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Coffee and PJ’s. (Freebies).

Somehow the nail varnish on my right hand is a different colour to the varnish on my left.

OK a nice simple start to the day with this bathing suit(?) and the funny cupcake hat.

The bathing suit comes with I believe 6 patterns, it was hard to choose which one to show you. The texturing to me has a slight hint of jersey fabric to it. I’m so glad I do a quick log into SL to grab the LM’s as I’d forgotten that this is a “Love for all hunt” gift. Easy to find when you “check out” the shop.

As for the cupcake, I was rummaging through the SL Marketplace and picked it up from the shop Sweet Thing. You get 2 of them, blueberry or strawberry.


Sweet Thing. (Marketplace cupcake).

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Have a riot. (Freebie(s)).

I knew that there is a new group gift from the RIOT shop and I also knew that the group joining fee is 50Ld what I didn’t know is that that has changed and now the group is FREE.

I should show you the NEW group gift but nope gonna reblog this top as this top is what I love to wear in RL.

You not only get a large hud of great basic colours but also mens fits as well.

Since I’m not showing you the new gift or the other older ones then they should be a nice surprise.

PS. Check out the “Employee of the month” and “Most HR Complaints This Month” right next to the group gifts lol.


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Pretty Shiny Balls. (Freebie(s)).

OH how I’d love to make a smutty title to this post but I will stick to the one I’m using.

I almost forgot about these really great decor items until Careless sent out a new notice about another new group gift of a chair and table set.

The balls are a decent size and you can mod them however don’t mod them as it does change the texture of the ropes and not in a good way. You really wouldn’t want to edit them in anycase as they’re a great size and only 1 prim.

I picked up a couple other gifts, a chair and wall flowers but since my SL time is running out and RL is calling me I will leave those and the other free to join gifts for you to check out.


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Cookie Monster. (500Ld Credit for 49Lds).

I took a chance and joined the 49Ld ToG Creations group just to get the 500Lds shop credit. I was hoping to be able to pass it on to someone else but it’s definitely not transferrable.

BTW The note that comes with it says for you to NOT rezz it but when you “add” it you do get the pop-up message saying that if you want to make it transfer it then to rezz it and then take it back into your invent, standard thing for a lot of cards, so I gave it a go and nope it’s still non-trans but at least I didn’t lose my credit so I went back and bought this outfit.

Everything but the head lol. That is just some random Gacha prize I’ve picked up along the way. This outfit comes as separates and you get lots of fits as well.

Two more things, sadly you can’t actually use the credit card to buy any of the newer items on the wall to the left of the reception desk and I couldn’t see any other ToG gifts I could see some other gifts for both free/cheap groups.


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Nope! (Freebie(s)).

You all know I am just not a fan of super stacked shoes, no shade on those who do love them, they’re just not something I like but when they’re this quality who cares about my opinion lol.

Picked these up from Cremosa Fashions shop.

At the LM you will see walls of: freebies/cheapies/promo’s/discounts/group gifts/sale items etc and that’s where I picked these up.

You will find that there are two Cremosa groups one is free and the other is a VIP. To get these boots you only have to be in the free goup and I also noticed next to the lucky boards, which you can use, are shelves of free gifts from other free groups.

I hope the LM takes you right to where these free boots are but everything else is in the same area so just have a good look around.

Cremosa Fashion. (2 Groups, this is from the fre e one

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Even the sun is shining! (Freebies).

Although I don’t want to jinx the rest of my day so far it’s been such a good day. I got some important stuff finally sorted and then as a nice touch on my way home the sun came out and I could literally see the ice and slush melt with each step. I may even treat myself to a tub of Ben n Jerry’s later which is why the RL me could never fit into such a lovely form-fitting dress lol.

I don’t think this is an “event” as such as it’s a permanent set up(?) so it’s more like a department shop called “Mimi’s Choice” and inside there are a lot of stands with a mix of clothes, shoes, hair etc from various well known shops and I did spot a couple of other freebies dotted around but it was this one I was most excited by.

I could not decide which texture out of the 6 you get in the hud to show you so here are just 3 of them.

This might just be my favorite one.

This blending of stripes and a floral hem is such an unusual combo and yet it works.

The dress is a gift from a shop called Alafolie and I know that shop well as I’ve visited it quite a few times and the designer uses such bold patterns they really do stand out. I’ve always been tempted by the Flamenco dress but I’m way too cheap to cave in to that temptation.

Now, PAY ATTENTION. I did spot a couple of other random gifts dotted about the shop and I do believe the LM will take you near to where this gift is but to find this one, look for the hand sticking out of the wall holding the gift box and that’s this.

Mimi’s Choice.

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It’s not 2Much.(Freebie).

There is an event running called “2Much” and thats where you can score yourself this bathing suit.

Sorry in my desire to add some warmth to my picture because the RL me is freezing, I’ve turned this blue bathing suit into more of a green shade….oops.

I don’t think the LM takes you directly to this gift but it’s just at one of the isle, easy to find. I’m heading back there now, in my badly fitting cossie lol as I may treat myself to a new backdrop plus I want to check out what else is here.

2 Much Event.