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It has to go. (Freebie(s)).

So starting off a new week with something, not my usual style.

It’s called “Slingshot” which did make me chuckle. I’ve not really captured the latex feel to it and its that shine which is why I wanted to blog this so you will have to see it for yourself inworld and not go by my picture.

I’m glad I went back to check the details, you get a Maitreya and Boi fit’s only. You also get a choice of “bulges” …need I say more?

I could have shown you a couple of the other gifts but what the heck I will leave them for you to check out. For those of you who like to play inworld games, there are I believe 3 of them, where you rezz what looks like playing fields/scenes where you and your friends, can play the game that scene has been designed for. A bit later when I log back in I will be rezzing those at a sandbox to check them out for sure.

PS. The V-Tech & Valentine shop share the same platform and since they both have inside TP’s to each other shop then they’re obviously linked somehow. So check both shops out.

V-Tech & Valentine.

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Don’t wait for the update. (Freebies & Free Gift Card, Time Limited).

I returned to the Sugar Dolls shop (check out my last post) to loiter in front of the Lucky Boards and to work through the notes/notices and spotted that it’s on the same shopping mall as some other big shops including the Ewa shop and so I went there to freebie hunt and found oodles.

As you can see the first goodie is a generous 400Lds gift card and yes it’s trans so I’ve passed it on.

But there is much more as it’s upstairs where you will find the Group Gifts and Lucky Boards. Even better is that there are a lot new gifts.

THEN the call went out in one of my groups about how the Ewa group and this 400Ld gift are free but for a limited time so I’ve just snatched a quick photo of where to find the gift card which was just in time as all the orange fluffy clouds turned up to grab the goodies.

Now I will log back inworld and try on some of the gifts I did pick up before the Lag Clouds descended and I will add a picture to this post…and then I’m going to check out the rest of the shops on this shopping mall.


I guess better late than never. I will say as much as I LOVE my Legacy body I do find it can “bork” easily which is why this update is late.

This dress is only one of the many gifts in the Ewa shop, comes with a big hud of colours as well. I only picked this one to show you as it’s my “RL” name.

As for the body, RESET is your best friend. So if you’re sick of clicking buttons then just click reset then add whatever skin/tattoos etc you were wearing.

Ewa, Sugar Dolls, Lee Sorin Shops.

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Easter Joy Hunt – Free Gifts

Easter Hunt FREE car drivable

Had a lovely afternoon pottering around the Easter Joy Hunt. My absolute fav prize is this bright orange car – easy to drive, just rez and jump in. Im terrible at driving anything in SL , but this was a breeze. You’ll find this at the Moonshadow Motors store.

Free Easter Hunt Prizes

I collected a few Eastery type décor items and a sweet wearable Easter basket. You’re looking for a green basket with flowers in it. If you choose one that’s not in a store or on a cart you will need to answer a question to receive it – I failed miserably!

Easter Joy Hunt

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Wow, what a lot for not a lot. (Freebiesss & 500Ld Worth of Shop Credit).

I’m sure I did a post about the Sugar Doll shop not too long ago but I got really sick of standing in front of the Tentacio Lucky Boards so decided a quick TP was in order and I almost TP’d straight out as I was faced with yet more Lucky Boards.

Since the shop is actually quite busy and the gifts on the Lucky Boards looked like things I’d wear so I decided to loiter which turned out to be even luckier as there are some excellent group gifts AND a 500Lds gift card!

I won about 3 things off the Lucky Boards as well as the Group Gifts and I think this dress is one of the Group Gifts. As I always like to say “quality”.

BTW, if you rezz the gift card and take it back into your invent it changes into a non-copy/trans so I’ve already passed it on.

UPDATE: Because blimey there is a LOT of Group Gifts. I didn’t notice all of them on my first visit and it was only when I logged back inworld that I realised how many there are and yes even I have grabbed them all.

Sugar Dolls.

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Tattoo’s for All – Free

FREE Tattoos 1

Love me some Tatts! Get over to Carol G before the 30th March and join the group for free, then head up to the group gift section. I’m showing just a few of my favs here but trust me – I stocked up big time!

FREE Tattoos 2

Everything from small to large, legs, arms, body, chest etc and some for the guys too. Most body’s catered for and most have a choice of light to dark. I usually go for light, so bear that in mind looking at them here.

Happy Free Shopping ❤

Carol G

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Kill Time With Me. (Free Lucky Boards).

I only do a Lucky Board post when they’re free and the prizes are worth waiting for…check these out.

I want them ALL but sadly so far I’ve just won one of them which is how I know that you don’t have to be in the Tentacio group to score on the Lucky Boards.

Update and time to log out, Faith popped inworld and was lucky enough to win the fatpack of accessories and although I’ve still not won the bag I have won 2 of the prizes now and its time to log out….good luck everyone.


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Me later. (Freebies).

The freebies are the decor items. I will be in my own RL greenhouse this afternoon giving it a bit of a clean-up to get it ready for massive planting sessions.

These gifts have fantastic texturing and super low prims. The thing in the very front is actually Christmas decor made up of shiny silver baubles and green succulents, get them now because I’m pretty sure you will want them out for next Christmas.

I went to the soul2soul shop to check out a kitchen they have for sale as it’s my dream kitchen and when it comes to homes/decor/landscaping etc that’s where I spend my Lindens but I walked away from it purely because I keep my homes small and such a big statement kitchen wouldn’t really work…drat. So check the shop out as there are just some really quality and unique items to be had.

PS. Forgot to mention there are lamps as well.