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Back off B*tch it’s MINE! (50Ld Limited Offer).

Faith and I try not to double post so often we drop each other a note as to what we’ve picked up if we suspect the other will also have spotted it and the title of the post is almost the exact same words I IMed to Faith when I logged in and saw she was inworld so I could get this beautiful and stylish coat FIRST!

Grab the demo first as it only comes in the 1 fit but as you can see it’s a one style fits all.

It comes with a cute little pair of matching shorts are which are adorable but they do break through the jacket texture at the back, trust me it’s a just a small thing and I don’t mind a little bit of breakthrough at all, nothing is perfect all the time even in SL.  What makes this jacket stand out is the way the arms are positioned.  I’m not using any pose and the hands in the pocket is the way the jacket/jumper have been styled.  It simply means you have to Alpha out your arms and take off your hands but how cool does this look?

And with only a 50Ld price tag it’s my “oooh” of the day.  The only problem I had was which colour to buy because there is every shade from black to pastel and in the end, I decided to keep with a more seasonal texture.

BUT be quick as this is the “The Saturday Sale” offer and I have a feeling that Belle Epoque is one of those shops that remove the offer as soon as the offer time period is over.

Belle Epoque

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Giving Thanks – Neve 50% SALE!!


OHMAI! Do not miss this sale @ Neve !! It began yesterday and runs until the 26th November – with 50% discount you should be able to gobble up a truck load of things. Grab yourself those Bootlegger pants with attached boots – you wont regret it, or perhaps the Mister lingerie I am wearing above – SO many pretties !

Released statement:

We are incredibly appreciative of all the love and support we’ve received at Neve throughout our time in Second Life. Today we’d like to return the love with our Giving Thanks Sale! Head on down to the main store location and gobble up some sweet half priced items before the sale ends November 26th, 2018.”

Neve store

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Playing with my sliders.(Freebie).

I’m having a bit of fun with the windlight sliders on our sim and I know this looks like a nice setting but if I turned the camera around you’d see most of our sim is blanketed in a thick white nothingness.

Not going to lie but this dress would look fabulous with a scarf.  Do you ever put on an item of clothing and instantly know what it needs to take it from “nice” to “very nice”?  To me, this dress screams scarf. You get a hud with 3 textures and lots of fits.

A group gift from “WellMade” which is now a “Well Known” shop BOO BOOM! It’s late, I’m tired so forgive the pun.  There are a lot of gifts for not just the WellMade group but for other free groups at the LM and you may just recognise some of them as they have been blogged.

WellMade PS. Give it a mo as the place is heaving with greedy B*’s…like me.

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A random bit of clutter.(Freebie).

Yup, it’s a box with some paper in it.

I won’t blather on it’s a box and all you need to know is it’s FREE, low primmed and perfect.

PS.  I have a feeling that this is a stand left after an event as I’ve had a fly around so don’t delay as the stand owner might remember they still have this left out and go pack up their stuff.


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A good excuse.(Freebie).

This basket, which is a free for all gift from CJ Creations, is a good excuse to tell you about the shop.

Not everyone has the time and yes maybe the imagination to landscape their SL home and garden as they would like and so shops which have done all the hard work for you can be really appreciated by some.  This is the case with this shop CJ Creations

Although you can buy a lot of single items there is also a really big selection of premade scenes, from tropical ponds to some excellent new wintery scenery.  In fact, I’ve left my AV stood in front of a super wintery pond surrounded with icy shrubs and deer taking a drink and it’s only (I think) 225Lds and 8 prims! Can’t believe how low prim it is and it’s copy/mod like a lot of things here which means I could rezz a copy and rip it apart and use those shrubs to blend it more into place….can you see me talking myself into it?

So if you have a little plot of land check the shop out because all it takes is a simple rezz and bish, bash, bosh winter has arrived.

CJ Creations(This gift is in the large greenhouse to your right, just buy it for 0Lds).

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Too hot for me.(Sub Gift).

A hot start to a very cold and foggy day.

I knew from the name of the folder what sort of dress it was going to be so I wasn’t surprised by the colours.  You get 2 version, this red one and a pinker one…didn’t try that on.  So if you’re not subbed to Byrne then pop over slap the sub and check the history if it’s not sent to you.


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Feathers mean your Angel is close by

ArisAris have this amazing Angel on promotion for a limited time – just $99L! List below whats in the box (its extensive!) You can choose to wear the static wings but give the animated ones a whirl – SO sweet, they curl around you, flutter, stretcccccch upwards – I’m hooked.

Included: Market place only

1 Static
1 Multi animations

1 for Maitreya
3 for belleza – Freya Isis and Venus
2 for Slink – Physique and Hourglass

1 for Maitreya
3 for belleza – Freya Isis and Venus
2 for Slink – Physique and Hourglass

6 SHAWL- Stole:

1 for Maitreya
3 for belleza – Freya Isis and Venus
2 for Slink – Physique and Hourglass

1 Halo


Angel Outfit