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Taxi for Ms Babii (free)

Oh I knew Id love this the moment my peepers set sight on it ! A wearable tuk tuk taxi and its Animesh! There is a male and a female version in the box – although I’m not entirely sure why , they both seem the same? As soon as you wear it, you hear the distinctive dugdugdug of the engine and a toot toot every now and again – its just SUPER cute! The driver moves his head from side to side , and its a really smooth ride, I drove the entire edge of our sim with no worries. Just $1L – have fun ‚̧

Tuk Tuk Taxi

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All Animeshed up! (Free)

I’m always a bit late to the party but after Amanda Dench of Dench Designs placed out a free animesh “dancing dad” I was curious! Just download the latest viewer from SL or any other 3rd party viewer that carries animesh et voila – so much FUN! Amanda actually has made a whole band that sings, play instruments and dance – check it out.

I picked up Amanda’s dancing dad – he grooves away ! All animesh seems a bit prim heavy at the moment, hoping that gets lighter as designers get going.

My major purchase was an animesh companion, omg how weird, he really looks like an avatar! He moves, walks when you do, runs with you and sort of paces around behind you – great to take shopping so you don’t get bothered by the “you vant sexors” type of guys ūüôā He cost me $250L well worth it.

I also found a cracking dancing clown on the market place, bit creepy really but super – he cost me $49L. The dancing duck is for free and really cool. All links below – enjoy!

Dancing dad

Dancing duck

Dancing clown


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-Belleza- has just released another awesome new male skin called Jacob and they have put out a preview version as a group gift!

With this gift you get five skin tones to choose from, each with a bald version or one with a hairbase¬†included. This skin features funky sideburns and a chin strip and as you’d expect from -Belleza- Jacob is one tremendous looking skin. A¬†handsome face with well made features and a beautifully defined physique, what more could you ask for?

The -Belleza- group does have a join fee of L$250 but with the group gifts they send out, it is definitely worth the price. Head on down to the store, join up and you’ll find¬†this gift in the past notices section¬†and check out the full release while you’re down there.

Get the gear here: -Belleza-


Feel the Flow

I was over at one of my all-time favourite stores, *Argrace*, the other day and found that there had been some changes. AIR Winx, the apparel designer, had moved into some new digs called *Airflow*. After making sure there was no new hair for me to get at *Argrace*, of course I had to go and check out the new store.

When I arrived¬†at *Airflow* I found this brilliant ‘soft leather jacket’ was being offered as a group gift and I had to grab it. This is just a great looking jacket.¬†It comes in four different versions: the jacket¬†all by itself, the jacket and a white or black¬†t-shirt and the jacket plus a grey sweater which is the one I am showing here. The textures on all the¬†different versions¬†are wonderful ¬†and when they¬†call it a ‘soft leather jacket, that’s exactly what it looks like. ¬†The jacket comes with sculpted body parts, sleeves and a collar which are all resizeable¬†via script. The sweater also comes with its own sculpted collar which fits beautifully under the collar of the jacket and all of the attachments are done with AIR Winx’s usual awesome details. Even if this was the only gift you could get, I would advise you to join up but it’s not! There are others, for both guys and girls so this is defintely one group you will want to find room for!

Get the gear here: *Airflow*


Pssssss poke prod

okkk WAKE UP…ive got stuffage for youuuu, an no small talk..on to the gooodies *squeal*

First up DYN has a new dollarbie…and Im lovin itttt…purply mauve romper dress…their usual quality “open & wear”. click each pic for a BIG viewwww!

DYN May dollarbie 1L

Next we have the new P.S Style group gifty, long time since I had something new & blue to wear, flirty little top and short shortsss yay! Theres even a pair of blue flats in the box for you too!

P.S Style group gift 0L

Grab the stash : DYN

P.S Style group gift (join group/wear tag to get : P.S Style

Credits: Diesel works poly wall poses, Truth Riley hair in seaspray