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I wanna be your siss

New to me store “siss boom” has a really special offer on for just a few more hours…so youre going to have to dash over there if you want to take advantage..this simply stunning gown in rich chocolates & cafe brown silks is available for just 100L..its just gorgeous…probably the most unique & unusual gown Ive owned for a long long time…such detail is hard to come by..especially at this special price…I adore it…

There is also another dress on the promotion of 100L…its this sweet dinner dress…a little retro…a little vintage… with its Kath Kitson print big roses on the fabric..super detailing again..makes me think that this designer is really one to keep an eye on for new releases ! Im wearing the newly released ” Cajsa’s Love Pearl Locket” necklace from MIAO…one of my fav jewlery stores..a cute kittycat locket that actually opens so you can place a photo of your sweetheart inside..heaps of colour change for the beads..the metals and the teeny bow on the kitties tail !

While I was at siss boom I also found a few interesting parcels set out on the table- for just one of your linden dollars you can pick up this “lets ride ” outfit..brilliant riding britches type jeans…corset & shrug top…it also comes with a pair of boots but there was no removing my MIEL boots that Ive worn pretty constantly since Player bought them for me for my birthday!

Also the skin Ive worn throughout which is so so SO lovely…was just 20L ! Its fair and dainty…and a rosebud shaped mouth..steal! I also snapped up the gigantic pack of nineteen shades of the Insane casual sweater for only 1L…

You might also want to snaffle up a pack of three sequined boob tubes from the table…very glam and totally free !

All clothing and skin : siss boom

Necklace: MIAO

Daisy necklace: Dark Mouse

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She’s the Devil on my shoulder !

You may recall me mentioning Ms Carmella Ruby before…mmhmm….well Im gonna tell you…yes Iam…shes that naughty voice in your head…you know, the one that whispers “go onnn…do it do it do it “…hmm? I had a note from her today- which is alwayssss a lovely thing, BUT..this one was showing me STUFF…adorabubble STUFF…stuff that I wanted…neeeeded…HAD to have…tsk..soooo off I went all meek and mild , thinking to myself..”I will just look…I dont need anything…yes indeedy…just LOOK”…pah! Look my ass…*laughs*…

Carmella had found Miamai, a place I havent been to for eons..and whatsmore..shed snapped up this gorg outfit called “Feeling”, fabbo denim pants and a camisole/ bustier style top…really really lovely texturing for a lived in appeal to the fabric…and at just 90L the set…steal! I love love loved it so couldn’t resist buying it in PINK…great faded pink…carmella preferred the *goldfish* version, which I have to say totally rocks on her ..both these items can be found in the “Discount” section….(photo above is the one she lurrrred me to go shopping with-thanks xxx)

I tossed on a sweet little jacket from RibboN over mine..only 25L and available in 3 colours…thought the light grey would compliment my newwww outfit purfectly…Im also showing a new necklace from Dark Mouse, the dainty bow is colour change, so lotsa flexibility for ooodles of outfits..as is usual with DM items, you get a choice of spine or chest attachment which is sooper handydandy! Its called “Happy Bow” and is out for  Project Themeory priced at only 75L…yay! Thanks Carmella for the tip  xx

Feeling outfit: Miamai

knitted jacket: RibboN

Happy bow necklace: Dark Mouse

Carmellas necklace: Spangle

Carmellas pea coat: SF Design

Carmellas hair: Sale at Analog dog

Carmellas booootz: Ruby Skin

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artME baby

Christmas always catches me out…I’m never prepared…I scoff at those who shop in July…then wish I was them come November ! Sooo in an attempt to activate myself in real life…my SecondLife is getting organised *bugeyes*…so all things Chrismassy…heres the latest hot off the press dresses for the festive season. I showed some garments from artMEfashion hmm last yearI think, very unique designs, good quality, and no messing about with prims it all just fits yay! Above Im wearing the artMEfashion “xmas gown 2011” very traditional print on the fabric and exquisitely put together..I especially loved the gloves, great texturing on them for a realistic appearance…

Next up a shorter version of the gown…sweet, endearing with all the fab details of the full length one..

You can also snap up a super accessory pack  for just 300L containing all the jewelry you could possibly need plussss the shoooz! (two versions by golly) I adore the necklace…and not being an earing kinda gal..I was surprised that I totally fell in love with those also!

Last dress of this collection is the “Empire”, it also happens to be my favourite…simple but sooo feminine…you have two choices of over skirt, white or red…it reminds me very much of a dress I had as a child (with less bodice exposed obviouslyyyyy) Easy to wear…and the shoes look terrific with it..(they come in a white version too)

Has to show off the shoes…glorious huh? The dresses start at 400L up to 500L…on the counter are three free gifts for you to collect also …thanks Moonstone !

All dresses & accesories : artMEfashion

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Doll Face

I have a promotion from Bubblez for youuu..and boy-oh-boy its MASSIVE! The “Ori” complete avatar in a box…the only bits I’m not wearing are the lashes & face light (cause nothing will separate me from my Glitterati lashes nu uh) I’ve not worn this type of shape or skin before so I was curious..have to say I felt like a sweet dolly ! The look is well proportioned and dainty…and the skin is deeeliciously sweet..rosebud shaped mouth…and dramatically coloured eyemake…its stunning…lovely blush of colour across the cheeks also. Of course…youre also getting the hair and the outfit..for the promotional price of 99L the hair colour is blonde..maybe its available in other colours later..Im not sure.

Sooo onto the outfit…in the package you will find..this pure white vest with adorable details..pockets & buckles…arm warmers..a bright pink skirt and a lushhh greeny blue shirt with turtle neck…also a scarf to top it all off…plusssss leg warmer boots !…steal deal and only available until the 10th December for the intro price of 99L. Dassssh across and pick up yours asap..and dont forget to join the group and stalk those lucky boards..there are simply heaps there with some greaaaat outfits ! Thanks Milo xx

Ori complete avatar: Bubblez

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Vest on Yer Chest

I was beginning to think that it may be another Tuesday Monday Mania but no, hurrah, swaffette dropped Faith and I her new Hooded Gilet. It looks fantastic in its gorgeous slate colour and the fur around the hood is exceptionally awesome. swaffette said I might find some trouble in fitting this but nuh-uh, no way it fits like a dream with a tiny little bit of resizing using the script. The Gilet also comes in a non hooded version for a less wintery look but I don’t know how you can go past the fur, it rocks. The little details like the flexi strings near the hood are so great and this is definitely a super-bargain at L$25.

Just remember, as always, you can only get this Gilet at this price from the Monday Mania board today only located in the casual men’s and women’s sections of SF Design. Go on and get vested up!

Get the gear here: SF Design

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30k for Gabriel

30,000 is a rather large number wouldn’t you say? I would too and yesterday I found out that one of my favourite stores, Gabriel, has now eclipsed that number in group member!

To celebrate this, they are giving away this sculpted Down Vest as a group gift. It comes in a coolly crisp white with awesome fur trim around the hood and on the chest. The details like the fur, the buttons on the pockets and the little tags at the edge of the hood all look fabulous as does the vest itself. It can be resized via script but it fit me right out of the box which is a rare thing indeed for a sculpted vest.

While I was there picking the vest up, I also noticed this brilliant pair of leather boots was being given away as a group gift before (I must have missed the notice about these). Another example of great work from Gabriel, the leather texture on these boots look amazing and I’m loving the straps and silver buckles on the sides. Both of these gifts also come in a female version too, ladies.

If you’re not already a member of this group, you should be as there are some other wonderful group gifts besides these to be picked up which I have blogged before and I noticed that there is still a sale going on that will let you pick up some major bargains. Congrats Gabriel!

Get the gear here: Gabriel

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Angel’s wings and puppy dog tails…

I have newness and a sneaky peeek for you…CandyMetal have some fantabulousss tshirts out in an array of scrummy wintery shades called “Angela”…in each colour pack you get  two styles, long or short sleeves…and a natty little set of wings printed on the back (dainty not HUGE !) I just adore this golden syrupy yellow tone..made me feel all cozy-bargain price of just 99L …. Slipped it on over some Jane fuzzy piggies tights in cream and added my bargain 20L skirt from Tres Beau- voila! The hat with hair is actually a freebie from Exile…the woolly knitted cap has colour change and you get simply squoooodles of colours & patterns, it comes in an *everything* sooper dooper fat pack of hair shades ! Noticed my booooots yet hmmm? *squeeeee* I have waited SO long for these…now they are on my trotters and I’m not takin them off…everrr! Called “Pugs”…and and and ohmaiiii I don’t know where to start…the choices of tones..and patterns like “moo cow” and “cheetah”….Ive been wearin them constantly since last night…and no let up *laughs*..these are gonna be THEE boot of winter 2011…straight outta the box and onto your tootsies…nooo messin…to be released sooooon from the Goddess of all things cute & edible Swan Ling at Argyle Anonymous…..theres a special Chrismassssssy thinger coming upp…Ive witnessed photographic evidence…more laterz !

Heres the new tee from CandyMetal in classic black , notice that the fabric has a soft sheen to it so you could also glam these up with metallic leggins/ skirts etc yay!,over my piggies with those Pug boooootz , this time base colour of black and grey chevron patterns…(they have a PINK option, infact a FEW PINK options *dies*) The hat & hair is again from Exile, found this in their sale area just 50L..lotsa colour options on it…steal!

Ohhhh almost forgot…join the CandyMetal group while you’re picking up your tee’s and collect the third group gift…snazzzzy flared jeans and an adorable chunky sweater ! (its right where you land) thanks Emychan & Swan xx

Angela tee’s & group gift: CandyMetal

Pug boots Argyle Anonymous: you cant have them YET but go see the goodies anyway

Fuzzy Piggie tights: Jane

Freeee and sale Hair: Exile