, the range of colours is fantastic so you’re bound to find one you like.

There you go, some super new gear from FATEwear that you should definitely check out as soon as you can! Thanks Damien!

Get the gear here: FATEwear

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Fisherman’s Friend

Mens Department January 2013

I paid a long, long overdue visit to The Mens Dept and I’m so glad I did because the gear they have up for grabs is just as good as it ever was.

It was a difficult task not to just grab up handfuls of stuff and sort it out later, but I managed. What I just could not go past though, was this gorgeous turtleneck fisherman’s sweater from {Sleepy Eddy}. Just look at the texture, how fantastic does that look? Every little bit of the knit just stands out so well and the design is awesome. The mesh comes in three sizes for men and three for women (yes ladies, you too can rug up in this sweater!) and there is a cool range of colours to choose from as well.

Sweater in hand, I also snapped up the funky little pipe you can see me chewing on in this picture (not lit of course). It’s a cool little accessory for when you need a little extra something, it’s got a great look and I especially love the little silver design on the sides. The smoke effect can be turned on and off by clicking the pipe but you also get a version of this pipe that doesn’t smoke, but is a bubble-pipe instead!

These are just a couple of the items that you can pick up this month down at The Mens Dept. If you haven’t been yet, I definitely recommend heading down there before the new stock comes in and you miss out.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept

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I’m not over this coat

SF Design Wool Overcoat Final

I know on Mondays I usually do SF Design’s Monday Mania item, but tonight I thought I’d do something a little different. Tonight I’ve got one of the newest releases from SF Design to show you: the brilliant mesh wool overcoat.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of coats: cardigans, leather jackets, peacoats, you name it and chances are, I’ll like it. This coat from SF Design is no different, in fact, it’s a whole lot better than no different, it’s awesome. For one thing, the texture is fantastic, you can almost feel the wool when you’ve got this on. Secondly, the detailing is magnificent, I especially love the belt at the back, the way it hangs just looks fantastic. Last but not least, this little mesh beauty is colour change!

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. I said colour change. The wool overcoat comes with its own HUD that allows you to pick and choose the colour you want your coat to be. You can either choose from a set of a few pre selected tones, or you can play with the colour palette and see what you can come up with.

So this is one of the new items you can pick up at SF Design right now, a mesh wool coat that fits perfectly and can match just about whatever you want it to match! What else can you ask for? Head on down to SF Design and snap it up!

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Together for Sway

FATEwear Sway 1 Final

I love it when designers come together for a good cause in Second Life. First and foremost, I love it because they are pooling their creations for a good cause. Secondly, I love it because with all those great, kind designers in one place, you can do some serious shopping and know you’re supporting the cause as well! The good cause I’m referring to today is Together for Sway, an event put together in aid of Sway Dench.

Many designers have supplied original items for this event and 100% of the sales are being given as donations. The item I’m showing you guys from this event comes from FATEwear: the ‘Sidney’. It is a mesh v-neck sweater, simple but oh-so good-looking.

FATEwear Sway 2 Final

Sidney fits like a dream and comes with five different sizes of the mesh to help with that, it also comes in a range of fantastic colours, you will definitely be able to find something to your liking.

Speaking of finding things to your liking, after checking out FATEwear’s gear, you definitely need to take a wander around and see what else is on sale. There are some very cool items to be had and remember, when you’re buying these things, you’re supporting a good cause so get on down!

Get the gear here: FATEwear @ Together for Sway

PS: The fabulous elephant cord pants you see me wearing in the pictures above are called Cory and they’re also from FATEwear, a super recent release of his that you can get your hot little hands on at the mainstore which you can find here: FATEwear

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Hail Caesar

Akeruka Caesar 2 Final

One great thing about Second Life: being able to change skins at will. Yeah I know most people, myself included, find one skin and are generally pretty faithful to that but you have to admit, putting on a brilliant looking skin will make you feel like a million bucks. Well, now you can feel like an Emperor in the new, awesome skin from Akeruka: Caesar (just without, you know, the whole assassination thing).

As you can see from the picture above, this is simply just a great skin. Though you really don’t expect much else from Akeruka, the details are fabulous. Check out the definition on the torso, just so good without being over done. Even the body hair looks fantastic and I generally don’t go for that myself (and you can get versions of Caesar without it, of course). Then there’s the face, now I usually prefer wearing facial hair for some reason, but this lends itself to the clean look in my opinion. It’s got a touch of classiness about it, this face, maybe even a little bit of imperial arrogance in there too. Whatever it is, it works, and I like it and I think whoever looks at you while you’re wearing this skin will like it as well!

There are five different skin tones to choose from with Caesar and I suggest you head on down to Akeruka as quick as you can, find the one that suits you best and grab it. Et tu, Brute.

Get the gear here: Akeruka

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Has Your Aunty Arrived Yet?

Kauna Winter Sweater 1 Final

Christmas is nearly upon us folks! Because of that, for the December cycle of Fameshed, Kauna has released this set of seasonal jumpers. Now, when I see knitted sweaters at Christmas time, I immediately envision someone’s Aunty sitting in her rocker with needles in her hands, working away at some new oversized garment. No offense to anyone’s Aunty, but these particular jumpers are much, much cooler than that!

Kauna Winter Sweater 2 Final

Check out the knitted texture on these babies, so good. The pack features a range of patterns (I love the penguins!) and the mesh has three different sizes to choose from so you can’t go wrong. These have also been released for you ladies as well so you can head out to Fameshed and pick up matching His and Hers knitted sweaters…on second thought, maybe just wear two different patterns each instead.

This pack of super winter jumpers can be yours for the price of L$299, all you need to do is jump on down to the Fameshed event and pick them up. Thanks Ross!

Get the gear here: Kauna

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Roll me Over

SF Design 10 Dec 2012 Monday Mania Final

Feels like it’s been an age since I’ve blogged an SF Design Monday Mania item to me but what an item to come back with: the rollneck in navy blue.

I’ll freely admit to being biased toward rollnecks or turtlenecks or anything in that general high-collared family so I was always going to love this one but it’s not really that much of a stretch even if you’re not a fan of the style. You can see in the picture above the fantastic detail on the creases and shading and the cuffs look great as well but what gets my attention is the small details on the rollneck itself. Look closely and you can see little vertical lines on it. It really is a very small detail but it’s something that I’m glad is there, it just adds another little dimension to this top. The attachments, aside from looking wicked, fit perfectly, I didn’t have to edit any of that one iota. You also get the rollneck on all three top layers so you can wear this tucked in or beneath a jacket or just be all slovenly like me and let it hang out!

As always, this item will cost you just L$25 for today and you can only pick it up from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design