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In from the Cold

FATEwear Feb 2013 2 Final

Don’t I wish! I am quite sick of Summer and am looking forward to the upcoming cooler months (not that it gets really cool here).  At any rate, cool or warm, I’m glad to be back amongst these pages to show you guys some new brilliance from FATEwear.

The Edward suit is the first thing I’m going to talk about and there’s not enough that I can say – there’s just too much to mention about this suit. Firstly and most importantly, the look of it is just fab. As you’d expect from FATEwear, the texture is fantastic and every detail is accounted for wonderfully. There is a great selection of colours to choose from and we’re just scratching the surface of this suit.

FATEwear Feb 2013 Final

Can you see what I mean? See how in the first picture I’ve got a hand in my pocket and this one the jacket is over my shoulder? Course you can see that! They’re not my poses though. Nope, those are animator attachments that came with my suits. You see, the Edward suit is a collection of different looks, seven of them, individually packaged and they are labelled (A) to (G) to make it easier to work with them. This is why I earlier said that I couldn’t say enough about this suit, all you need to know is that it looks awesome and that there’s so many options to play with, you have to check them out next time you’re down at FATEwear (which will be soon right!?)

FATEwear Feb 2013 3

Last but not least, a new coat! How many times over the years have you heard me say I love coats? I’ve lost count myself but it still holds water, I can never get enough of them and FATEwear’s Lando coat is a great one. Check out the detail on it, so so good, I just love the belted style. The texture, wow, you can almost feel it just to look at it. The addition of the turtleneck to wear underneath just gives it that little bit more awesomeness but you can choose to go without it if you’d like. As always, the range of colours is fantastic so you’re bound to find one you like.

There you go, some super new gear from FATEwear that you should definitely check out as soon as you can! Thanks Damien!

Get the gear here: FATEwear