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Brillancia Pants & Top

Welcome to the bit where we let you know *who* we are and what we love about Second Life ! Our blogging team consists of myself (Faithless Babii) & Zan Beck

Faithless Babii

So because I am (allegedly) The Boss and all-around-badguy…I will go first.  I joined SecondLife in January 2007…and loved it straight away…but was most interested in Land & building. Blogging is my passion! I adore fashion, and so enjoy watching what the designers in second life are now achieving with mesh, I’m constantly astonished by the realism mesh has now given us.

I also get totally wrapped up in decor..I think it’s probably because I spend so much time furnishing my homes, I’m always on the look out for great items that give them a more personal touch. Most of you that read this blog regularly, will also know I’m a bit of a *wearables* freak! You knowww, all those animals you can wear and ride… musical instruments, basket of flowers…you name it, I’ve  got it in my inventory.

Just like everyone else, I have my personal time in SL, usually its really REALLY late and only an hour or so, but I still goof off…play SL golf..ride horses  etc.

I’m rubbish at hunts…there I admitted it !. I’m useless, I can never find stuff and end up circling around a store like a dizzy shark , hunting and hunting.

Zan Beck (a.k.a Trained Monkey)

Banish all thoughts of a Blogger looking “Fabulous Darling” we seem to spend all our time grabbing demos and trying out poses that we constantly look semi  dressed and semi formed.  However no matter how we look as soon as a notice comes through about a great item, wonderful freebie or special offer we have no shame and will TP there in whatever we had on at the time and yes I have TPed somewhere naked and grabbed the offer and TPed out hoping that I was too quick for anyone to have rezzed enough for anyone to see me.

I started SLing many years ago and have always either rented a home or owned land.  I was lucky that one of my first landlady’s was Faithless Babii and as her home rentals work went up in desperation she called on me to help and gave me the title of Trained Monkey (Estate Manager  and now the posher title of Faith Homes Director).  Basically it means saying hello to people, adding them to doors sending out group invites and returning lost items.  But unknown to me in the back ground Faith and her other Trained Monkey (AustSteve Forster) were getting a Blogg up and running which has now been going for a good solid 4 years.  Doing so well that again she called/nagged/insisted that I pull my finger out and learn to take a decent photo, learn WordPress and most importantly Spellcheck (2 out of 3 ain’t bad) and do more.  So somehow I not only have a RL job but now I have 2 inworld.

My Real Life has also grown and moved on and it’s sorta normal in a good way, got a Hubbie, cats, friends, job, housework, diets, crafting, reading, slobbing out and on and on but  I’ve seen enough of the rubbish that life throws at you to appreciate all of this.  SL is my only secret, although if my friends and OH ever found out they wouldn’t be surprised at all, but SL is just for me I don’t share it with anyone and apart from Faith and Steve who know a lot more about my RL. I intend to keep it that way because when I’m trudging through the daily grind I can pause and just for a moment I’m in my perfect SL and I get my “Secret Smile”.

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