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Random Monday (frrrrreeeneeesss)

A notice from Sn@tch had come through that the Lucky Boards and the Fish For This item and the Riot boards were all filled with NEW STUF so I made sure that when I logged in this morning to TP straight over there and hopefully I’d win something as I killed time trudged through all my notices and the minute I landed I won a whole new look just  from one LB.

cross por green

OH Booger I’ve forgotten what it’s called and now I’m not in world but I will post this then when I get back in world I will add it’s name but what you get  this top, shorts, leggings, boots, earrings but also…


this top and skirt.  As it happens I already had this shoulder less top in my invent for a long time and it’s been such valuable asset for layering and also so sweet on its own as I usually team it with a pair of shorts.

Not only does Sn@tch have LBs but it also has a “Fish For This” outfit which usually consists of several items which means you can mix and match a whole look and if you join the Sn@tch group there is a thriving swapping culture (a lot of Sn@tch items are trans but not the LB items) so if you have many copies you can easily hand them on and if you’re missing a vital item then a simple message in the group usually has several people offering you that item.  You do have to have the Seven Sea’s fishing kit but you don’t even need to use bait to win the clothes!  “Lets Riot” is a call sent out often in the group and again this is the ONLY place where people regularly riot bringing the price down on the 3 items that are usually up for grabs.  When the call goes out to “riot” people TP in even if they don’t want the items but to let others grab a bargain that s how nice this group is.  A friendly group who are more than happy to help but in no way SPAMMY.

Sn@tch is well stocked with new fresh Mesh Items but it still retains its massive selection of non mesh stock and updates non mesh items regularly.  People still want non mesh clothes and even if you’re a complete mesh head the texturing and styling on Sn@tches clothes make them stand up so well even against mesh.

PS if you can’t find the LB, Fish, Riot area esp since Sn@tch is now a new shop then turn on your mini map and just follow the crowd as a lot of people seem to use this area not only for the goodies but as their hang out place.




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Secret garden.

I’ve had this walled garden in my invent for absolutely ages I’ve just never got round to blogging it but then I had a really lovely time wandering around a very unique and interesting shopping and fun sim and picked up a whole load of odds n sods which inc a free house.  Instantly I knew that this walled garden would be the perfect setting for the house but it wasn’t.  Basically the house was so big that even though this walled garden is big it wouldn’t fit.


As you can see this has great texturing both inside and out, the door opens and closes.


But check out the size of this place! As you can see from my AV the whole thing is enormous and only 5 prims. The more observant of you will notice that the door in my version and the one on Emma’s Marketplace shop are slightly different.  Not sure if the one on her MP shop is newer or just a slightly diff version or you will get the exact same copy as me but one things sure for 45Lds and 5 prims a real handy garden, house plot, sandbox etc a very useful addition to your invent.  Lots of stuff in her MP shop but make sure to check out her in world shop, I’ve grabbed the box of freebies but there is also a antique cast iron cooker which would be excellent for a RP situation and if you pop upto the roof there is a whole load more of odds n sods including a lovely fabric cloud with a cute face and the rain is it’s tears.  So just the sort of place I love to rummage through.

Emma’s Home and Garden and Whimsical Things

Walled Garden Marketplace



The shape I’m in.

This shape is so good I had to show it to Faith and as soon as she saw it she TPed off to the latest round of the Designer Circle  to get herself a copy that s how good it is.


Not a hundred percent sure why this shape has really struck me as being such a perfect one, at first I thought it was the leg length.  There seems to be 3 legs styles in SL, stretched stork, chubby ham hock and perfect and these legs to me are the perfect length.  I even went into edit mode to check out the exact number and tried on some of my other Anna shapes and I have ones with shorter legs and ones with longer legs but to me Analy Amat has got all the proportions right on this shape just perfect

All of Anna shapes are mod/copy which is something I sometimes forget because it’s the one shape I never have to tweak and I was hoping to get this done before I posted this but time has run out but when I get back inworld I’m going to make this very same shape more “curvalicious” put more “meat on her bones” as we say here so in other words a lovely big boobed, big bummed womans shape and I’ll let you see what that looks like.

Available at the slashed price of 80Lds which is a pretty generous discount from Analy’s usual shape price.   Demo Available and I always say “don’t take my word for it!” try the demo first. Shapes and skins are so personal to every individual and what has me ranting and raving about may have you wondering “what the hell is wrong with her!” LOL

If the LM doesn’t take you to right outside the shop, the sim owner can set the Landing area, the when you rezz simply turn left and you will find the super large shop with all the goodies inside.

Designer Discount Shop

Anna Shape Mainstore ((click the TP board)

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Liars! (freebies, cheapies, hunties)

They said that this was going to be a glorious warm weekend with oodles of sunshine and they LIED and the only “sun” I have seen today is the sun balloon I’m holding in this picture.


Any how I did some MP and SL Mooching and found some really sweet and simple mesh dresses. They’re only available on Mag<3.B. marketplace shop for a special price of 30Lds and for that small price you get a total of 4 shades, black, pink, blue and yellow, and in the standard mesh sizes.  Make sure you check out the shop as she has oodles of items at rock bottom prices and if I had to be honest there is another fat pack of simple summer dresses for the same price and if I had seen them first I would have grabbed them first.  So lots of bargain boots, dresses, tops etc.

shoesuseOK sorry but this is probably one of my worst pictures, I’m rotten at shoe shots and even worse at trying to catch the glassiness of this shoe so I fiddled with windlight.  Non SLink and doesn’t even come with a hud since this is a glass slipper effect.  I’m not sure how Tinka Bondar  makes any money in her shop because she is so generous with her hunt items.  I counted 26 and thats not all of them and this is only a small shop.  Packed with ballet shoes and some poses and of course all the hunt items.  Most of which are either dollarbies or in this case for these The Big Day Hunt shoes, free. OH and you get 3 crystal shades in the pack.

Mag<3.B Marketplace

Isis Boutique

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Spring time Garden (Hunt)

Strawberry Kube hunt - Cleo Design

Time to get outside and enjoy your garden. Even if you’ve got a limited amount of space and prims, you will love this set from Cleo Design. It’s a whole garden in a box ! This is the  prize for the Strawberry Kube Hunt, each gift is just 5L. Boy-oh-boy is this worth hunting out, you get the table and six chairs, food items and also the beautifully paved gazebo with optional flower bushes to plant around the border. The chairs are only 2 prims each and have so many poses for both boys & girls. You also get the food items, plus wearable props are given for certain poses. The hunt blog has prize previews and urls, which I’ve given below.

SF Design NEW! Mesh capri pants & mesh shirt

Also new out are these scrummy Capri pant & shirt sets from SF Design. These come in a variety of colours, but I just loved this bronzey brown ! The pants have a muted swirly pattern all over and the shirt is plain cotton, great together, great as separates ! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

The strawberry kube hunt blog

Cleo Design

basket with 3 poses – POSEbility


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Naughty & Nice.(Freebie)

OMG I was checking through my posts and realised I had forgotten to click the “publish” button on this post so it’s late but so good so here it is.

When this came through from Follow Us I was a little non plussed because Laurent has just stocked his shop with very similar beauty boxes so although it has a different pattern on the outside I assumed it was something along the same theme and then I touched it and OMG.


It made me chuckle.  A very, very naughty box of  lotions and lipsticks, plugs and gags, buzzing things and funny things.  I was so tempted to sneak into Faiths home and rezz it on top of her wardrobe and wait for the howl of protest.  But then I have to share a sim with her and there are only so many places I can hide.

The funny thing is I really honestly believe that this would make a great pressie.  Even in SL, a hot bed of perversion and rampant sex (or so I have been told) there are still those who are a bit backward in coming forward in their kinks so if you have a lady or boy and everything in between in your life and you want to see if you can go that little bit further then send them one of these and see what happens.  Or if you’re such a Vanilla girl like myself then you could have fun keeping this in your home and if anyone opens it well  they might just have a chuckle like I did.


I’m so glad I always pop back to the shop I’m blogging just to make sure I get as much right as possible because although I noticed on my last visit he has some new workroom decor complete sets what I did miss was the latest FREE to join group gift of this mini garden shed with cuddle poses. AWWW it’s cute and detailed.  Freaking sweet, with the trays of apples and bucket of flowers, shelves, spade etc and I especially love the plant tendrils hanging down and the sweet key in fact I love it all.   Sorry I can’t attest as to how good the cuddle poses are cos I am a SL singleton however knowing Laurents style I know they will be good.  I’ll have to get Faith and Player to test these poses out.  In any case even if you’re not after a cuddle look at how excellent this looks and it’s free but then all of Laurent’s Group Gifts are shop quality and they’re all there on a wall waiting for you to click and join.

Kicking myself because I’ve been meaning to add this bit to all of my Follow Us posts but keep on forgetting.  Follow Us is a pretty large shop spread out and you find yourself wandering around which is pretty darn relaxing and he even has outdoor items emm outdoors so don’t forget to check them out but the Group Gifts are not really where you would think they are, in the entrance, so when you rezz go inside and then turn into the room on the right and inside this very large room is a smaller one with dark wood panels and all of the Group Goodies and in there.

Follow Us

Follow Us Blog

Follow Us Marketplace

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Springy Fashion

coldLogic sparrow NEW!

I’ve had time to rummage through the coldLogic Spring release, gosh I flat-out refuse to choose a favourite ! I’ve been coo’ing and ooOOoo’ing my way through each piece, and my inventory is now officially declared dead, it’s positively bulging with lovelies. This is “sparrow”, so nautical and cheerful, it made me smile just wearing it. There are so many colour choices in this, and if you get a quantum pack even more ways to wear it all ! You see, the thing issss…the jacket and dress can be mixed and matched over and over and over again. If you had the “esch” outfit (I haven’t actually tried this yet so !) I bet you could mingle in the plain esch jacket with the sparrow dresses? I’m going to try that out later. Lovely muted print on the dress, subtle and effective, teamed with the bold sailor stripes it’s a scene stealer.

coldLogic NEW - Boudoir Spring picnic set - gacha 50L


Now, more of those darling baggy styled pants. You’ll be seeing a lot of these, because I can’t stop wearing them. They seem to go with every top in the universe! I’ve worn them with flats, heels and bare feet, it all works. The pants are called “odea” and there are some really sweet neutral colours to snap up. The blouse, which can be glam or casual is “pruit”. Superb folds of material fall gently downwards, just perfect for a warm Spring day. I got all juicy and went with this deeeelish pineapple shade ! I treated myself (finally) to this Bramley bicycle from {what next}, Id had my eye on it for simply ages. I bought the singlepringle poses version, but you can also get one with both single and couple animations. Colour change too! The picnic rug was a spur of the moment gacha spend, I was mooching at Boudoir and came across the machine, could I pass it by? Not on your nelly !

Boudoir picnic set, coldLogic NEW! Whatnext  Bramley Bicycle

I was so pleased to win the rug, it’s totally adorable, only 50L a pop. So much detail and some really sooper poses for you and three friends. Doesn’t the hamper look inviting?

coldLogic  NEW! Pure Poison sandals NEW!

Last up for today, the coldLogic “odea” pants with the “catlin” short-sleeved sweater. Such an easy combination to wear and yet very stylish. I’ve been really impressed with the shoe offerings from Pure Poison lately, picked up a few pairs when I was at The Arcade event. Popped over to take a gander at their mainstore and fell in want with these flat sandals. They are for Slink flat feet btw, which you need to buy separately. If you join the Pure Poison group (free to join) you can buy these “Jolie” flats for just 159L, a great saving on the usual price of 199L.  You also get treated to a group gift each Monday and outside the store are stacks of group gifts to take to welcome you.

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


Pure Poison

Long hair – Monso

Pigtail hair – Argrace

what next market place

what next store