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Sale finds

Sale buys !

Dead pleased with these jeans from CY Fashion – you get five denim shades for just $50L. My top is part of the Ame set “Yuumi” -top, shorts & sandals for only $77L, you get Huds for each part with nine patterns & solid textures.


CY Fashion

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Weekend Sales – See you there !

99 Sale @ Spirit Pika dress - Group gift hair @ Truth

Yep I already started my w/e shopping – grabbed this pretty dress that comes in a choice of colours from Spirit – there’s a longer length one also (which I already own) This is part of the 99L sale. Listed below are all the sales I will be shopping ❤ Oh almost forgot – I’m wearing the latest group gift from Truth – isn’t it gorgeous? Well worth the join fee.

The Saturday Sale

Happy weekend sale


30L Saturday

Wanderlust Weekend

Energy Weekend Price


7 days sale

Kinky 69

60 special weekly

Manly W/e

Hot Weekend 69L

Pop up sale

Crafty Weekend

Miix Weekend

Secret Sale – Get Hud here

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Zerkalo sale & $300L & %500L Free store credit

Zerkalo 300L free credit & 50 discount sale

Woohoo ! I love me some Zerkalo and they are giving away $300L of store credit to group members PLUS a big fat store wide sale with 50% discount ❤ Group is free to join btw. If you head over to the SL19B Shop & Hop you can also pick up $500L of free store credits by wearing the group tag – so you’ll have $800L to spend

Happy Shopping


Zerkalo @ Shop & Hop

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Free Store Credit

FREE 1000L Store Credit @ Trend

Nice and easy from me today – its too hot to stomp around ! As it says – 1k free store credit at Trend, expires 26th June – so hurry and grab it. I plumped for some sweet bow tied lingerie and a couple of jeans & top packs – niiiice ❤


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Freebies – New Gifts

Free Outfit

My lovely friend Alyce alerted me that not only was there an “F” on the lucky boards @ Paper Sparrow – there were also NEW gifts! I sprung into action, grabbed the set above and then waited a while to see if I could win more. If you recall the lucky boards at Paper Sparrow are generally *un*lucky for me – so nothing else…yet! This set is a fat pack or skirt, skirt and panties, it comes with a giant Hud of colours too. You do not need to be in the group to play boards. Lucky boards are upstairs.

Hope you’re Lucky ❤

Paper Sparrow

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Weekend Sales


Its time to shop ! Listed below are all the sales I shall be looking at – as always if there’s a sale I don’t know about – let me know to add it.

Happy Shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend

Wanderlust Weekend

30L Saturday


Energy Weekend Price



Hot Weekend Sale

Miix Weekend

60L Sales Weekend

Role Play Addicts Weekend

Manly Weekend

7 Days Sale

The Secret Sale – Get Hud Here

SL Home Décor

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Are You Lonely In Your Second Life?

Is Your Second Life Lonely

How’s your Second Life going? Are you in a social whirl of parties, clubs etc? Are you perhaps employed in world? Or are you, like myself, a little bit of an introvert? Some days I’m whizzing from shopping event to shopping event, others I am holed up on my platform taking photos and then blogging. Mostly though I am rather lonely. A single pringle but not ready to mingle. Occasionally I venture forth to explore a new sim, or actually have an urge to seek others out – not very often for sure. If Player is around we spend time together chatting or playing games – but we both lead busy real lives and time spent together is less these days.

I’m exceptionally fortunate to have a second life best friend (you all know her as Zan) We write to each other every day, we blog together, look at homes together (obsessed much?) and even live together and share land – my Second Life would be much poorer without Zan in it.

Today was one of those “go forth” days. I had seen a few places in the destination guide that looked like they might be promising photo back grounds. So off I trudged – not expecting or even really wishing to find company. The thing is, if you stick around your home/office/platform – you wont experience anything or anyone? I landed at the first location and spotted a chap sitting in a deck chair by the landing point. Of course I hurried off so as not to spoil his view, and walked up the stairs away from him. He messaged me, I was tempted to ignore his very kind hello and enquiry about how I was liking the beautiful location…but I responded in kind. You never know someone until you actually converse with them. Yes, it might have been one of those awkward “A/S/L” messages – however it wasn’t. We decided to sit at a table and pass the time of day. I enjoyed the easy company and pleasant chit chat immensely and readily accepted a friends request with a view to possibly meeting up again at some point.

I know Second Life can be a barrage of mixed messages and lost connections – but – take a chance, be open to new connections and show a positive mentality to those that cross our path. You never know they might be your next friend or dance partner ❤

Happy Monday & Thank you Marvin !