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I paid, you don’t have to. (Freebie(ss) & Fun Landmark).

I can’t remember how much I paid to join the Loki group, I think it was maybe just 50Lds and I’d only joined it at that time to get this “Fluffy Sweater” which I still had in my invent all these years later and its still as cute now as it was then.

I’m actually still in the Loki group which is how I spotted it’s now FREE to join but only for a limited time, I think till the 5th, so make sure to pop in to get this and there are other group gifts.

Also, a random TP a couple of days ago brought me back to this stunning theme park build which I’d assumed had been dismantled a long time ago and I was actually so happy it was still set up for people to come and visit and play.

I think it’s a celebration of Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday? As you can see this is an Astralia shop build and they have had to spend a lot of time, money and imagination as this is a wonderful theme park with lots of fun things to do.

There is a new Halloween fun ride and I did see a hunt, (99Lds each prize). The main theme park does have freebies ie balloons, a cup etc but I didn’t have hands to hold them so I will leave them for you to find.


Hello Kitty Funpark by Astralia.

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Free Complete outfit

FREE Outfit shoes, pants & sweater

Did a lovely little hunt last night called “Mid-season Mystery Hunt”. Very easy to do , each designer has a free gift and an item at $10L. Above is the free outfit from Emerald Couture. Totally adore the corduroy pants with stitched detail, also has a lovely contrasting sweater and a pair of flat pumps (not worn).

Happy Hunting ❤

Mid-Season Mystery Hunt Blog with prize photos

Mid Season Mystery Hunt Starting Location

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$500L Store Credit

FREE store credit

New-to-me store Aitne has a really good offer on atm. Group costs $30L and you can grab $500L of store credit once you’ve joined . Nice selection of lingerie, casual and a few dresses mixed in – take a peek around and see if its worth you joining up. You can get this from Sept 27th – 30th and it expires on October 4th.


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Hurrah For The Weekend Sales!

Alyce 6

Yes its time for the sales once again – hope you’re ready to spend as there are some awesome offers this week. Say hello to my friend Alyce above – she’s wearing a nifty little dress that I found on the market place for just $1L by MeHoney (linked below) I’m wearing the Happy Weekend offer from Belle Époque “Catya”.

Happy Shopping ❤

MeHoney Molly Dress

30L Saturday

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend Sale


Miix Weekend

Evo Shop 60L



Energy Weekend Price

WOW Weekend

TMD Weekend Sale

Crafty Weekend Sale


$69L Hot Weekend Sale

7 Days Sale

Manly Weekend

99 Sale

60 Weekly Special

Wanderlust Weekend

SL Home Décor Sale

The Sales Room

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Free Gifts – Pop Of Colour @ Dubai

FREE Dress FREE Necklace

Ooo totally loving this dress from Ruxy ! Bright sunny yellow tone with a soft over sized collar and gems on the body (with a Hud for extra colours) The necklace is from Yasum – a real statement piece, there’s also a ring which I am not wearing atm.

Free decor pedal car 3Li

This is a real keeper for me – a static décor vintage car, just 3Li and from Thor. All the gifts (and there are loads) are at the landing point – no group join required.

Dubai Event

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$700L Free Credit – Happy Friday!


A real quicky that’s not to be missed – Perfect Fashion has free group join and $700L of store credit all for free until September 20th – credit will expire on 21st September


Perfect Fashion

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Free Aquarium

Free Aquarium 9Li by Fantasy Pixels

Wow what a find ! This huge aquarium by Fantasy Pixels is a free gift at the INOV event. Just join the free group et voila its all yours. Would look so cool in a modern home bubbling away – Its only 9li and has some awesome effects built right in – love it ❤

INOV event