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Hoarding. (Freebie(sss)).

Off-line and the other shops sharing the same shopping mall have all put their weekend offers in the same area which is a good idea…I ignored them all and went into the actual Off-Line shop and wow ALL NEW GROUP GIFTS!

OK not actually all new as one outfit I do remember from a long time ago called “First Lady” which is just excellent so even if this has been dragged out of the back of an SL closet somewhere I’m really pleased.

And yet out of everything, about 16 new gifts, this is all I’m going to show you. In the end, there was so much but I decided to just leave them as surprises. So if you TP’d to one place today make it Off-Line.

BTW These are for the free group but I have seen there is now a paid-for group which on the surface at 999Lds may seem very pricey but if you check out the details you may just find for you it’s perfect.

PS…all fatpacks.


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Pay Attention and you will be rewarded. (Freebies, Freebies & More Freebies).

The hunt at the Off-Line shop is free and these are the prizes.

It’s a spider you’re looking out for and I did find one outside the shop as well as inside.

The Off-Line shop has been blogged before so this wall of group gifts may seem familiar. I will say that I’m pretty sure there are new gifts on that wall or just things I hadn’t spotted previously.

OK, I’ve changed my mind as I wasn’t going to use this photo as the clothing just wouldn’t rezz and I got fed up with waiting but the larger picture is fine and it shows the gift off nicely.

Just to make it a bit confusing, it looks like you can click the individual colours of the outfit and you can’t see them but the bottom two rows are matching over the knee boots but I also clicked the main poster and was sent something so I’m assuming since I’ve not had the time to unpack everything as I had to log off and log into RL.

And if this wasn’t enough, turn right when you go into the shop and at the bottom of the staircase is some make-up and a top which has been blogged and is one of my keepers. So you may already have it but if not then you’re in for a treat.


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I’m pished!(Freebie(sssss)).

I don’t often use the inside of my home for photos and now that I’ve taken this one I’ve realised it’s so grey! I’ve been planning on spending some time faffing around with the decor, it’s so relaxing, and I think it’s time to introduce some colour.

That’s not why I’m “pished” it’s because when I logged in to LM grab all of a sudden the Catarsis shop is heaving! I thought my random TP had scored me a fab find and now I suspect it’s gone out in a freebie group notice…MEH!

Never mind the freebies are definitely worth blasting out in all groups. Lots of skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc and all the ones I picked up were fatpacks so there is a lot to pick through.

Then I walked to the shop opposite called Courtyard and although there is a gift for a woman the others, not as many, are for men.

Catarsis & Courtyard.

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Don’t scroll past this post as there is something for everyone. (Freebies(sss)).

I’m showing you only two of the many, many gifts from the Mon Cheri shop and that does include clothing.

I didn’t want to do yet another sneaky picture of the freebies just in the shop but you needed to see them all.

Although there is a gift sign over the top of these pictures I was still surprised when I was able to grab the whole lot of them apart from the body lights (top dark picture) as I already have those. You simply buy each gifts for 0Lds.

Most of the gifts are packs of old Gacha prizes and that does inc the rares. I’ve not unpacked much but enough to know that most of the clothing will not fit me and that the decor items are low primmed and yet top shop quality and I’ve not even looked at the jewelery so far so thats what I will be doing for the rest of the afternoon.

Mon Cheri.

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When and When! (Dollarbiesssssss).

I’m pretty sure the Pink Cream Pie group came with a big price tag but at this moment it’s only 1Ld. I have checked the notices to see if there is a mention of how long this low price is for but I can’t see a cut off date so go and join now.

This dress is the first group gift of the year but this, by all means, is not the only gift.

Read on for more info.

Upstairs is where you find the group gifts both old and new. Also, the Lucky Boards have been updated with some quality gifts, well worth waiting for and they have a quick turn-over time and when a prize is claimed the gift changes. In the short time I was there I won 3 very “keepable” items.

Downstairs to your left is a wall of weekend/special offers and if you check the “Linden 1 Hour” sub-board there is a nice cropped top BUT I also notice under it was one of the Pink Cream Pie Plushies and I clicked it and scored even more shop credit.

BTW I thought I’d just mention it that the dress I’m wearing comes as separates so you get the cropped top and a dress which can be worn on it’s own.

Pink Cream Pie.

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Read my thigh. (100s of Freebies).

I must admit I can’t remember if a post has been done about Promagics STUFFED FREEBIE ROOM! I’m pretty sure that we will have done a post but I’m also pretty sure there is a whole load of new stuff that I’ve not seen before.

TBH it was a bit overwhelming as to how many gifts there are so I literally slapped on the first outfit that I could use as Promagic doesn’t do SLink fits as standard and I will sort out the rest later.

There is such a mix of clothing from dresses, shoes, pants, kawaii outfits, accessories and a LOT of them are fat packs. Not only are they generous in the number of gifts but all are shop quality. So in a way, I am pleased about the lack of SLink P as it means I don’t have another hoard of clothing to add to my already bloated invent.

To get to the goodies don’t go straight into the shop as there is a large poster on the outside wall which is the TP to the group gift room. Once you’ve grabbed them all then head on back to the main shop as there is a new subscribers gift, some weekend special offers and what got me to Promagic was a pair of laced-up boots for only 99Lds and everything is to be found just in the main entrance room.

Promagic & Gaury. (The LM takes you to a shared TP, one to Promagic and the other to Gaury)

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Add this LM to your list. (Fat Pack Freebies(sss)).

Una has not only great free group gifts out for us now right next to the wall of gift is a pile of FREE FATPACK GACHA GIFTS!

Yeah I did get a bit shouty but they’re such good gifts that its nice that they have been set out for free. There is a smorgasboard of items in each gacha box, shoes, dresses, costumes, wearables, accessories etc and even rares are inc. I also spotted a lot of trans so if like me you get a lot you don’t need you can rebox and donate.

Then I ran out of time as I do know there are other gachas in the Una shop which have been discounted. I will be checking those out as well as the other shops on this well known shopping sim. Since I don’t know if they too are doing a gacha sale I won’t mention their names but we’ve all shopped at them and I’m about 99% sure they too will be involved in the sale.