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Staying Cheap. (Dollarbie & Cheapies).

I must say I used to visit the Loordes of London shop almost as often as I used to visit S@bbia but it has been a long time so I was very happy that she, Coleen Macarthur, still has the hunt prizes on the wall for you to simply buy for just a couple of Lindens.

This Jacket is the”Naughty or Nice” price and costs only 1Ld.prize.

This longer coat is the “Banquet Hall” prize and it costs 2Lds.

Love the colours of both items and even though black and white checks are one of my least fav patterns I think the contrast works really well.

To find these are the other hunt prizes just check out the wall at the bottom of the staircase. As for sizing, the hunt prizes even though they look modern in their style and texturing do only come in old mesh fits. In the top picture my bum is poking through a bit. I could have worn the next size up but I simply didn’t care. Its just a small thing in the end.

PS. Don’t worry if you do buy these and think you’ve scored just some hunt hints or a pretty candle decor set. The candles are the delivery box and the hunt hints are exactly that.

Loordes of London.

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It’s like a spring day. (Freebie).

I was so happy when on one of my random TP’s I turned up in the AsteroidBox shop and found this cropped sweater. I had seen it previously in a picture/note/notice and totally forgot to take a note of where it came from.

I will admit I almost missed it again as I did spot the group gifts (75Lds) and for some reason, the random onion on the reception desk grabbed my attention which is why I spotted next to it a freebie necklace and then I naturally went to check the Christmas tree and there it was. Turns out to be just as nice as I’d hoped. Even better there is a long line version for men as well.

PS. In the UK we have had such a warm sunny day it’s almost freaky.


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Find me under the Christmas Tree. (Freebiess).

If you’ve been to the Uber event you will probably already have this fabulous top which is just one of the many gifts waiting for us under the Christmas tree.

I’ve only opened a couple of items and so far there is another fabulous top that is sadly unwearable for me and a hair which I’m not wearing.

I actually only went to the UBER event just to check out an item for sale and now that I have a folder stuffed with gifts I’m going to settle down on Faiths platform and work my way through them and also check out the shops that have donated these gifts.

PS. Don’t worry as this event continues on till I believe the 22 Jan.

UPDATE: So I went to the Melazana shop which is the shop that donated this top and found a couple of quality group gifts, I’m especially impressed with the perkiness(sic) of the dress lol. I also spotted a few things for sale in the shop which are pretty stand out for their styling.



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House Cleaning. (Freebie(ss)).

I used to watch that hoarder shows where the hoarder would hold a single item and debate for ages as to whether they should keep it or bin it and I’m exactly like that with SL shoes and homes. So far today I’ve binned about three houses out of the hundreds I own and it just took a ridiculous amount of time to make my mind up.

So say goodbye to the house in the background as it’s now gone and say hello to this top.

This grey/blue top is lovely, the cups have a slight drape to them. It’s pretty unique for a freebie but then it does come from the Smesh shop.

There are other group gifts and I do recognise a couple of them from previous posts, and they still look great, so some nice stuff is to be had.

PS. I wish I had seen the legwarmers when I first visited…go get them.


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Feeling Cynful. (Freebie).

I must say my freebie hunting today was a bit of a washout so I retreated to Faiths platform and settle down and do some invent cleaning only to come across a top I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen before. This means, of course, I had to TP over to the Cynful shop just to see if it was/is a group gift and as you can see from this picture the top wasn’t there and it was something even better….this dress.

You get two colours this gold and a red version. Sexy, classy with top-class sequin texturing. This is a perfect party dress.

I don’t know how long this gift has been out as yeah I was running out of SL time so don’t wait. Join the group and go grab it from the poster over the reception desk.


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When patience is a Virtue. (Freebie).

An old gift is what brought me back to the Virtue shop and that now has a price tag, well worth it, but it was this prize outfit in one of the two camping chairs which grabbed my attention.

Don’t worry as you only need to camp for 5 mins and trust me that gave me a nice time to have a good cam around the shop, check a few notes and voila it turned up before I even realised 5 mins had passed.

The matching top and capri pants which can be worn as separates and are just very good indeed.

There is a mix of group gifts in the Virtue shop from as little as 25Ld for the Virtue group, 10Ld for the Third Life Group gifts and to 50Ld for the SL-MHBC group.

PS. The group invite isn’t really working so just click, go into edit and get the shop owners name and you can join the Virtue group from there.


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Secret Sale Sunday

Secret Sale Sunday complete scene @ $50L

Ok you’ll need a little imagination for the next two items – as our sim is snowbound I didn’t have a place to rez them to get a good effect. BUT think about using these from spring onwards on your land et voila! Fantasy Pixels has a lot of items for this weeks Secret Sale Sunday but this and one other sung out to me. If you want to landscape and get an easy sim filler – grab these – for today just $50L! The above scene has a lot more going on than I’m showing at the sides and front and only 34Li !

Secret Sale Sunday $50L complete scene

This next scene is also fabulous – little hideaway in the woods, everything you see is included all hard linked (no modify) and just 28Li. Obviously you would soften around it with some grasses etc but even on its own a great addition to your landscape. To get the Secret Sale Sunday shopping Hud go to the link below – you can use the same hud each week to see the deals.

Happy Shopping ❤

Fantasy Pixels

Secret Sale Sunday Hud