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Last Call.(Freebies).

The S@bbia shop never fails to delivery and this simple sweet 2 piece suits me fine.

You do get only the 1 size but I think you can see it’s an easy to fit one.  As it happens I also won a pair of flat/frilly shoes off the Lucky Board but I won’t show you them just say I was pleased with that win.

I don’t know how long this freebie has been out so go grab now.

Nighty Night everyone, it’s been a fun and lazy SL/RL day and I hope all of you have had a good day as well.


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I blogged a rather good pair of shoes recently that I’d got off the MP and I finally managed to get to check out the inworld shop.

It’s called Kokoia and although the name is familiar I didn’t really recognise the shop or contents.  Anyhow naturally I first hunted down the Group Gifts which is free to join but you need a Linden to buy the gifts but it’s refunded straight away.

There is more than these flip flops, I think 4 other gifts, but I had changed into my flat feet and I could not be rat-arsed to change back to high feet again….just being honest.  I won’t tell you what the other GG’s are but they’re “interesting” heels and of course the pair I’d got off the MP shop.

What I will tell you about is the Cowboy boots, they’re most interesting as they come with tall thin heels and it’s not often you get these 2 styles combined into 1.  I’ve grabbed the demo, again you need to pay a Linden which is returned to you, and I’m looking forward to trying them on.

The other thing I want to tell you about is the small furniture shop down the stairs, Kokoia isn’t a big shop so you will not find it hard to find.  This shop or area is called “Atrezzo” and it’s the same owner/designer as Kokoia and down there you will find a small selection of very interesting furniture.  I didn’t buy anything this time but this is a shop to keep an eye on and hopefully the stock will grow as it’s so nice to see new and fresh designs even if they’re not for you.


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I left it in.(Freebie).

My MoJo has left me this morning, I blame it on the fact I’ve run out of milk so I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee and trust me no one likes me until I’ve had at least 2 cups!

I did find a really nice freebie and then I broke it, only in SL can you break clothing, anyhow I might go back and get a new copy of that but I’d also decided to pop over to the On9 event and found this.

The dress comes in 2 colours, this light pink/blush colour and a bright red and with the red dress, you can see more clearly the sheerness of the sleeves and the top half is sheer lace as well.  Not tarty sheer but sexy sheer.  It comes in a “1 size fits all” and it’s a pretty good fit.  I decided to leave in the texture break at the hem and not try to edit it out because it is what it is.  I think that breakthrough is just a fact of SL Life and the lovely sleeves and colour make up for a common enough “flaw”.

PS.  If it wasn’t for my love of buildings/houses I wouldn’t have found this as it’s actually in there.


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Me on a diet.(Freebie).

I got weighed yesterday and so, of course, today my diet starts!

Just this before I go.  From a shop called “Enemy” and you get lots of fits.  There is also some Lucky boards and other stuff.  I’m in a rush because I’ve just noticed it’s past 4pm and I’ve not eatten since brekkies so that means FOOOOOD, but not doughnuts lol.  So will see you later or probably more like tomorrow and because my work has calmed down and my OH will be back at work it means I can start to SL a little bit more than I’ve been able to these past weeks.



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I got spendy! (& Small Freebie).

The dress is the “spendy” and the “freebie” is the eyeshadow, I always like to make it clear at the start.

I popped over to the “The Laison Collaborative” to grab the free eyeshadow on the Zibska stand (one of the boxes is set to buy for 0Ld so make sure you buy the right one) and next to it is the Les Sucreries De Fairy stand and as soon as I saw their Gacha I just had to have a pop.

I just love clothes and hair that have the feel of movement and life to them.


You get only 1 dress and you have a risk in the not just the colour/texture but the level of the windblown look.  At only 75Ld a try I’m having a struggle not to try again because although I’m loving the way the dress hangs but because it’s one of my least fav colours.  You MUST try on the demo because the dress only comes in 1 size and I was more than happy with the fit on me but make sure you’re happy with it as well.

The eyeshadows as you can tell from the shade I’m wearing come in bold vibrant colours, can’t remember how many you get but it will be about 6 shades and I can’t remember the appliers you get but you get quite a few and not just for Catwa or Lelutka mesh heads.

The Liason Collaborative

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A proper Yorkshire welcome.(Freebies).

Before I sit down to unpack I want to reblog my outfit and give you a tour of “Yorkshire”.

The top, pants and although you can’t really see the flat sandals are all separate freebies from Loordes of London and you should find them where the LM takes you. Nearby you will also find all the special offer items, “Steals ‘n’ Deals” 30Ld Tue offers etc and that’s a great place to pick up not just a bargain but Colleen Macarthur also hides all the hunt items in that area so it’s a “piece of p*ss” to find them.  Most if not all come with a tiny price tag and I don’t think there is a new hunt prize to show you but I’ve never been disappointed with the prizes.

I can’t remember how I ended up in “Yorkshire” but since I was here and I was looking good I decided to snap away.

Actually, this isn’t a sim it’s a platform in the sky but I’m still going to call it a sim.

It’s just lush and as a Northern Lass, I know Yorkshire pretty well and even honeymooned in a cottage set in the middle of some stunning landscapes.

All of these pictures were taken in the sim setting and as always I totally encourage you to go and have a try at taking your own pictures.  If you remember the trick is to “save to disk” so that any pictures you take in SL are saved directly to your computer and costs you nothing so you can click away till you get the picture you like.

Now I remembered how I ended up in “Yorkshire” it’s because I was visiting the PinkRayne shop and because “PinkRayne” is also the creator of this sim she has a TP board from her shop to the Yorkshire platform and other locations such a Petit Chat.  Also if you do go to Yorkshire you not only get the LM sent to you but also a very interesting note on the evolution of this sim and the love and attention that’s gone into it.

PS. The Loordes LM does take you to the wall with the free shoes/top and you will find the pants on the little table there.

Loordes of London


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Around The Grid in 80 Days 6!

I’ve always loved this hunt and make sure to do it every year – you can choose to pay $25L for the prize or use your noggin and find it for just $1L – and guess what? I actually managed to find both of these ! First I found this amazing lounger with the book pile at Park Place Home Decor – so low Li and the poses are unisex – whats not to love.

Thennn I decided to give hunting for this magnificent loin cloth bikini a go – et voila it was mine. Heaps of mesh body sizes included and I seem to recall also standard sizes – but its been a long hot day – so I might be wrong on that. It comes with a massive hud for colour and pattern change – great fit too. New-to-me store called Sashebas closet – might go back later and check the rest of the place out.

All info for prizes and store url’s are right here