For all you Keglers in SL …

… also cats & kitties who dig a retro vibe, or just ANYONE who loves high-quality SL footwear: I recommend you pay a visit to Jeepers Creepers, and soon.

Eponymous Trenchmouth is celebrating the opening of his new-updated store by giving away these great Strike! bowling shoes in a special green-and-black color.

JC’s usual great quality and attention to detail abound in the leather textures, stitching, sole, tread, eyelets, everywhere! These are resize-scripted to fit human Avatars of any gender or size. They even come with a free pair of socks and a walk animation, just in case you need one of those, too. JC’s quality is among the very best on the grid, and you sure can’t beat the BEST for FREE!

While you are there, be sure to check out the jaw-dropping sale prices, too. Most pairs are reduced in price by at least $L50, and many by $L100 or more… and the fatpack pricess – DAY-UM! I spent soooo much money!! I saw many of my favorite styles there selling at fatpack prices which work out to only $L125/pair. The shoes in the transferrable vendor are at the sale prices too!

This sale has been going on for a little while now and I have no idea when it ends, so you’d better get there soon! You will fiind these in the box marked “FREE!” on the counter behind the attendant.

Photos taken at Bergson’s Beach Bowling and More, Cartunno Beach



yessss its the dirty word again…”booooooots” get your FIX here babies…EVA has a new promo pair out for just 25 of your linden dollars…they are yummmmmmy deelishushhh…see the pic and dashhhhhh to get before the offer ends (they has lotsa features, sole colour etc, resize)

eva suede stars boot 25L


Taxi to go: EVA


Jeans of Virtue

FK Virtues Mens 23 Gray Jeans - Capri

FK Virtues is a store I first found a while back, I think it was at some charity event (not too sure though). The jeans looked great and when I see great looking jeans, I have to pick them up, that’s all there is to it 🙂 Yesterday I took a trip down to the main store and was Very happy to find that you get three versions of their 23 Jeans in gray if you join the subscribo-matic (subscibo’s are a wonderful invention, no hair tearing about which group to leave). You get the capri version, the skinny version and the classic. The skinny and capri versions come with prim cuffs and all three versions come on the underpants layer as well as the normal. It’s not just for guys either, you girls get the same deal. So that’s six pairs of jeans in one pack, for nothing. Add that to the fact that FK Virtues has a lot of cool, urban clothes for men and women…hmm makes it hard to pass up.

Get them here: FK Virtues

FK Virtues Mens 23 Gray Jeans - Classic


oh oh oh lookie what I found on xstreet for just ONE of your linden dollars hurrrah! Candy Metal has a few dollarbies out on the out-of-world store right now..not sure how long they will be up fer grabs…so hurrry…Click on the pics for a more detailed view!

First up Teshan outfit-I got a thing about belts and this one is awesome, comes with the blouse & skirt.

CandyMetal Teshan 1L on xstreet

Next is Grenei, love the bulky sweater and skirt!

CandyMetal Grenei 1L xstreet offer

Finally boooooots, and luckily for moi, the PINK ones were 1L (the other colours were only 20L !)

CandyMetal~Boots Pink 1L xstreet offer

 Heres the link to Candy Metal’s xstreet page, thumb through the lot its well worth it, prices are inexpensive, the dollarbies are on the last coupla pages


ahhh armchair shopping at its finest huh?


Mayden Couture sneaky!

ohhh fabulous fabuloussss Tuesday! A devine  day for boooots & shoesssss . I’m such a lucky gurl to receive these rather delicious sneaker boots from Mayden Couture to try..very sumptously detailed..laced to below the knee…high gloss toe caps..I love I love *squeal*. I spotted a whole bunch of boots when I popped in the other week..and landmarked it for further umm….well you know…a more detailed & lengthy smooooch around (ok ok ok ok so I’m a boot whore BUSTED !)

Heres the beautifulness…click the pic for a better view

Mayden couture - SneakerBoot black (230L)

Go take a look around, mayden couture has HEAPS of prettiness for guys also!

Taxi to go : Mayden couture


Im sooo Pr!tty !!!

PR!TTY I'm So Couture! Full Outfit group gift

I spotted this soooper outfit on free style, its a group gift from Pr!tty-just join the group and check the notices to fetch it up. I just lurrve it..the beautiful bolero jacket will be so useful to wear with other outfits…look at the butterfly on the skirt- awww! 3 diff styles of  tights come with it as well as bangles & necklace !

PR!TTY Gift PR!TTY PeekABoo oL

Then I spotted on the desk this summery jeans shorts outfit & t-shirt for 0L

AND also by the desk this dress called “role model” comes with two styles of skirt and 2 styles of shirt!

PR!TTY Gift PR!TTY Role Model 0L
PR!TTY Gift PR!TTY Role Model Version 2

For those that collect poses , like meeee…theres also a pose pack gift yippeeee!! thank you Pr!tty!!! I noticed some gorjusness there at very reasonable prices and a sale on hair in the adjoining room..go check it all out girlies!!

Taxi to go : Pr!tty


A note from the new guy.

Hello! I’m Drivin Sideways and I am very proud to announce that I will be contributing here from time to time. Fai, Player, and auststeve have been gracious enough to invite me to the Pure Eggs & Spam team and I’m waaay jazzed!

I have a bit of a fetish for shoes so you’ll probably be hearing me rattle on about men’s footwear frequently, although I quite enjoy sharing a good freebie as well.

Fair warning: I have a sometimes uncontrollable wry cynical sense of humor with a side order of pun-fixation and a generally twisted linguistic obsession. Groaners will ensue. Regardless, I hope that you enjoy a thing or two that I may write along the way. *smile*

On an unfortunate note: we recently had some trouble with a griefer at my fave-a-roni inworld hangout and it fell upon me to … ummmm … shall we say … “take care of business”.     So if you will kindly excuse me I believe that right now is a nice time for a little stroll down by the river.

Have a good day!

On my shoulder I’m carrying a cool freebie called “Get rid of the evidence” from (0thrive). That is a zero the name and you need the parenthesis as well to locate the place in search. You can find The Evidence and some other cool things in the black bag on the crate.
Also on Drivin:

  • Walker boots, Tan & Black – [hoorenbeek] L$520
  • Classic elephant jeans – Elephant Outfitters L$145
  • “Bruce” skin – Tellaq L$1400
  • Bennet Bowling shirt – Hell Bop L$135
  • D&G Blue ceil sunglasses – Original Sin L$265

Photos taken in Northfarthing region.