PIDIDDLE pumpkin hunt

PIDIDDLE has opened its new store ! To celebrate there is a mini pumpkin hunt. Some really sweet items in the five prizes being given away. My personal favourite being this gorgeous russety orange tank & boo necklace. PIDIDDLE’s gear, if you don’t already know it, is always  always always so beautifully detailed & the fabrics top-notch quality. There are also two pairs of jeans,  and some pretty funky wintery tights !

Check out the rest of the store while you’re there hunting..its lully !

Go get diddled (sorry couldn’t resist!) : PIDIDDLE


Evergreen & Liriope

Dont you just lurrrve finding new-to-you stores? I was re-wandering around the precious ones sim (as I can’t sleep) and stumbled across Evergreen & Liriope. Evergreen does verrrry pretty girly type attire…and I snagged the October group gift while I was there to show you a little flavour of their design..

Evergreen October gift & Liriope NYK hair

The dress is delectabubble…floaty…rather boho…love the plum tones of the fabric..I was thinking of thick winter wooly tights and boots…warmer weather it would look sweet with flats or sandals…versatile ! (and yes-that is my Berries Inc bag- old gift-and I’m not gonna be parted from it everrrr !)

Click on the photo and take a close look at that hair…isnt it just uber pretty? I’m always such a stick in the mud with hair. I get used to certain *brands* and don’t even look elsewhere…but..I saw this in Liriope …tried the demo and fell in love ❤ at 150L per colour pack it’s not expensive (3 tones per pack) and the hair has a very subtle sheen to it, like you’ve used a reallly good conditioner …they also have guys hair…and a few more for the girlies…go check it out and snaffle up some demos…!


Liriope (main store-hair is upstairs)


Blackburns & Indie Rose..sooo different yet…

both currently have some spook-tacular boots & shoes on offer for free for you!

Indie Rose sent out these dahling little ballerina pumps today for their subscribo members…two colours ! The Skully ballerina pumps, so cute and beautifully textured with a slight crocodile feel to the leather

Indie Rose Skully ballerina pumps for halloween

two pairs in the pack…

Indie Rose skully ballerina pumps

Blackburns has some rather different styles out as gifts for you to wear for Halloween ! Absolutely love the *screwed foot* shoes..so different !

Blackburns Screwed Foot shoes

The HUD is verrrry easy to use, and you get choices of colour for toenails, skins anddd 8 shades for the shoes itself !

Andddd last, but by no means least…Blackburns have a pair of boots out…oh maiii…they ARE sppppoooooookyyy…the backbone boots..I loved playing with the resizer on these just to see the back bone move !

Blackburns Backbone boots

Snap them all up and enjoy Halloween!

Go get spooky: Blackburns & IndieRose

ohhh before I forget..Indie Rose has two special offers on this weekend…sooper pretty…check them out in the store!


Kaori Kool

Have you ever been to a store and gotten scared because everything looks so good and you just want to spend, spend and spend some more? Well I had that happen to me when I went over to Connors earlier tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve visited that store and they’ve got so much newness, I could have happily blown my budget and bought loads (because everything’s so affordable). But then this post would have never have gotten finished and I couldn’t have that. So, I pulled myself away to show you Connors’ subscribo matic gift: the Patterned Shirt Kaori.

This shirt is the epitome of cool. The silvery white colouring and design is fantastic, half unbuttoned to give it that casual nightlife look. It’s got great shading around the midsection and the prims are absolutely dead easy to fit. Speaking of the prims: the Kaori shirt comes with a collar, cuffs and a skirt bottom for the shirt to give it a loose, untucked look that I love. The cuffs have a resizer script in them and look tremendous, unbuttoned but not rolled up and slightly lighter in colour than the rest of the shirt. This shirt also comes on all the top layers so you can mix and match as you like. Really, this is an absolute ‘gotta have’ shirt and it’s free. Though, if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop with just this. My wallet is looking at me quite warily now because it just knows I’m heading back there soon.

To get this shirt, all you have to do is join the subscribo matic just outside the front entrance to the store, then click it again and look through the history. I think it’s number 3.

Get the gear here: *Connors*


The Pink Poet

 Since it’s Friday night and I’m home I thought I might as well make myself useful and do a couple of posts. The first one was a kind of blast from the past for me. About a year ago I visited Mr Poet and picked up a brilliant houndstooth jacket but I hadn’t managed to get back until our little helper Zan sent me a landmark for this store that apparently had some great freebies to pick up. So, long story short, I get there and it’s Mr Poet and Zan was very right.

On to the clothes and first off is the Hakka Printed Cloth Coat. Now I know some guys are a little wary of wearing pink, but personally I really like it. A good-looking pink shirt looks really good on a guy if you ask me and this is definitely one of those. The prim collar and bottom of the shirt (which is all one piece) might take a little fiddling with, depending on your shape, but the end result is worth it. I really like the inside of the collar/bottom prim, it’s got a white semi-transparency to it that gives it a thin, cloth look. The prim sleeves are easy to fit and look good too. As I said, I think the pink looks great, it’s vivid and eye-catching and the floral designs on the coat look wicked as well.

The striped tanktop (or vest as it’s called here) is also free from Mr Poet and comes on multiple layers and in two different versions: the normal version you can see in the picture above and a slightly lifted version for those of you who want to show off those abs 🙂 Also included with the striped vest is a pair of the plaid boxer shorts you can see in the picture below which are awesome. I don’t have nearly enough good underpants in my inventory and so I (and someone else I know) was glad to get them. Great for lounging around in.

Get the gear here: ::[Mr Poet]::

PS: The mall Mr Poet is in is definitely worth a look around as you can find a lot of great stuff for a wide range of needs, both for free and for some $$$


A fun gift from Torley.

We typically bring you a lot of wearables here at Pure Eggs & Spam, but today I have a change of pace. I found an interesting little place a few days ago, and I found it in a way most unique to SL *chuckle*

I recently had an(other) SL car crash. If you drive SL roads you know this isn’t unusual. Unlike in meatspace, though, a car crash in SL is often an opportunity for fun. I’ve found some pretty interesting places by exploring on foot after my car crashed at some unfamiliar region crossing, and that is how I found Montara Park.

Here beside the road in Montara region the Lindens have reserved a small scenic area on the water for a public park. There is not a lot to do there but you’ll find a placid setting, a small sandbox, a public Connect Four game, and a gift from Torley:

There are 2 different follow cam attachments in the package, one of which is multi-function. When you wear the invisiprim and then click on your back a script takes over your camera and pops up a blue options menu. A few of the options have little practical use, like “spaz cam” where your cam jumps all over the area for 5 seconds then automatically returns to the default position. “Spin cam” works similarly. I cant imagine using them often, but they may have potential for machinema or just a little goofy fun. If you like to log in stoned, they may be LOTS of fun. 🙂

The most useful choice, though, is called “driving cam”. Driving Cam is just the ticket if you’re using a vehicle or pose that leaves your cam in a wierd place. I’ve paid good LBucks for a great-looking cars and motorcycles that turned out to be unusable because they jammed my view into some frustrating place, like behind the bumper. With this attachment I won’t have that problem any more.

Driving Cam puts your camera up and behind you a bit farther than the standard camera perspective, and then as you move the camera follows you very smoothly, and with a little bit of “soft” time delay. For example, if you turn sharply your camera will follow on a smaller arc than your avi – it is almost as if you’re pulling the camera behind you on a stretchy rope.

Go check it out, it can’t hurt! 🙂 It’s free, in a nice place, and full-perm so you can not only pass them to all your friends and alts, but you can open them up and fiddle with the innards too if you like.

from the road – – Drivin



MOGU Graduation knit KABOCHA Jacket 3L

Ohhh haiii! Zan (the northern nutter) dropped Steve a Landmark for a sooper cute store..sooo off we went to investigate ! Scored with this sweater for 3L in MOGU.. it says for guys BUT with a little editing I managed to wriggle into it just purrrfectly…oh mai…check out the awesome sculpted poncho there *dribbles* only 120L…not a huge selection but what is there is superbly detailed and very affordabubble ! Click the photo for a close up view …

Get snuggly : MOGU