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Fail-safe. (Freebie).

Why have I not visited the Hilly Haalan shop in forever! It should be on my monthly visit list, so here is this month’s gift.

A perfect party dress comes in lots of fits as well as shoes. So many different fits as well as material/non-material options.

Yup, that’s all folks lol.

Hilly Haalan.

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Beauty in Beige. (Dollarbie Hair & Dress).

Holy Crapoli (sic) is it just me or is there so much going on it’s a bit overwhelming. Even today a new round of Shop ‘n’ Hop has started and we all know how generous an event that is not just with the gifts but also the discount and did you know that The Arcade Event has also opened its doors?

Mind you I’ve just seen the outfit Faith has modelled in her last post and that is where I will be heading to when I next log in as I love that outfit.

Till then here are my token goodies and it’s not often I get to show you quality hair for just 1Ld although Faith may have shown you it before as this hair is a Faga hair and I do know she has shown you one of their hairs before but not this one…maybe.

I could say the same about this sheer dress which like the hair was found on the Second Life Marketplace rather than inworld. Fortunately for this photo, the dress does come with panties as it doesn’t hide much.

I’ve just noticed as I’m getting the link for these that the hair does look as though it comes with a style hud, which I didn’t see also both shops do have inworld shops so you may want to check to see if they’re free inworld.

Beauty Factory. (Dress, Marketplace).

Faga. (Hair, Marketplace).

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Candy Cane Lane FREE Hunt

Candy Cane LaneDecember0L Hunt - Queenz outfit

This hunt is brilliant! Wonderful hunt prizes that are totally free and a real array of décor & clothes. I’m showing the prize from Queenz above – leggings & top with quality detailing on both pieces. A ton of fits included PLUS a plaid pair of leggings added (in next photo) Btw the group for Queenz is free to join and there are a lot of group gifts just beyond the front desk.

Candy Cane LaneDecember 0L - Schadenfreude

Here’s the plaid version of the Queenz leggings , some totally cute details on the back of them too. Im holding the prize from Schadenfreude but you also get a décor version of this (only 1Li) Included in the pack is a Hud that gives you multiple colour options for the baubles and for the cup decorations. Honary mention to Junk Food for their prize of reindeer cup cakes ❤

December 5 – 25, 2022

Candy Cane Lane Hunt Blog with hints & landmarks

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At least I’ve picked my tree. (Free hair, scarf).

The two gifts in this post are a mix of reblog and maybe new(ish)?

A lot of us will recognise the scarf as it has been a Tram gift for several years so chances are you already have it in your invent and if so it’s time to dust it off and keep your AV warm and toasty as its a good now as then and with the hud of different colours/patterns really handy.

As for the hair now! I just don’t know if I did blog it and the reason why is the fit. It’s not a good fit for my head then I realised that the 3 hairs in the pack aren’t 3 different sizes but different styles and in the hud included there is a resizer and now with just a couple of slight tweaks it fits like a dream. It is a Uber gift and is in the box next to the small amount of Tram group gifts.

PS. That Christmas tree is one I’ve had out for quite a few years now and I do believe it was bought from Simply Shelby.


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Going skiing. (Freebie, Marketplace).

Snow is actually forecasted for where I live, let’s hope it’s nothing more than a few sprinkles as my boots are rubbish.

Just a fun outfit from the Marketplace and sorry it doesn’t include the skis I did use my own snow boots, not the ones which are included and since the gloves weren’t bento they had to go as well.

What you can’t see is that the face cover comes with a wintery breath blowing through it and its a pretty good effect. You can mix and match everything and a lot of different sizes so there is a combo for all sexes and shapes.

BTW for some reason the folder sent to me was empty and since I really wanted it I logged back into the Almut Brunswick shop and had it resent and it did turn up.

I’ve had a bit more time so I’ve added the inworld shop LM, don’t think this gift is in the shop and it’s small but if you’re into a proper motorcycling look for both men and women then this is the place to get the outfit from.

Almut Brunswick. (Marketplace).

Almut Brunswick. (Inworld).

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I’m such a loser lol. (Freebies).

I’m struggling, this house or another house..RL problems lol.

Since I can’t make up my tiny little mind which house I’m gonna use I decided to check out a few Advent calendars and of course, S@bbia as it is usually the start of the month that a new freebie is put out but I was a bit early.

I did notice on the wall to your right that after many years a couple of the very old gifts have been replaced with some of the newer/old group gifts.

So you may recognise this little blouse, skirt and shoe set. I’ve managed to take a picture from behind so you can now see the nice bow at the back.

I recognise the first dress but this one? Not too sure if this was ever a group gift so NEW, maybe. A very seasonal knitted dress and scarf. There is one more “newer” gift of a blue dress which is chunky around the shoulders so make sure to keep the scarf as it comes in very handy lol.

So remember NOT the usual gift boards, these are on the wall to your right as you go into the shop.

PS. I may have to grab Faith and get her to choose which house I use lol.


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Christmas Wonderland Advent Calendar & Gifts

Gift Dresses x 2 plus free advent calendar

Christmas Wonderland Event is a really lovely place to visit – a lot of time and attention has gone into the surroundings. Perfect for a wander around ! They have a free advent calendar, just join the group (its free) and each day touch the correct door – I got some hand lights yesterday. Anywayyyyy as you go around a lot of the stores have free gifts – some are a couple of lindens, these two dresses from Zola Designs were just $10L each. The sweater dress does come with a large Hud of colours & patterns.

Listed below are the other advent calendars Im following – they are free ❤

Christmas Wonderland