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It’s a new round at the H&G Designer Warehouse and Circa Living has some new items that are really fun and interactive.  I’m showing the so so sweet wheelbarrow prop/pose above and also the gorgeous little chinese lantern tree which is out for just 10L at the CupCakes sim event..its on from September 22nd – until October dash along there too ! Both events these items and MANY more from Circa Living) have 50% off…dont miss it !

Home & Garden warehouse

CupCakes Sim

This “Autumn Banquet” set is from Circa Living…its really detailed…shabby wood…velvet table runner…elegant candles…just the sort of piece that will set your Halloween or Autumn celebrations off perfectly…this is the gift for the  Depraved Nation’s – Autumn Effect Hunt – from Sept 15 to Oct 15th, dont dilly dally !  (There are about 100 popular designers in this hunt. woot)

Circa Living

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Lounge around

If I’m ever feeling a little under the weather in real life..I tend to look for something snuggly and comfortable to wear in Second Life..weird I know but hey..thats moi. So, I hopped onto the market place and searched for a new robe to cuddle up in..and hey presto, found this one by “The Bitter Heart”..a new store for me and one I shall be making a trip to inworld later…its you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it correctly (I’m using Dolphin currently which just rocks) I did try the demo on first as I don’t know this store..and found it to be perfect in the medium size…the HUD that changes the colours and *patterns* isn’t in the I was intrigued to see what it did exactly.

Hustled up the pennies, only 125L of them..and bought it ! Totally adoring it…fits like a dream..and I found that the HUD allows you to make your own colours (and save them for future use) plus…there is a range of very subtle towelling textures to add…love love LOVE ! I sat at my breakfast table overlooking the coast and relaxed in style…life is good.

The Bitter Heart (market place)

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Lotsa Skins

I was so desperate to get a great skin not only because we all love great skins but I wanted to try out my latest Virtual Props and Poses bathtub and both look GREAT.  Ashby is the name of this skin and it was sent to me and I hope you can see it’s a lightly tanned, clean-looking creamy skin.  So sweet, lovely nude lips and dark eyes.  55Lds! onl but it turns out they have a whole wall of 55Lds skins! No demos with these skins and if you don’t want to risk spending the Lindens their 300Lds ranges do come with demos so you can try out the quality and even at 350Ld very temptingly reasonably priced.

But it doesn’t stop there because there is a couple of Dollarbie’s and I’m wearing the one called Loredana, and it’s PACKED with 30 shades, cleavage choices and even down you hair preference (not talking about head hair). The other Dollarbie is a set of very glassy dramatic eyes.

And even MORE! because just by walking in you get sent 2 skins from Fashioncentric.  I’m wearing the Sarrisa Tequila skin and they even have hunts going on.  So a skin to suit not only evey style but every pocket.

Always appreciate when people make their outside of the shops so nice and Anne Maertens has.  You can sauter past waterfalls and bright flowers brings you to The Retreat.  A small shop of a selection of designer items and nothing more than 50Lds but more than that plenty of nice scenery and sitting areas.

Dulce Secrets

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Old Europe – Acorn Hunt and All About Autumn Fair

Managed to get a few moments to check out The Old Europe Acorn Hunt..and picked up a couple of gifts ..above I’m showing the complete outfit by get the whole thing ! (cept for the tights which are a fifty linen friday item) The gorgeous deep red mesh skirt…a tshirt…and a mesh camisole that sits over the tee…PLUS..a braceler andddd the sweetest little pair of matching shooz! Love love LOVE this ! Ohhh I’m also wearing the gift from  Bliensen + MaiTai, the hunky chunky beady necklace..sooper !

Found this gift from Ruxy, lovely simple autumnal coloured mesh dress…theres heaps of gifts to search out…youre looking for a big acorn…even I found about five prizes in approx 10 mins !

Old Europe Acorn Hunt

Hunt Blog

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Ohhhh to satisfy my craving for something natty to wear…just in time *RibboN* have got a newwww gatcha out..its a BUNNEH! yipppeeeee…these are unisex..and come in alllll sorts of colours..and best of all…transferable…(I’ve got a green one for Zan!) Super easy to alpha & one bunneh voila…off you go…oooo and guess whut? Its only 31L per play…go go go !


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Unexpected gift & gatcha!

ooohlala I logged inworld this evening to find  a gifty from MOCK this isn’t a rare thing to be honest…cause if you’re a member of this group, you’ll know we are VERY spoilt with pressies ! Anyyyway….this one was a makeover and ohmaiii its gorjus! “Rumour Has it”, is the name ,soft lush lips and dramatic eyes makes it über sultry, yum. If you’re not familiar with makeovers such as this…its really simple…a makeover in Mock terms is just that..a tattoo layer..that changes your makeup – usually eyes & lips. It can totally alter your skin ! Onto the mesh sweater.. Chantkare launched a gatcha last night…only 20L per play oot oot! Of course I had to check it out..and bagged two of these darling woolies…powder blue and also a red…I won two more , but passed those to Zan as they are also transferable yippeee! The gatcha holds all sorts of stuff…when I was there it was handing out these sweaters..but apparently there are other items..whats not to love? !

Mock Cosmetics (join fee applies, SO worth it)


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Autumn Warmth – heat up your home

As the days & nights here are getting cooler…with a definite crisp bite to the air this morning in England…I was very grateful to see some new pieces from Prism Furniture. Lily Juno, Designer & owner at Prism sent me over a crate ful of goodies to take a peek at ! The Autumn Warmth Hutch above is one of my favourites. The more modern shape of the legs on this give a traditional classic a new spin..Softened by the addition of the wicker baskets on the top…will slot right into most lounge schemes easily..

I also enjoyed a good long flop-about on the new Autumn nights bench…good quality poses means I find it hard to stand up ! This little beauty comes in a few colours, so you’re sure to be able to find a shade that compliments your space…

Another piece that would really bring your home to life is the “Autumn nights gossip bench”…such a pretty shape table with chair built right in…perfect to sit and make a few calls on ! Again really lovely animations used on this…and the band of autumnal flowers that wrap around the table edge, repeated on the vase for added effect…

Last up for me today, although there is plenty more to see instore at Prism Furniture…is this Harvest Moon Gazebo set…richly detailed…hanging lanterns at the corners…and a truly sweet arrangement of pumpkins and lamp in the middle…plus two chairs to relax in…thanks Lily ❤

Head over and take a gander at the new goodies !

Prism Furniture