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Look Up! (Freebie(ss)).

It took a while for me to realise the Group Gifts in the Ben Boutique shop are pretty high up on the wall behind the reception desk.

This is a lovely two pieces and both parts come with a big hud of colours and patterns.

It is a good idea to make them a bit harder to find as it does make people look around the shop a bit more and yeah even I found a couple of outfits I’d spend my Lindens on but because I’m cheap I didn’t buy them.

BTW This is actually a “Lara Augusta Carnelian” Group Gift…free of course.

PS. If you’re wondering it’s not the same hair as my last post, both of them come from the Wings shop. This one actually comes with a flower attachment, which I don’t think works which just goes to prove that nothing is perfect lol.

Bens Boutique.

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Time to log off and touch the grass. (Small freebie).

WTF! Where has my house gone!

The thing is I’ve learned my lesson well and now things like my home, furniture and landscaping that I don’t want to accidentally delete I lock in place so how has my house gone!

LOL, I should have used the “Frustration AO” from the Hud I mentioned a couple of posts ago as that really sums up how I felt when I spotted it missing.

Never fear as it is just a case of rezzing a new copy or maybe picking another house out of my invent for a change.

Before I log off to go “touch some grass”…literally as I’m going to do some gardening I will leave you with a fun free wearable.

It was a bit like Kismet in that I just used a random TP out of my LM’s but I had recently seen pictures of the Lucky Board prizes and some of the Group Gift. The shop is called “Just Tony” and I got this wearable cloud that you can float your way through SL.

Just Tony.

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There is a lot going on. (Freebies, Dollarbies, 50% Sale & Reblog(?)).

Since this post has a bit of everything I will try to break it down or you can just scroll to the end where I put the LM’s I will also put the concise details.


This is a reblog but for me after a miserable winter just seeing the first signs of spring in RL is warming me up and it also acted as a reminder of this little plant from the Kazza Marketplace shop.

This little plant pot looks bigger in the picture than it really is and is actually a pretty old gift. Amazing quality and detailing which shows how when somethings done right it can really stand the test of time. Only 1 prim as well!


Just like the little plant pot, I think this is an old gift from the Kazza Marketplace shop. Again stunning detailing and comes with a pose but unbelievably only 6 prims rezzed. You do only get one non-copy verson for you to keep or pass it on to a loved one…keeping mine!


This comes from the Decision shop and I do know I’ve blogged about this shop before but this dress, maybe, maybe not new? What I will say is go on over, go look for yourself and if you have a male friend/partner or AV drag them along as I actually think the men’s gifts are better than the women’s and a lot of the outfits come in a matching “his ‘n’ her” set…blurgh! LOL.


Yes, I am doing FREE earrings and most people know that I usually don’t do accessories but again these very pretty floral earrings from the Sigma shop are just so nice I had to get them. I know you can’t see them too well but you too will be impressed.

50% SALE.

The earrings also give me an excuse to get you over to the shopping sim the Sigma shop is on as the shops there have a 50% sale going on for just this week only. I do believe you pay full price and then the 50% is refunded…yes thats right as I’ve checked. The other shops are Mosquito’s Way and Ecru Couture.

UPDATE: The 50% sale ends tomorrow the 23rd.

Kazza. (Plant pot, bouquet, Marketplace Dollarbies).

Decision. (Dress and many more outfits & men’s wear).

Sigma, Mosquito’s Way & Ecru Couture. (Earrings come from the Sigma shop).

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Now and Later. (Free Shop/Gift Cards).

A random TP, which sometimes turns out to be the best, has taken me to a room on a small shopping platform and the first thing I see is this.

However, if you read the small print you don’t get it till April the 1st, let’s hope it’s not a joke. Actually didn’t I do a post not too long ago with the same sort of set-up, sub now and get the gift later…will just have to see if something turns up.

You don’t have to wait for this one though and I’ve taken a photo to show you what to look for as you may miss it.

You also have to use it at the main shop, Attractive Store, and you can see the LM giver under the poster. I think the gift is because the shop has a new location and it’s to tempt you over.

Naturally I TP home, rezz and took the gift card back into my invent and yes, it turned into non-copy/trans so I’ve already passed it on.

This room has a gift pose and I believe some make-up for 6Ld but I was too distracted by what was outside, it turns out it’s a little Gacha resale area and I bought a rare house for 125Lds…did I need it? Of course not. Sadly the rare pool doesn’t seem to be set for sale as I’d have snapped that up as well, did I need it? Of course not but I still wanted it lol. As it happens there is still a copy of the Rare House so check those out.

Liyue & Clumsy.

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It has to go. (Freebie(s)).

So starting off a new week with something, not my usual style.

It’s called “Slingshot” which did make me chuckle. I’ve not really captured the latex feel to it and its that shine which is why I wanted to blog this so you will have to see it for yourself inworld and not go by my picture.

I’m glad I went back to check the details, you get a Maitreya and Boi fit’s only. You also get a choice of “bulges” …need I say more?

I could have shown you a couple of the other gifts but what the heck I will leave them for you to check out. For those of you who like to play inworld games, there are I believe 3 of them, where you rezz what looks like playing fields/scenes where you and your friends, can play the game that scene has been designed for. A bit later when I log back in I will be rezzing those at a sandbox to check them out for sure.

PS. The V-Tech & Valentine shop share the same platform and since they both have inside TP’s to each other shop then they’re obviously linked somehow. So check both shops out.

V-Tech & Valentine.

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Wow, what a lot for not a lot. (Freebiesss & 500Ld Worth of Shop Credit).

I’m sure I did a post about the Sugar Doll shop not too long ago but I got really sick of standing in front of the Tentacio Lucky Boards so decided a quick TP was in order and I almost TP’d straight out as I was faced with yet more Lucky Boards.

Since the shop is actually quite busy and the gifts on the Lucky Boards looked like things I’d wear so I decided to loiter which turned out to be even luckier as there are some excellent group gifts AND a 500Lds gift card!

I won about 3 things off the Lucky Boards as well as the Group Gifts and I think this dress is one of the Group Gifts. As I always like to say “quality”.

BTW, if you rezz the gift card and take it back into your invent it changes into a non-copy/trans so I’ve already passed it on.

UPDATE: Because blimey there is a LOT of Group Gifts. I didn’t notice all of them on my first visit and it was only when I logged back inworld that I realised how many there are and yes even I have grabbed them all.

Sugar Dolls.

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“Powerful Cr*p Hands”. (Lots of VIP Gifts for 50Lds).

Una has added new stuff to its VIP group gifts and for the 50Ld joining fee, I had to have these claws.

This outfit is called Elle and this is the rare colour and it also includes these claws which are called “Powerful Cr*p Hands” which did make me giggle.

As for the other gifts I already knew a lot would be for Maitreya but the newer ones do have more fits. So make sure to zoom in on the posters and boxes to check the details.

A lot of the gifts are old Gacha’ Fatpacks inc the rares and I also spotted some Lookbox gifts. Most of these are NOT trans but a couple of them are. Don’t buy anything thinking you will be able to pass them on.

PS. Just in case you think it includes the coat the newest gift on the wall opposite the older ones is only for the scarf…I did know this and it’s really good so I wasn’t disappointed. Just thought I’d mention it in case you thought it did include the coat.