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Weekend Sales – Here We Go

Shocked young brunette lady with shopping bags

Time to grab your purse and get ready to shop – its weekend sale time !

Listed below are all the sales I will be hitting.

Happy Shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

30L Saturday

Miix Weekend

Energy Weekend Price


Kinky 69

WOW Weekend


G.O.A.T 66

Crafty weekend sale


The Mens Dept Weekend Sale

Manly Weekend

Hot Weekend $69L

7 Days Sale

60 Weekly Special

SL Home Décor

The Secret Sale

The Sales Room

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Free Complete outfit

FREE Outfit shoes, pants & sweater

Did a lovely little hunt last night called “Mid-season Mystery Hunt”. Very easy to do , each designer has a free gift and an item at $10L. Above is the free outfit from Emerald Couture. Totally adore the corduroy pants with stitched detail, also has a lovely contrasting sweater and a pair of flat pumps (not worn).

Happy Hunting ❤

Mid-Season Mystery Hunt Blog with prize photos

Mid Season Mystery Hunt Starting Location

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$500L Store Credit

FREE store credit

New-to-me store Aitne has a really good offer on atm. Group costs $30L and you can grab $500L of store credit once you’ve joined . Nice selection of lingerie, casual and a few dresses mixed in – take a peek around and see if its worth you joining up. You can get this from Sept 27th – 30th and it expires on October 4th.


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$750L Free Store Credit – rush!

Free Body Suit Store credit $750 free

Trend are offering a chunk of free store credit again – group membership is free . This offer ends on the 22nd September – so you’ll have to be fast and get over there. I got this lovely bodysuit as my first buy.

FREE Body suit - Free store credit $750L

Then this bodysuit also – Marv is going to think its his birthday alllll over again ! (Sorry about the fingers poking into the pole I was rushing)

FREE outfit Lucky board

Then I spotted the lucky boards – and won this outfit straight away. You’ll find them right by the sign you need to touch to get the free credit.

Happy Shopping ❤


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88 Packs for $88L !

Complete jacket & dress $88L fat pack

Love love love when Hilly Haalan does the 88 packs for $88L offers! Always bang on trend and this weekend its all about Fall, or Autumn as we tend to call it here in England. I’ve treated myself (yes again!) to a few complete fat pack outfits for the coming season – why not eh? The gorgeous snuggly cosy jacket above comes complete with a cute sweater dress underneath and its a huge fat pack – $88L. You can alter all the parts of the coat and the pattern on the sweater.

Complete outfit $88L Coat, glasses, necklace, bag & boots

Couldn’t resist this gorgeous classic take on a trench coat. I’ve got one almost identical in real life and I’ve owned it for yearssss. You get the boots, the coat, necklace, bag & glasses for $88L ! Seriously good deal (single colour) Head over and check it out, there’s boots, shoes, jewellery , complete outfits, dresses, gowns and more. When you land look outside the main store in the courtyard for the sale.

Hilly Haalan

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$700L Free Credit – Happy Friday!


A real quicky that’s not to be missed – Perfect Fashion has free group join and $700L of store credit all for free until September 20th – credit will expire on 21st September


Perfect Fashion

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Vintage Discount @ Valentina.E !

Valentina.E Vintage Discount $99L

Oh my dayssssss Valentina.E has opened up a discount store. You bet your ass I dashed over there in record time – one of my all time fav designers ! Everything is just $99L, and uhm…I went a bit mad for it all.

Valentina E Vintage Discount 99L

Classic designs never ever go out of date . This two piece set comes in a selection of colours for the pants and a tank top with a Hud giving more colours.

Valentina.E Vintage Discount $99L !

Yes ok so I bought everything in black – but I love black! Go take a peek, everything from gowns, to day dresses, to evening wear, casual is included. You wont go home empty handed ❤

Valentina.E Discount Store