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Happy Birthday Me! Free Fatpack Dress

Free Dress fatpack

Ohhhh Yes its my sweet 16th SL birthday today!! Gawd I’m such an oldbie. Anywayyyyyy glad I found this super cute dress from DM at Mix Event as a gift to help me celebrate today. Plenty of fits and a hud of twenty colours included. Has a really stylish latex shine to the fabric and depending which colour you choose can have several ways to wear it. Of course – today I HAD to wear it in PINK ! Just join the free Hype Event group and click – there is another gift dress which would be ideal for Valentines day to grab also.

Mix Event

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Happy Sweet Sixteen Amanda!

FREE Chair & Musical side table

Happy sixteenth rez day to Amanda @ Dench Designs ! To celebrate she has placed out an extra special gift for us all of this stylish chair that has male, female poses and a texture option menu (3Li) and a adorable side table with dancing couple in a dainty birdcage – its musical too ! Plays two songs and is only 5Li – just join the group (its free) and you will find this right inside the store entrance.

Thanks Amanda ❤

Dench Designs

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Hats off to me, FREEBIE.

I don’t often get to do hats so I was pleased to find this rather good one from the Wicca’s Origional shop.

Lots of attention has been paid to the detailing of it and its mod so will fit any noggin.

The top is from the same shop and it’s the TeleportHub gift (10Lds) as good as it is this post is mainly for the hat.

This is a subscriber’s gift and the board you slap is the one next to the skeleton figure.

Wicca’s Original.

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Simply Put. (Free Gift Card).

The fact I’m not showing you anything other than the poster you click means the gift card is trans and I will be passing this on to someone else…share the joy.

It’s a fab and generous gift amount as well so even if you can’t use the gift card yourself to be able to pass it on as a gift is really appreciated.

The LM should take you to the room with this as well as some Secret Sale items etc.

Sugar Dolls.

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Oh its Free For Me !

FREE Gown & accesories

Ohhhhh a gown and I’m wearing it ! Its not often I get this glammed up but I found this gown at Irrisistable for free and HAD to get it. You get a Hud offering both the red & green options, plus a belt, head dress and waist flowers (floral pieces are optional). There are a huge amount of fits included – from standard av mesh, to a zillion mesh body fits – something for everyone. Walk into the store and look around behind you to the right – high up on the wall are the group gifts – group is free to join also.


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Free Wearable Lantern & W/e Sales

FREE Rabbit lantern -Fat pack Dress $77L - Fatpack Heels $75L Back drop Synnergy $75L

Love love love my cute Year of the Rabbit wearable lantern! Its free from Bada atm – group is also free to join. Its comes with left and right hand poses (3 different poses inc) I’ve been busy trudging around the w/e sales too – snapped up this adorable dress fatpack from No Cabide for just $77L and the heels from KC Couture (also a fatpack) for only $75L. My backdrop is from Synnergy – they have quite a few in the w/e sales, this one is the “Soho Loft” , dead handy for interior photos, it even has a bedroom with bed, sweet mini kitchen and bar with stools inside.

(Bolero is from Blonde Queen)

Bada Lantern

KC Couture


No Cabide

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Feeling it. (Freebie).

The freebie is ONLY the blouse.

The blouse is a new group gift from Vinyl and it’s not the only group gift but I am pretty sure you will have seen the other gifts many times before. I’m also pretty sure there was a token price to join the and now it’s free.

Just love this retro blouse with its puffed sleeves and a little bow to finish it off. Comes in just this one pattern but you do get a choice of tucked or untucked and a small colour option for the bow tie.

As for the skirt, prob an old freebie and the hair I bought because sometimes a girl just gotta splash out.

PS. The blouse is white when you first put it on, click the black button which says “Click here for texture”.