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Thank you.

Yes, we had to say goodbye to our two cats almost in the same week.

They fought a good fight but in the end, it was all just too much for them.

We were lucky to have them and after a while, we will find new furries that need a forever home because no matter how hard it is to say goodbye they bring such joy in the time you have them.

So give your fur, feathered or scaled loved one an extra hug.

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Weekend Sales – Which am I Doing?


Happy weekend – its sale time ! Listed below are the sales I’ll be hitting up over the next few days – if you’ve got any favs let me know !

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

Kinky 69

99 Sale

EBento Weekend

30L Saturday

Energy Weekend Price

7 Day Sale

Manly Weekend

60 Special Weekly

Happy Weekend Sale

Miix Weekend

Secret Sale – 3 days of discounts HUD HERE

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Tram @ Uber (and a little FLF action)

Tram Hair @ Uber

Tram is one of my all time fav hair designers, always so whimsical and feminine. This hair do is at Uber “L0425” is its name – grab yourself a demo and test out the colour packs. The are four styles in each pack, some very light wisps, plus a ragged cut fringe option. Of course I whizzed around the FLF offers and couldn’t resist the striped dress & hat from Valentina E ! There are two $50L offers actually, might go back and get the other.


Valentina E

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I’m home & Sad News


I’m back and of course rushed to log into SL the addict I am – Id had some sad news from Zan before I went, one of her cats had passed away and the other wasn’t looking so good either. She lost both of them within a week – and my heart aches for her. There is absolutely nothing that can replace our fur babies, and their passing leaves such a massive hole in our hearts. If you see her around give her a hug and some love – she’s a tough “northerner” and it will drive her crazy (just kidding).

Big hugs to my oldest and bestest ever Second Life friend xxx

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I lied. (Freebie).

I did say that today I would be doing three posts now it’s just going to be two.

The Dreamcatcher shop has all of its old hunt gifts out for sale at just 25Lds. This dress and necklace which frames the neckline are actually from a free hunt and so are free.

This is on the wall to the left of the reception desk as well as the other, paid for, gifts.


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1 out of 3. (Freebie).

I’ve got 3 totally different freebies lined up so I will be doing 3 posts.

First is this dress from Normandy.

This dress is only one of quite a few gifts most of which I did end up trashing but only due to the fit and not lack of quality.

To me with my settings that dress is as shiny as it seems which is really impressive plus there is a hint of sheerness to it.

Pay Attention. The group gifts are on the wall and one of the pictures is a plain one labelled I think “Old Gifts 2018-2020” click that and stand back and accept the goodies as they’re sent to you one by one.

Gifts are just in the room to your left.

Oops I’ve just remembered this dress also comes with a hud.


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Another midnight find. (Freebie(s)).

It’s supposed to be my day off, a day to relax, unwind and just slob the day away but who needs a good/work-life balance lol.

Fortunately, last night I also scored this free outfit from the Appetite shop.

Even though it looks as though that arrow is pointing at me it’s not, it’s pointing to the shop entrance.

This shop is in a small fantastic neon shopping mall. There is a great looking nightclub and lots of opportunities to use the space for backdrops.

As for this gift, it’s definitely new as I remember blogging the other group gifts not too long ago. Comes in a lot of fits as well.

I do believe there is at least one more shop here but it’s time for me to scrape back my hair, slap on some lippy (I have to make some sort of effort) and head on out.

Appetite. (Head on down the stairs but don’t go down the escalator as the group gifts are in the area to your right).