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Drat! (Dollarbie & Mention of Freebie(sss)).

Sometimes I’m at a bit of a loss when I find something that is actually pretty darn good but it’s “just not me” as I find I struggle to style it but just because I struggle doesn’t mean you will.

That very structured style really does stand out, no pun intended. You get all the main mesh bodies plus a hud with I believe 5 colour options which also allow you to change the 2 main parts.

If I saw someone wearing this dress I would zoom on them and maybe even use the hud I have which actually gives me a list of what someones wearing as it does just stand out and I’m always on the lookout for something pretty different and thats what this dress is.

This is the “ETO2” hunt prize and what you’re looking for is a small pink gift box and you pay 1Ld for it. On my return visit I found another hunt prize which is a small oyster and if you buy that you get a pair of floral sunglasses and both of these hunt prizes are so easy to find I’m not even going to give you a hint.

I do believe the Ari Pari group costs to join but there are also free for all gifts. One of them called I believe “Bloom Dress” and has been a freebie for many years, get it. You do pay 1Ld which is returned to you. The patterns are very floral, summery and if I didn’t have this new dress to show you I’d have happily reblogged that dress as it maybe a “classic” design but I’ve always liked the bold flowers.

Ari Pari.

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When you see this I will be AWOL. (Freebie(ss)).

Since it’s been a while since I visited the Smesh shop I had my fingers crossed for a new freebie and here it is.

If I stood side ways you would see that this dress has lovely “pert” boobie shape to it, you would also see lots of gaps.

I think this Mina cap/hair suits it well if I’d had a pair of white go go boots in my invent that really would have made what I think is a bit of a 60ties vibe.

There are other gifts both for the Smesh and other free groups. So check out the walls near to where you TP in and also the gifts behind the reception desk.

PS. The title of this post is because I’m escaping the confines of my home and heading off to see a theater performance and staying overnight in a hotel…sweet sweet freedom! So I will be back on Fri but I can’t promise a post as I don’t have anything else lined up so far.


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2 Extremes. (Freebie(sss)).

I was meandering around a shopping sim and spotted outside of a lot of the shops signposts for the “SLF Anniversary Event” and we all know that next to a Birthday Event an Anniversary one is just as good for goodies.

I’m only showing you two of the gifts from the gift wall next to the LM the rest I will leave as suprises and there is a nice mix of items as well.

I was actually in the Acrid shop, on the shopping sim, admiring a bed before I spoted the notice boards and this is their gift of a 1 prim neon tap. Very interesting and another reminder I need to start cleaning up the clutter on my land.

These shoes do look very familiar to me. I suspect they were a gift from a previous event/offer and of course I could be totally wrong as I did check and I don’t have these and I know I would have kept them.

No shade intended thinking that they might be old gifts dusted off as I always think when a gift is top quality they can put it out/keep it out for as long as they want as that gives everyone a chance to get them. I believe these are from a shop called “Look at me” and the style is familar but not the shop name.

I’m going to give you the 2 LM’s one for the event and the other for the shopping sim so once you’ve saved money on the freebies you can spend money in the shops.

PS. This event is over on the 31st so still a few days left and I will be returning to check it out fully myself when I get back inworld.

SLF Gifts. (Birthday Event).

Veles Shops & Events.(Shopping Sim).

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A rare pose. (Freebie(ssssss)).

How often do I do a simple sit pose? Trust me it’s rare as I just struggle with anything other than a standard, standing pose and looking at the camera. In this case I decided to try my best to sit as I needed to cover up my Foo Foo to make sure this is a PG post lol.

This dress is a gift from the Dubai Event which is celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday which means lots and lots and lots of gifts. I did pick up a few random ones and then this which is the gift from the Nyne shop and I love that yellow/grey combo it’s really good. Lots of fits as well which is good because I did get other clothing from this event which I couldn’t model for you.

Also check out the hair, this is the same hair from my previous post in it’s dry stage. “Rachel” is a lovely smooth hair, with the newer fine texturing etc. Check out my last post for the details about it as it’s both a dry and wet hair.

PS. I did find a really good free hair at the Dubai event from No-match. To me when it comes to skin and hair I think it’s very hard to find free or cheap skin/hair so it’s the one thing that I think you should be prepaired to pay a reasonable amount for but so many people are on a SL/RL budget so I’m always happy when I find a decent free/cheap hair so make sure you go get that hair.

Dubai Event.

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Blessed Relief. (Freebie(sss)).

I started out my time in SL with a random LM which to my suprise took me to the Wellmade shop which is pretty “Wellknown”(sic) by all of us for its plentiful gifts and this bathing suit is the new one.

It is a two-piece which is handy, definately has a sequin look to it and a hud of different colours and comes in plenty of fits so I should be excited but I was hoping for a nice frock or shoes lol. Nah I’m kidding because I could have shown you a “frock” or two as there is a whole room of gifts for both the WellMade group as well as others free/cheap ones.

As for the “blessed relief” we’ve had a bit of a break from the blasting sun in RL which for me personally has been much needed.

PS. Thats a Mina hat/hair just in case you’re after a classy summer look.

UPDATE: I’ve had a stroll around and if you walk or take the TP to the outlet section there is a “game room” with some lucky boards and I’m just about to check out the discounts.


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A day for classics.(15Ld Ricielli Hunt & Group Gift REMINDER)

There are three shops I visit on a regular basis and so far two of them have not updated their group gifts or in this case their hunt prizes for a very long time.

We don’t know what is happening to people in their RL’s and of course, no shop owes us anything esp freebies/cheapies but I so long for the day when I pop back to Ricielli has updated their hunt/group gift as both of them are from Christmas and New Year. If you’ve not seen them yet you’re in for a real treat as each prize is only 15Lds and you get to chose from a whole load of quality items from top, skirts, shoes, dresses etc. Pay attention to the fits, there is a colour code to show you what fits each item comes in and basically it’s the main body meshes.

However, there is an almost secret department of old hunt prizes which I think a lot people will miss as although there is a sign labelled “Sales, shoes, old hunts and Gacha’s” it’s easy to miss.

To find these go in the direction the signpost is pointing to and you walk past the big dark grey build then behind is the same big building but with a dark bottom and pale top and in there is where you will find the old hunt prizes just dumped on the floor. Still 15Lds each and although some are getting old such as this jacket as it only comes in the standard mesh fits I find that they’re all still top quality and there are many of the more recent hunts so you’re getting lots of fit options.

As for the freebie, I forgot to check but I’m still sure that the Ricielli group is still free and although the group gift is from Christmas it’s a classy dress for any time/occasion.


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Shi was right. (Freebie(ss)).

A short note off Shi told me that the Carol G group is free to join, this is for a limited time so join now.

The name is familiar to me so when I TP’d over and saw it’s a tattoo shop I wasn’t surprised. Regular readers will know that I mainly avoid blogging things such as jewelery and tattoo’s simply because a) I like to keep my AV like a blank canvas to show off the clothing. b) It takes to much time up when I’m more interested in clothing and decor and c) I’m lazy.

The group is only free for a LIMITED time so go now and then return at a later date when it’s calmed down although since there is a few 60Lds Happy Weekend offers you may want to check out now.

When you go into the shop turn to your right and you not only walk past all the 60Ld offers but at the far end of the shop is a wall of freebies, both for men and women. This one I’m wearing is just a great example of the quality you get. I think I’m wearing the 75% strength one. You get appliers for all main mesh bodies plus the tattoo layer. I have grabbed a whole load of men and womens gifts as I do have a male AV tucked away in my invent and it’s just too good an opportunity to not grab some decent stuff while I can.

Then I did start to have a look around the shop as I am after a new henna hand but when I saw that there are 3 floors in total to check out I decided to do this post and save checking out the rest of the shop at a later date. If you do the same thing, stay in the group as there is a group discount and as mentioned the group is only free for a limited time.

Carol G Tattoo & Co.