Can it be 4 years already?

Yessss it can ! Oh my lawd…where did that go. Only seems a little while ago that I started in SecondLife, but today I took the time to go through allll my photos, and look at  the years Ive spent in and around SL.

I think Im fairly lucky in that I have the same friends now, as I had in 2007, and the same partner also..Im like super glue I guess…you get stuck with me !

Found this little gem whilst perusing my piccies..might give you a giggle or five of my noobish self..it was a photo for advertising my first ever rental homes, awww

Circa 2007

Natty shorts set huh? My first ever bit of land, I still miss that place…SO much happened there ! It was where I met Zan, Giasone..it was Players first ever home and where we hung out for almost a year together…Im so chuffed that those I held close to me then..I stilll do today ❤

Thanks to all those who wished me a great day…youre awesomesauce xxx


Spring Freshhhh!

Jane Lillian dress & Melody cardigan

Awww I can almost hear the lambs “baaaaaa’ing” and smell that freshly mown grass with the latest of two releases from Jane ! The Lillian dress is zestily fresh as we awaken from our winter slumber..I chose the honey shade, its such a warm comforting colour, reminds me of sunshine yay! Perfect sculpted overdress, with a little hint of floral under skirt..I teamed it up with the Melody cardigan…as my mother always says “never cast a clout till May is out”…(and of course I alwaysss take heed !) Click the pics for close up goodness…

Jane Lillian dress

For those of us who don’t listen to their mum…here it is with no cardi *gasp* !! Know what I really love about this dress? I have one of those intensley annoying AO’s, the ones where you’re twirling around like you gotta go pee? (I wear it primarily to irritate Player lol) Anyywayyyyy no matter what contorted shape my body goes into…the sculpted dress just fits..always..isnt that cooool? Dress is just 125L , the soooper cardi is only 100l – steal deal !

There is also one more scrap of newness for you to discover while you’re there !

Go get zesty fresh : Jane


guys like “cute”

ohhh yes they dooo ! I wasnt sure about casting aside my more foxy gear for a few hours…but wowser…it had a good effect on Player ! He liked itttt ! Soooo what am I gabbling about huh? Wellll about a year ago I discovered this store called Ray Skin..it was unusual and had heaps of gifts around for you to try their gear, decided to head on over there and see what was happenin…glad I did !

Ray Skin Village maxi-sora lucky chair gift

How cute is this? !! I won this on the un-lucky board (I call them that because I sooo rarely win!) Dont be alarmed when you open the boxes, Ray Skin tend to give you squilllionsss of options, from hair to hats, scarfs etc..just take your time and try on each item. This outfit is my fav…one of the scarves has theeee sweetest little mittens tied to the back..and the belt is awesomesauce..(I’ve worn one of their belts for about a year on and off, super detailed) Up to the minute maxi length skirt.  I adored the hat with hair (diff colours also included)The knitted waistcoat is lully..been wearing it all day with jeans..wear it all or break it up and choose separates !

Ray Skin "Chocolla" group gift

Snuggly buggly winter group gift…how could I pass up an outfit that sounded like chocolate…again may options for wearing & great details !

Ray Skin group gift

Check out those frilly bloomers ! Something a bit different again…gawd I love the hats…its a unique look…and yet another gift for you.

Ray Skin Lucky board

 Another gift…uhmm actually I was getting a bit frenzied & hand flappy at the time, it might have been a lucky board prize ! It comes with two different styles of hats avec hair  also.

Head over and take a gander..there are ooooodles of things to see, inside a whole wall of lucky chairs that update very quickly…pluss a love letter hunt that seems to be there all the time, dotted about are the group gifts on the walls (a little hard to spot if you get excited like meee!) Outside are also camping chairs with yet MORE gifts…have fun!

Go get snuggly : Ray Skin


Going Live !

Monroe's Marilyn skin *pretty pink* & lounge skirt outfit

Hola pretty ones! I have newwwwws…. Monroe’s will be opening their new in world store soon..and to pre-celebrate  this outfit is going to be given to you free yay! It will only be available on the market place AFTER midnight today (sunday).

Monroe's Marilyn skin *beach bum*

Isnt the skin divine? Take a close up look at the fabric of the outfit..its kinda self pin-striped…verrry kewl.

Monroe's Marilyn lace-nude skin

For the pale and delicate amongst us…there is the Marilyn skin in lace-nude…All the skins will be available for you to peruse in the new store after the 1st Feb !

Dont forget you canNOT get this until after midnight Sunday the 30th Jan here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search%5Bcategory_id%5D=&search%5Bkeywords%5D=Kittee+Skytower&search%5Bmature%5D=0&search%5Bpage%5D=1&search%5Bper_page%5D=12      sorry for the longgggg link , but that s the store front addy! Flick through till you find it !

The inworld store will open on the 1st February ooot ooot! I will give the Landmark out to it then (Ive had a sneaky peek and w-o-w..bring pennies to spend-lots of lulliness!!!!)


Chic inc. rebranding sale!

Colette cute barbie glossy lips

Anyone who’s shopped at Chic inc. will already know what good value for your linden dollars the skins are. amazingly detailed,superb body shading…and all around pretttttiness ! Sooo Chic inc is rebranding to a new name “woman(ity)” and before the change over they are having a MASSIVE sale on their skins.

The one above was my personal fav, prolly because it has PINK lips…soft smudgy doe eyes…its devine..and only 10L ! There is a vast amount to go see, various colours…a lot at 10L some for 100L..click the pic for a good gawp at the loveliness !

go grab your pretty : chic inc.


Getting down to business…

Carrasco's Olive Business Suit

I was chatting to Tesa Carrasco, designer at Carrasco’s, the other day and she was super excited about her new line of business suits. When she showed me the piccies of them I had a strange deja vu moment. For years now I’ve collected clothing from a designer that’s no longer in SL (or real life sadly) and these new suits just so reminded me of her work. It’s the luxurious texturing of the fabric, the detail of things like the buttons, creases in the cloth..I was pretty blown away really (infact, I don’t think I really could express to Tesa how much I adored them, I went all quiet aww lol) Sooo here they are…I hope you feel the same way about them as I do. Each suit comes with trousers and a girly twirly skirt. Check the pics for the close up view..and see what I mean about precise tailoring & details..

Carrasco's Business Suit skirt version in Olive

I’ve always loved a sharp jacket over a girly skirt..just something sooo smexy about it..

Business suit in PINK yay!

I’m hoping Tesa doesn’t mind me telling you this..but shes a fiery redhead..(gotta love them!) anddd I had noticed that she rarely uses my favourite colour in her designs *le-sigh* you knowww PINK ! Tesa says this is because pink doesn’t suit redheads…WHAT!!!! ohmaiiii…so all us blondies have to go without??? no no no…unfair!!! Soooo we had a little chat about this..(I was only teasinggg) and a few hours later..a little parcel arrived in my hot little paws..*faints*.. a suit..bless her cotton redhead socks…in Pinkkkkkkk !!! Not only is it pink but such a glorious shade..sorta faded and strokable..gawd I love it..

Pink business suit Carrasco's

Now the sooper fab news..these suits are up for grabs right now..still hot from the oven ! But..the even better’er news is…for the sixty linden weekend gig, the tan suit is just 60L andddddd right now the rather amazing PINK one is just 75L..both these and the other colours in the range are usually 200L each (which is still very good value for two suits in one) So rushhhhhhh and grab them up today! Guys..get over there, all these outfits are transferable, grreat for valentines gifties huh? Also…the suits that are part of the business collection are just gorjusssss…go see go see ! (I will try to get Player or Steve to show one-off )

More newness? okkkk…

OTB Hunt gift @ Carrasco's

Carrasco’s is also in the Off The Bend hunt (OTB) and thissss frothy creation in purrrrrple & pink is the prize ! I simply adore the striking colours together…youre looking for a purple U , find it and its alllll yours !

Tesa is in a few other hunts & upcoming ones, always check the board outside the store to see whats  happening…usually a LOT is going on !

Go get suited : Carrasco’s


Last Second Seasons Hunt

I know, I know, the Seasons Hunt is only on for one more day but I was snooping around *Valiant* earlier today and once I saw they were in the hunt, I had to show what they were putting out. After all, I thought, there was still a day to go, plenty of time for you guys to run down and pick this gift up (not that you shouldn’t try getting some of the others while you can too).

The *Valiant* gift for this hunt is called the Men’s Cardigan in dark grey and it’s an absolutely gorgeous jacket. The details on it are wonderful, I especially love the white buttons and black lining to go along with the dark grey colour of the cardigan. There’s even a little safety-pin stuck into coat just above the top button that I didn’t even notice right away, those are the kinds of little things I like a lot. The coat itself is mostly prim, as are the cuffs, but they won’t give you any trouble.

As I said before, there’s only one day of this hunt remaining and I definitely think you should take a stroll over to *Valiant* and grab up this amazing coat while you can, it’s so worth it. You should also see how many other stores you can get to in the time remaining, there are some very good ones in this hunt. You’re looking for a little snowman to get these hunt items.

Get the gear here: *Valiant* (take a look outside, I think the poor little guy is stuck in something) edited by Faith to add “there is one snowman for butterdish and one for the valiant jacket..both seperate locations !)