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Time to garden. (Freebie).

Now that the rain has finally stopped in RL I can pop out and do a small gardening job till then I’m so happy I can leave with this freebie.

A simple romper with a nice hud of 3 checked patterns and 6 plain colours. As always it’s the folds and creases that makes this one a good find.

There are 2 other group gifts as well, I recognise one of them but not too sure about the other so it maybe new.

Noooooo so I log in to LM grab, I find I make less errors that way, and spotted more gifts. On the table is a small gift box, buy it for 0Lds and inside is what looks like all the older group gifts. I recognise some of them when I relog in I will be cherry picking my way through all of them.

DM & No Cabide.

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Free for Friday. (Freebies).

What a day! Nothing that a good cup of coffee and relaxing with a good book won’t cure which leads me nicely on to this freebie backdrop or if you use the version with the stary surround a nice hidey-hole for your home.

I should have placed myself inside so you can get some idea of the size of it but then again I should be tall, thin and rich and I’m none of those so you will have to just take my word it’s a decent size for a snuggly chair/cushions/footstool and a pile of books.

Yes it is a reblog and so are these floral birdcages.

I think these glass bottles with the holly branches are new but it’s hard to tell as a lot of whats on the wall of group gifts in the Kraftwork shop have been there for a long time and they’re still as good now as when they were first put out for us.

So a nice selection of home and landscaping decor just waiting for you.


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A little bit of Avo. (Freebie & 25 Hunt Prize).

What is more disgusting that olives? Avocado’s of course and don’t even get me started on Corriander! So now I’ve confessed to my hatered of these very popular food items I do love Nutmeg both the spice and SL shop.

Most of us will have seen the “Rock out with your guac” hunt as the board/posters in the shops involved in this hunt are pretty big and bold in colour.

These gifts/prizes cost between 0-25Lds and in this case the mirror on the wall is the 25Ld gift from Nutmeg. BUT check out that heap of throws and blankets on the stool as they’re a NEW Nutmeg group gift so FREEEEEE! It is 11 prims and non edit as it messes with the mesh but superb Nutmeg quality and comes with poses.

You don’t need the Hud but I’d 100% recomend you get it as you can easily TP to the different shops involved plus you get the hints with the hud. So I’m gonna link you to the Seraphim blog where you can get the Hud sent to you inworld and you can also see the prizes. A nice mix of decor and clothing from some of the big shops.

I’m going to go and find the 2 miserious gifts from Concept.

PS. It’s not a guacamole you’re looking for it’s a bright maracca.

PPS. Don’t go looking in the larger Nutmeg shop as there maybe a copy of the group gift there the hunt prize is in a smaller satelite shop, so use the Hud to TP you to that shop.

Seraphim Blog. (Hud and pictures).

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It’s a short(tie). (Freebie).

For some reason I seemed to have missed the past few “The Make Over Room” events, or have they not been running at all as I just can’t remember getting any notices about it.

So I was happy to see a notice and also these gift shorts.

Normally I’d like to try to hunt down a free top to team up with them but they’re very nice indeed with a nice hippy chic feel to them so I’m just going to cover up my boobies and let you see them now and not later.

The Make Over Room.

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So bad! (Lucky Board, Free Hunt & Sale).

By now you will have seen all over SL blogs and inworld notices that Lagom have a FREE HUNT going on. 20 pretty pink flowers have been hidden all over the shop, and I suspect if you use the TP door to the childrens department there will be some in there as well.

In this picture there is a mix of lucky board wins, hunt items and something I’ve bought for myself.

The paid for item is that stack of boxes and bags with a laptop on top called “shopaholics desk” which is most appropriate. There is a sale going on as well since I didn’t know if the prices you pay are the reduced price or you got a refund on purchase I decided to buy this as I thought it would make a nice prop/backdrop for a picture so I paid 100Lds and didn’t get a refund of any sort which suggests that anything in the sale has had it’s price changed to reflect that.

The Lucky board win is the actual skybox I took these pictures in and I also won a lovely fatpack of garlands, you can just about make out the leaves and in the pack there are also feathers and I think snow ones. I think all of the Lucky Boards have new gifts in them so well worth lingering for a while.

As for the hunt items, I found only 6 out of the 20 items and I’m looking forward to finding the remaining 14. The messy blanket, the papier mache style whale, those baubles on the floor and the larger pink speakers and not shown are some excellent make up brush decor set.

This wearable “not today blanket” was a fun suprise. It’s quite a good reflection on how I’m going to spend the rest of my day, tucked up on the setting SLing.


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I’m mad. (Freebie).

Only a few weeks ago I took advantage of one of the regular discount offers and picked up a Kawaii hair with strawberries accessories and I so badly wanted to wear it with this free strawberry dress, but as with so many things that I buy my invent has swallowed it up. I did find this wind blown hair which I forgot I had so that was a bonus. Once I’ve done some RL stuff I’m going to put a rubbish horror movie on TV and log in and have a good sort through of my hairs which is how I like to relax.

Till then I will leave you with the details of this dress, it’s from a shop called “Oh Yes” which is exactly what I thought when I put it on. You get a hud with 6 strawberry patterns on it and although I wasn’t keen on the black one they’re really good patterns.

BTW can you see the faint bubbles floating around me? Yup thats the “bubble and water” emitter I mentioned in my last post. Thanks to Faith checking I’ve updated the broken link.


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Sparkle with me. (Freebie(ss)). LM fixed.

No special editing was needed to add all this bright sparkliness to my beach, it’s all down to that magical bright white cube.

I logged in to SL log out of RL and just TP’d here and there till I landed in the RE:ON shop which I think is aimed for more clubs/bars etc.

The walls are covered with different rezzers and you click on them to get the demo rezzing in the middle of the shop. I was very tempted by the fog one but in the end for only 35Lds picked up a big and lovely “bubble and water effect” which I think will look very interesting just placed a bit off shore on my side.

These aren’t the “rezzers” of the old days which just spat out spiders or emoji’s and who can’t forget the lovable flappy willies.

The ones in this shop billow, flow, sparkle, or zip around. This free one has a lovely mix of dots, and zippy bits as well as those hazy patches. Although the instructions are in Japanese it’s easy enough to understand, 2 basic huds one to turn it off and on and the other allows you to change the colours.

OK now for the “Pay attention” part as although there are some gifts in the main entrance to find this gifts and others you turn to the dark room to your right and thats where you will find the gifts on the back wall plus the ones for sale and its in the middle of the room that the demo’s rezz.

PS, I’ve only left the cube on the surface so you can see it as you’d normally just sink it under the surface.