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Free For the Jubilee!

FREE Jubiless decorating kit ! (lots in the box)

YAY its almost time for the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations!!!. Id been searching for some items to decorate my SL home and failed miserably. Amanda Dench (owner of Dench Designs) to the rescue!! Seriously huge box, located right on the front steps of the main store – in it you will find a treasure trove of jubilee decorating items – and all for free. I’m waving my wearable flag, have my large flag positioned and just one string of bunting up (at the moment!) There are portraits of the Queen, the Queen and Prince Philip – and heaps more, just join the group to collect – thank you Amanda you’re a Legend xx

(Now shhhh while I go a bit crazy and decorate)

Dench Designs

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Perfectly poised. (Freebie).

My head is covering the “dick pick” as I’m not sure if I’d have gotten away with that picture, boobies on the other hand are a bit safer lol.

Details first so you can scroll to the end and use the Marketplace Link without having to read my waffle. This comes in one size & one piece only but I think it will fit most standard AVs. This and another freebie can only be found in the Nana marketplace shop.

Now for the spam, Faith spotted me wearing this and liked it so much that I gave her the link to it and it looks like she’d already gotten it way back in 2021 lol. The thing is sometimes what suits her doesn’t suit me and the other way around so occasionally I send her the link to something I think she would model better than me and again the other way around. The other funny thing is I think she felt it had a more French theme to it while I thought younger with a hint of Kawaiiness (sic). Sometimes it’s as much as how you style something with hair, make-up, and accessories that can change the whole look.

PS. Sorry, I think this hair was a freebie from an old event but I will check it out as well as the boots I’m wearing as they do all go so well with this outfit it would be good if they both turned out to be free as well.

Nana. (Marketplace).

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New & Free @ Brillancia

Brillancia Priscilla top Sophia skirt NEW!

Brillancia are in the latest round of blanc with this sweet summery skirt “Sophia”. Snug fit with a great bit of detailing with the off centre zip. Fitmesh size for -Maitreya-Maitreya Petite – Legacy-Legacy Perky-Ebody Reborn. The top news is that the top comes along with it as a free gift! $270L per colour orrrr a fatpack for $1300.


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Free Lifeguard !

Free lifeguard clothes & pose items !

Hop over to the latest round of Miix Event , join the group and gather up a ton of free gifts! They appear to all be from one designer – Furtacor. Outfits for lifeguards for guys & ladies, even props and poses ! I’ve always fancied being on Baywatch ;P I think there were more parts to the guys outfit but I’m dead chuffed with my swimsuit, bino’s and boat – there was also a lifeguards chair to be had.

Miix Event

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50% Discount – Ever Green @ The Miix Event

Ever Green 50 Discount @ Miix Event

Ever Green are at the latest round of Miix Event – you can bag yourselves a proper bargain as there is 50% discount ! This is the Mediterranean Luncheon set, and it comes in several versions. Singles, cuddles & adult. Li of just 16 in total. In the adult version there are : 9 sits, 6 cuddles and 8 adult animations. Light lunch via the menu of pita & olives, dolmas, salad all served to you – yum.

Ever Green 50 Discount @ Miix Event 2

Of course as its an Ever Green product you get a ton of options for textures on all parts – even the little tassels on the seat cushion. I went with a truly lovely Mediterranean blue theme for mine. (kitty cats are my own btw)

Ever Green Adult @ Miix Event 50 discount

We tested out the adult version, had a lovely meal together , smooched a bit and uhmmm well the poses were just so good we couldn’t resist! Currently trying to find a place for this set at home, by the pool looks to be favourite.

Thanks Ever Green ❤

Miix Event

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Click Right! (Freebies).

It’s nice to be able to show something a bit different.

I’ve had this Medusa snake hair for so long the shop is now no longer in SL so it was nice to have an excuse to dust it off. That means the dress is the freebie.

It’s supposed to be a Victorian dress and if you were into RP I can imagine this less formal gown would make for a great day dress…but what do I know lol. You do get a hud of 4 shades.

Same shop but a totally different outfit. I did pop on a body light but there is a glow to the dress and stars. I didn’t add the halo.

There are other group gifts and as often is the case when you click on them you’re given 2 prices, the full price and the group price which is 1Ld and is refunded.

There are some other gifts and just in case you didn’t spot it in the top picture I’m wearing a black face shade tattoo layer which is a freebie but just for EvoX.

Damn, time for me to log off SL and face my RL stuff.

KC. (Kegel Clothing).


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Second Life Versus Reality – The Truth Behind The Photos

Sunday night Vibes

I thought it might be fun to do a weekly blog about SL V RL. I dunno , lets see how it goes! This train of thought begun while I was taking the photo above – arranging Player and I, choosing clothes, getting the lighting just right etc etc, then editing it a little to make it look all “glowy and pretty” – not the best photo I’ve ever taken for sure. We appear to be all relaxed and just enjoying some Sunday time together to all intents & purposes – right? The reality is far from the image though. Player had a toothache that was bothering him, and had broken his glasses. I had the weekend from hell, working and taking naps when I could between appointments. We were both SO tired (and a little grumpy with each other). Yet we show these images, is it a buffer from reality? Do others see our images and think “oh they look so happy in their SL”, perhaps they are just noticing how my foot is embedded in the seat and thinking “she could’ve at least adjusted her pose” – who knows.


For me Second Life is an escape from my actual life. 15 years of escaping or relaxing to another place where there are no family feuds, no wars, bloated stomach days, financial worries (hello pandemic!) I can always find a perfect beach to sit on, there is no pollution in the water or dogs poo to worry about stepping in. My main thoughts today are “you never know what someone is going through in their real life”, their SL presents a pretty photo to share , it might not be that the other side of the SL lens. Bear it mind , try to be positive in your interactions with others.

Happy Monday ❤