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Fisherman’s Friend

Mens Department January 2013

I paid a long, long overdue visit to The Mens Dept and I’m so glad I did because the gear they have up for grabs is just as good as it ever was.

It was a difficult task not to just grab up handfuls of stuff and sort it out later, but I managed. What I just could not go past though, was this gorgeous turtleneck fisherman’s sweater from {Sleepy Eddy}. Just look at the texture, how fantastic does that look? Every little bit of the knit just stands out so well and the design is awesome. The mesh comes in three sizes for men and three for women (yes ladies, you too can rug up in this sweater!) and there is a cool range of colours to choose from as well.

Sweater in hand, I also snapped up the funky little pipe you can see me chewing on in this picture (not lit of course). It’s a cool little accessory for when you need a little extra something, it’s got a great look and I especially love the little silver design on the sides. The smoke effect can be turned on and off by clicking the pipe but you also get a version of this pipe that doesn’t smoke, but is a bubble-pipe instead!

These are just a couple of the items that you can pick up this month down at The Mens Dept. If you haven’t been yet, I definitely recommend heading down there before the new stock comes in and you miss out.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept