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Nooo Don’t do it!

Yup SL is borking mad! Suffice to say I did a “status” check and yup it’s not me it’s them.

So basically don’t buy, rezz or screw…snigger I made that one up but trust me there is enough screwy stuff going on in SL without us adding to the problem.  I know of a very large and active sim has sent a message out ingroup to do nothing till it’s been resolved.

What a bloddy shame as I’ve found some very tasty Freebies and super 25Ld Tuedays goodies but hopefully someone will have kicked the servers or whatever by tomorrow.  So I will see ya then.

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Winner and LOSER!!!(Freebies n New Mina GG).



I popped over to an event because there I believe a couple of tasty GG’s but OHMAI the lag! So I stood where I was frozen and cammed around and spotted a display of yummy home decor items but drat they were Gacha prizes! However, when checking the cost at 50Lds a pop I though goooo onnnnn and I diiiid and OMG won not just a “Rare” but an “ULTRA RARE”.  Woo Hoo what a way to start the day…. ..then I managed to lose my ultra rare!  How I hear you asking?  This build came in a rezzer with a note giving the standard simple instructions but when I decided to derez it the derezzer wouldn’t take it back as it was a “non-copy” so fine I just clicked on the build to take it back into my invent and POOF it’s gone!  Not in my invent, not in my trash, not turned invisible just gone.  I don’t really understand why but I tell you this it does put you off buying from a shop when you’re not sure if the item you get will one day go “poof”.  I bet you’re all thinking that at least I have the “rare” but guess what?  I DON’T WANT IT! WHAAAA I wanted to win something else WHAAAA LOL.

LOL OK I’m not that bothered, I might do a cache clearing for when I next log in to see if I can find it and basically it’s been so long since I did one it’s long overdue and of course all old Gacha wins usually end up being put out for you lot to grab for free so my loss is your gain in the end.

So then I went over to Precious Designs and ooh lots of lovely freebies to cheer me up.  I only grabbed a few of the Precious Design GG’s but there is quite a mix of other groups with gifts set out and I also slapped a couple of the mini mania boards and as I was trying on my goodies I got a pair of shoes sent to me.


This actually turned out to be my fav, apart from the shoes.  As I said there is quite a lot of stuff out and I just didn’t have the patience to join and unjoin all the groups to grab em.  This little outfit comes in 2 pieces and only standard mesh fits but as you can see with the use of my SLink Hud it was easy to hide my bits, in fact, I think the top didn’t need the use of an alpha layer at all.

This leads me to another “Whaaaa” moment, I’m on a roll this morning.  I picked up a couple of pairs of really good shoes, well worth going for shoes but the one pair I wanted to show you because they were pretty unique in style didn’t look that good on my right hand(or left I can’t remember now).  Yup for some reason even after a relog they just kept on attaching to a hand instead of my feet.  As I’ve said maybe it’s time to do a Cache clearing or just accept that SL is borking me this morning.

One last thing which never lets me down is NEW MINA’S but in this case a new Mina GROUP Gift.


I don’t really go on much about the fact that there is a Mina Group not just because it’s a paid for one it’s simply because I keep on forgetting to mention it LOL.  Not that people need to have it pointed out to them that there is a Mina Group or that you have to pay to join but it’s time to mention it as this is the NEW GG and there is also a Punky one for the men, or woman because a lot of her hairs are perfectly unisex.  I will have to check the details of the Group ie price but I’m pretty sure last time I looked there was a 200Lds joining fee and for that, you get the 2 free hairs plus a discount on hair purchases in the shop(pleased remember to wear your group tag though).

UPDATE because I was right that it costs 200Lds to join the Mina VIP group and the discount is for 10% on purchases but what I missed out is that this Group Hair, Pippa comes with 15 dip dyed shade pack and most of those colours are the wearable sorts such as 2 shades of brown, blonde, dark roots light ends, light ends dark roots etc.  If you want to try the demo then Pippa is for sale on the wall to the right and you can try the demo on from there.

Precious Designs

Mina Mainshop

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Oooo just as I was about to log off a notice came through for some decor gifties and in all of 10 mins I’d snagged, pictured and now posted.

For these 2 gifts you will have to join the Free Zen Creations Group.


A cute low prim blackboard, 3 I believe.  Click on the board and you get a choice of whats on the board.


A simple and childish bench, when I say “simple” I mean for a children’s room maybe? 6 prims.

But splash out some Lindens, only 10Lds, to join the “Teleport Hub Group” to grab this beauty.


With this one the prims did add up, yes I’ve forgotten how many, but unlike the other 3 items this one is editable and unlinked so that means you can play around with it.

Obviously a very rushed post as I have to rush to RL and I hate leaving SL without showing you at least 1 freebie and in this case 2 freebies and 1 cheapie.  I will however be going back as I saw some very plump, cottagy(sic) chair which would look lovely in my house BUT I also spotted they had a price tag attached to them, because they’re in a Hippo Board I’m going to see if I can rezz a demo as I would prefer to see them before I make my mind up but if you’re not a meanie like me and you’re after this style of seating check Zen Creations out.

PS the Teleport Hud gift is on the wall over the desk.

Zen Creations

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I couldn’t find any freebie’s but what I did find outside of the shop I was looking in is this.

xxxdockuseI was after something like this in any case so once I’d priced/primmed checked I decided to buy it.  I’ve just slapped it where I want it on my sim and at some stage, I will soften it by landscaping around it to make it look more settled in.

xxxdock2It does come with some single/couple and even dance poses, those I couldn’t try out but the single ones seemed ok and I’m using one in this picture so you can also see the sizing of the dock.


As you can see a really nice boat is rezzable, 6 temp prims, BUT I couldn’t get the rowing position to work and I did try quite a few times.  For me, this isn’t an issue because I wanted a permanent boat out and not one that disappears as soon as you stand up but this might be a problem for you if you do need a rezzable boat that works.  So why buy?  It’s actually a pretty decent build for the price and prims, only 6 for the main dock and 1 for the steps leading up to it.  The legs on this dock are also pretty long so I have my dock placed near to the sea level but they’re long enough to have much higher up if you want.

Then I decided to splash out some more but at 25Lds for each item it was worth the risk.

xxxdock46 prims of pigginess.


Damn look at that face lol!  The 6 prims is for all as it’s all linked but of course….


I unlinked the piggie and made him some clones LOL.  I’m not going to lie and I might just tear this whole build apart, the little pig house will stay and I might make more piggies, the soil I’m going to use on a plot of land I want to look as though it’s being prepared for planting etc  I am assuming that since I could unlink and copy the pig it means I can do all of this but even if I can’t I might just leave the whole thing as it is.

The last 25Ld item I picked up is this stable.


Again I just slapped it down.  It’s clashing a bit with the textures of my walls etc but damn! 1 prim 1 single prim for this build! The door opens and shuts and it even has a metal handle on it, such detail again 1 prim!  There is no floor to this build but throw some hay down or just use this thing to store garden equipment etc.

There is quite a lot of 10Ld items this in shop called “DO Designs” but only available on the MP.

Because these cost Lindens I’ve actually just popped inworld and rezzed copies of these right next to the little house we have on our sim which is welcome to all to come and visit.  So you can see them as they are in world if you want to, I’ll leave them there for 3 days.  If you want to have a wander around our sim please feel free to do so as it’s open to all…only Faiths house, the one on the hill, will boot your arse out if you try to go inside lol, everywhere else inc my home is open and free to use and as I always say don’t worry if we’re there as were usually so busy we don’t even notice you so basically don’t bother us and we won’t bother you so just have fun, loiter, take piccies at your leasure.

DO Designs

Home Sweet Home

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Take Everything!(Freebies).

So I was just meandering from one shop to another not really expecting to find much but in the end in 2 of the shops I decided to grab the GG’s even though if I was to be honest I didn’t think were going to be blog worthy but SMH(smack my head) they turned out to be much better than I had expected.


Yes I know a pretty classic/standard/common style but the texture and colours take it up a notch from a lot of the other freebies.  Honestly really pleased with it.


This was the other thing I picked up but didn’t think I would be showing you but it turns out to be really good and with all the standard mesh bod fits it gets as snug as a bathing suit can be.  Both of these and a dress come from the same shop called “E&N”(Elgund & Nilsson Fresh Female Fashion).

Then I had meandered into the “IZIGRI” shop which is close by and picked this up.


If I had thought it was a “romper” in style I might have just binned it without trying it first but check it out! Great colours with a hint of retro!

This is why I take almost everything I see because sometimes the pictures the shop uses or because of the size of the pictures you don’t really get to see how tasty the gift is.  So a very nice surprise on a cold, wet, windy Sunday afternoon.

PS the Izigri gift seems to be set for anyone to buy for 0lds, it’s the little bag on the reception desk.

“E&N”(Elgund & Nilsson Fresh Female Fashion)


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Giving up, Giving In.(Freebies).

I really do start with good intentions and as I am sitting on my platform with a determined air working my way through all the gifts I have picked up I still get sidetracked about all the notices about special offers/group gifts etc and end up TPing all over the place instead of sorting through the stuff.  One day I will have to turn off Group Notification so I don’t get them as I’m working…one day just not today or tomorrow etc lol.


Doesn’t surprise me that this quality “tulip skirt and top” are the gift from Caboodle.  All the mesh bod and non-mesh bod sizes, comes as separates.

Now for a cheeky freebie.


Pretty but eye-watering low cut panties.  You get 1 fit but in 5 shades and it is the Mushilu gift

I will say that of the gifts I did unbox there is a whole load of random stuff from clothes, decor items, jewelry, Kawaii etc and a lovely way to spend some time in SL but be warned, apart from the house I’m stood in front of, sorry it was a Gacha Win and a RARE one at that, lots of tempting lovelies in those Damned Gacha’s!

The Gacha Garden

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Ma, she’s doing it again!(Freebies).

I don’t know what time it is in your part of the world but in mine it’s mid afternoon and I have decided that by the time I’ve unpacked all the FREE stuff from The Gacha Garden event it’s going to be late afternoon and it seems a shame to make people wait till then esp if they have time to kill now.


This is where you rezz, just follow the leaves and it takes you into the event itself.  I keep my mini map open, I’ve said in previous posts why, and I know that this is a really easy and simple layout.  Just go either left or right in a circle and pick up all those FREEBIES on the way.

I can’t remember how many gifts I snagged and I won’t admit to how many attempts at the Gacha’s I had but what I won I was most happy with.  So basically don’t wait for my pictures if you want to go grab them yourself before that post but I’m going to be relogging in and spending a lovely afternoon unpacking the lot, binning some, saving some and taking pictures of some so later I will do another post later on plus I also have a New Mina to show you.

So have a lovely afternoon @The Gacha Garden

PS I’m checking the note that came with the LM and there is a total of 40 gifts!

The Gacha Garden