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This time I have pictures. (Cheapie(10LD) & Mention of Freebie & Not Free).

All of a sudden a group I’m in has started to fill my feed with notices which is actually good as I’d forgotten I was in the Monomania Group.

However this is a TeleportHub gift from the Monomania shop and that of course is just 10Lds to join Group.

This turned out to be just as good as I thought it would be. What I didn’t know is that you get two versions.

This second one is pretty see through so don’t zoom in too closely.

There are 3 Monomania shops on this super colourful shopping platform but you won’t struggle to find this, the free outfits for free Groups including the free Monomania group however the full priced Monomania Group costs I think 100Lds to join. I am already in the paid for Group and some of the gifts are a bit older but a few of them are well worth it…so check those out.


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Snuggle up For Free (Male & Female)

FREE hoodie & jog pants Male & Female fits

Nothing beats a fresh pair of jogs and a hoodie when you get back from a day out right? This set is just uber snuggly and bright. You get a white or a blue top and a white or a blue pair of joggers – great fits! This is from the marshmallow store and thank you to one of the readers of the blog for sharing it with me ❤ The group is free to join, gifts are outside the shop. Oo btw my little head heart is also a gift – cute!

Womens fits: Maitreya, Belleza F,I&V, Slink H&P, Tonic C&F,

Guys fits: Slink, Jake, Gianni, Legacy.

Marshmallow Store

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I’ve lost the plot…(Freebie(sss)).

Good Grief I’ve had to give up. This is a follow up from yesterdays two posts as this shopping sim just keeps on giving. I ended up with 4 free generous gift cards and a massive folder of gifts from all of these shops but this is what broke me.

This is the “Avatar Fair” building and yes even more gifts and pretty decent ones as well.

Last night I chose just one of the many outfit to show you, took a pretty picture and now I am clueless as to where it came from. Obviously I know to click “edit” on the item for the info but trust me that’s no help in this case.

So I’m not using the picture of the outfit and I’m going to show you the building you’re looking for as I suspect the LM will not take you directly to it.

Check out my last two posts, then set some time aside to spend checking out this whole shopping sim as there is a lot of very generous gifts/lucky boards and as I’ve mentioned I ended up with 4 giftable Store Cards.

Avatar Fair.

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Subscribo Free Gift @ Gato

FREE Corset top Gato

Happy sunny Saturday! I’ve got just the thing to brighten up your day – Gato have this gorgeous bralette top for free when you subscribe. It comes with appliers for Maitreya &Omega, plus system layers. The link will drop you in at an event – locate the Gato booth and you’ll see the subscribo button, hit it and the bralette is send to you straight away. I teamed it up with my newly acquired “Study Buddy” shorts from fashionably dead – treated myself to the fatpack and SO glad I did ! Bought my hair today also, in the sale at Truth “twisted” just 100L – the clips are optional and you get a style Hud.

GATO gift location


Truth Hair

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Lucky Me…and you too. (Subscribers Gift).

On my mini map I spotted a lot of people in the Ewa shop which is on the same shopping sim as the Sugar Doll shop (check out my last post) so naturally being a nosy cow I trotted over to check that out.

The Ewa Group is not free what is free is this Subscribers gift of leggings, belt and knitted cardie with the addition of a big Hud of colours and some patterns. Even if you already have something similar you could do with checking this one out as well as its quality!

Then I realised I was actually in the Ewa Group which does have a price tag of 300Lds. Being the Cheap B* I am I must have joined when it was free for a limited time and at some stage it went back to a paid for one.

That means I was able to not only score some decent Group Gifts/Lucky Board prizes but ANOTHER 400Lds gift card and guess what? Non-copy/trans…that’s 3 gift cards I’ve scored and 3 gift cards I’ve passed on lol.

PS. This subscribers gift is in the main entrance on the wall to your right, everything else is upstairs.

Ewa Boutique.

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OH NO! (Free 500Lds Gift Card).

The “oh no” is because this gift card is non-copy/trans which means I’ve already passed it on. The reality is that anything I buy just vanishes into the black hole of my invent and if I can treat someone else then I pass it on to the first person I see inworld on my friends list.

I haven’t completely lost out as I spotted Lucky Chairs and a big wall of Group Gifts. Will grab away later when I have time because its time for me to log off and head on out to enjoy this lovely RL weather.

PS…I’ve double dipped which is naughty of me. Upstairs is the Group Gifts and I’ve grabbed the newest one and also spotted the same gold gift card which I clicked on and yup I got another 500Lds. This maybe an error on the sellers part and the good girl in me is saying…drop them a note…the bad girl is saying F**K that! I’m going to compromise and will send a note later and that gives people a chance to score twice and yes this second gift card will be passed on.

Sugar Dolls.

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SOS @ The Home Store

Slept on Sales@The Home Store

Some great deals on at The Home Store this weekend for the SOS sale. I’m showing just a few of the items – there is more ! The lounger is rather fab – you get three shades for the actual chair, more for the blanket and cushion. Details are just superb – check out those brass castor wheels – love ❤ 9 li for the lounger. Its got a fully loaded menu – including adult – all for just 99L. The plants come as a pack of three for just 99L – 2Li each.

Items are out for you to try !

The Home Store