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Retro Boobs (Vintage Sweetheart).

DressuseAs soon as I saw a picture of this dress I knew I had to have it.  I love my Lolas and occasionally love to flaunt the curves but what I love most is being able to wear them with a lovely, saucy outfit rather than nip flashing hoe hoe hoeness (a belated Christmas joke there).  Fortunately for me I took my time deciding which colour I like best because I then spotted this one with an extra tag attached to it which has this colour combo priced at 100Lds and not the 200Lds that the rest are, and I love green and red.  Look at that deep full skirt and the bright bold colours, I wish I had taken a picture of the big fat bow at the back as well.

This is only available at Stacia Zabaleta’s shop The Gathering based on the Lubby Jubblies Sim. I don’t have time to pop over to her main shop (lm given)but since I already have a few of her outfits in my invent (check out the saucy Maids outfit in her mainshop) and I know that she does the appliers for all of the best known boobs in SL so even if you don’t have Lola Tango’s then she will have yours for sure but more than that her clothes look just as good on those who prefer normal proportions.

Woo Hoo my OH has 2 weeks off work and we have a week booked in a cabin in the wood (lets hope it’s nothing like the film) so I won’t be able to SL as much (a girls gotta have some secrets) but I will pop in as much as I can until then I’m pretty sure Faith will be out hunting down all those bargains and brilliant new items for us all to see.

Gatherings@Clevage@Lubbly Jubblies

Gatherings Mainstore

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Pause for thought! (25Lds for 500Lds).

I wasn’t going to eat that last brownie, I wasn’t going to finish that last drop of wine and I most certainly wasn’t going to SL and yet again I’m so glad I did or else I would have missed this excellent offer from Leri Miles Design.  For a short time only, so put on your ice skates and skate over there and grab it, she has not only reduced her VIP group joining free to only 25Lds BUT you get a stonking 500Lds credit to your name.Shirt

Chosing what I was going to spend my Lindens on was real easy because I’d spotted both items on previous visits and just like RL I love nothing better than a simple oversized mans shirt.  A range of colours to chose from all the mesh sizes and of course demos available.

DressThis dress is now a staple design in SL, a casual dress with a zippered front but what makes this one more memorable is the patterned panel at the front and the lovely old retro fabric even it’s name Maribel has a lovely old twang to it. So I actually picked 2 items that I wanted to keep and not the newest designs she has out.  Special mention is that the 60Lds offer of some lovely high waisted pants are still out, some lovely colours.  Please don’t forget to check out the upstairs as well, the steps leading up there and just outside the front doors so even more goodies for you to find.

In the first picture you can see the lovely mittens from mon ami, free, but you can’t see the even nicer matching slippers.  A sweet little shop in what looks like an interesting sim so I will be popping back later for a good look around.  There is a wall of Gacha’s some LB’s and of course this freebie.  Simple and sweet.

Leri Miles Design

mon ami


Happy Christmas

HappyThis is the clean version but personally I love the unclean one, joking aside a BIG FAT SLOPPY KISS TO ALL.

Thank you to all who regularly visit this blog and I hope you managed to find some treats along the way and a big thank you to the shops and individuals who have sent us items to blogg. Faith and I have had a stunning year in SL and RL ain’t been too shabby either, must point out at this point that Faith and I are not a SL or even a RL couple although after all these years SLing we know each other too well.

And now that the pressies are unwrapped the food demolished and the relatives packed off back to their home I can reflect a bit and get some online sales hunting I came across this.

Not all of us can be surrounded with loved ones, sometimes we are surrounded by “loved ones” only to realise we can’t stand them and have to pretend that we do, some have suffered great loss and some feel lost in this great big world but that doesn’t mean to say life can’t be damned good and sometimes it’s the small things which mean the most.

So fingers crossed for all that 2014 is an Asskicking year for all.


Happy Dance.


I should have titled this “Worst Post Ever” because I’m literally typing away with one eye on the keyboard and the other out the window waiting for the bus.  So if like me you have just a little time left to squeeze in a last minute shop then pop to The Holiday Fair and grab all those Dollarbies, Freebies and Cheapies that are set out on the stalls.

Skin from Wow, Mesh Top & Reindeer antlers from SAS, red mesh jeans from Citrus and shoes from Indrya Origionals  and all were either free or Dollarbies.  To be honest each stall had a small gift set out and only time constrains meant I grabbed the really cheap/free ones and didn’t bother much with the 10Lds ones.  Sorry can’t find where the red nose is but that s in there somewhere as well.  Some men s items as well.  A real nice mix some decor items, some shoes and undies etc and before you buy the box tells you whats inside so you can work out if you want it or not.

However the winner was the daft dance that comes from Realizm.  Some pretty good dance moves and I have a feeling that since it’s called group dance then if you were in a crowd and they also typed in “jingle on” or “jingle off” they would all join you in the same daft dance.  Or since it’s copy and trans you just send it out for others to wear, so a whole load of you can be dancing along with Jingle Bell Rocks blasting away. FUN.

Holiday Fair

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Hot coco (oodles of freebies for men and women).

Good new and even better news, cocoro Lemon is having a massive clear out in her shop, Coco Designs, in preparation for starting the New Year as a shop that sells mesh only.  So the good news is that she’s reduced the price of all her Sculpted items to ZERO (the even better news is I can hardly wait to see what new stock she comes up with).


So in a rush I pulled a few poses and snapped away because I would hate for anyone to miss this golden opportunity to restock their whole wardrobe for nothing for example the coat, jeans and boots are all free from Coco (the hair is a lovely new Mina hair with gorgeous Ombre shading but since I can’t do it justice at the moment I’ll do that later).  In her Sculpted section she has everything from pretty feminine dresses, coats, tops, shirts, jeans, boots which are uni sexed.

I unashamedly grabbed ALL of the strappy heels which although I can’t remember how much I paid for the pair I already had I know they weren’t cheapos.  I also grabbed all the petal hats but resisted the belts and bags because honestly by this time I was clicked out.  I’ve also sent Baylen the LM because those boots are definitely uni sexed and there are mens shoes and I’m pretty sure the jeans are also uni sexed so even the man in your life can splash out and stock up on the goodies.


Again the coat, jeans and boots all free.  This maybe Sculpted and yes it does have it’s flaws such as when you sit down or try to pose but this is the best of the best in sculpties in SL.  The blending is second to none the texturing top class and good enough even for mesh heads to love.

OK going to be lazy here but I just don’t know when this sale is going to be over and of course with Christmas fast approaching people’s time in SL maybe limited so thats my excuse for posting the links to some previously blogged items.

Over sized frilly blouse

Sexy Unzipped Pants

cocoro Lemon has also always been pretty generous with her (free to join) group Gifts so make sure to join her group and keep an eye out for future Group Gifts.

COCO Designs

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Pressies Sorted.

partyThats what I look like after a single glass of wine which is both sad and funny at the same time.

tableYet again Laurent83 Waco  has come up with something to make his decor items stand out from the rest. This time the table and chairs are all copyable, everything apart from the chairs and plate settings are linked so one click and your Christmas table, candle sticks, baubles, food etc are all there even a mini Christmas Tree.  The backs of the chairs have draped tinsel on  and little festive bows but because he’s left the plates as separates it means you can rezz as many of those as you wish. So if you’re Christmas table is a cosy one for two or a more social setting for four, five or more people you simply rezz as many plates as you need.  Each place comes with an easy to use menu with 4 options.  The plate in the foreground has the starter which is a little gift and the linen napkin, next course turkey with all the trimmings, a desert and then coffee all in perfect details.  I have the white cottagey table but there is a darker wood version available in his lovely Christmas cottage setting.

aapromJust in case you didn’t notice it’s not an actual dress but an apron I am wearing (and not much else).  you can only get this on the Marketplace from Apponos.  I’ve not tried it yet but you do get the 5 standard sizes so I’m pretty sure you could get one to fit over a dress if you wished.  Demo available to try if you want to make sure though.

I’ve added the link to the Follow Us Marketplace shop and it should start at the lowest price first so you can see how many things he’s has priced so so many can enjoy items from his shop. Ooodles of loveliness from a single Linden, 10, 29 etc and all excellent quality.  You may not be able to go the whole hog with Christmas decor items but even simple trays with hot chocolate and whipped cream will cheer up any room but for example he has a Christmas Fireplace which has everything on it from baubles to stuffed socks AND only 50Lds.  Looks like all items on the MP can be sent as gifts as well.  Follow Us has items that I haven’t seen anywhere else and would make great pressies esp for the man in your life.  Vintage camera’s, punching bags, wash, clothes racks with mens clothes on it, all with a manly touch.  Most things esp the non copy items are also trans so if you want to buy something and box it up for a loved one then this is the place but of course always double-check that.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Apponos (Apron)

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Toooo much!!

I have to really stop looking for new things to blog because I have so many good thing to show you  and so little time before Christmas really kicks off in our house, but couldn’t resist popping to the new round of Genre because it’s Victorian and all things Victoriana with those laced up boots, tight corsets and sexual repression was just too tempting.

victoSorry sorry sorry but I just couldn’t light it up enough to show off the colours too well but that s also partly because the dark green velvet of the skirt and black of the ruffle at the neck are so deep and lush.  As you can see the skirt is one of the newer designs that fall in a more natural way.  Best of all is that the top and skirt are separates so especially  the skirt can be worn with other items.  This is La Petite Morte’s offering at the Genre event and it costs 100Lds and I would say snatch it up now as it can’t remain at that price much longer.  If you’re short of cash then there a lot of the stalls have a 10Ld giftie set out for you and again I’ve just not had time to even look at them all but the umbrella and pose is one and also the top hat which is so good I’ve sent the LM to Baylen to go grab it. Oops almost forgot to mention that nothing at the Genre will cost more than 100Lds and they have everything from a Poseable Penny Farthing  to laced up corsets and some furniture inbewteen.
HouseIt was this picture of this house sent out in the Genre Notice that got me running.  I wanted to get it posted so quickly I just rezzed it on the plot of land next to my own home.  Comes from Jalynne Ohmai (&Nicolias Sadoul) and their shop Unrepentant.  WOW and I’ve seen many a house/home/hut and this is just gorgeous and for a 100Lds a massive bargain.

StairsShe’s managed to pull of a Victorian look without going overboard and becoming fussy and unattractive to those who just want a few details but something that would suit old style furniture or even modern furniture and this works so well.  The stair case is stunning and check out the door, you will see a picture of where that leads to soon.


There are 2 rooms up and downstairs, big, bright and spacious and each front room has a bay window (this is the second downstairs room)  in fact there are lots of windows and they’re not all the same so it makes for bright and open rooms.  On the back of the house is a door which opens into a small glass, brick sunroom.  Lovely touch that there is also a backdoor.


Then when I opened the door under the stairs I spotted the steps down to a mud floored basement for storing your wine, old furniture, playtoys 😉  Some lovely texturing, shading, details and all that adds up to only 72 prims which is damned good and as I said a 100Ld price tag ..CHEAP.