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Free Carols Store $300L Gift Card

300L Gift card

Oo a nice little treat for you! Head over to Carol’s store and claim your gift card. You do need to be in the group but that will cost you just $10L – nice deal. Once you’re a member pay the big sign $1L (which is returned to you) et voila – you’ll also be able to grab the group gifts by the sign which are sweet. Plenty to choose from with your gift

Happy shopping ❤

Carol’s Store

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Happy Birthday Me! Free Fatpack Dress

Free Dress fatpack

Ohhhh Yes its my sweet 16th SL birthday today!! Gawd I’m such an oldbie. Anywayyyyyy glad I found this super cute dress from DM at Mix Event as a gift to help me celebrate today. Plenty of fits and a hud of twenty colours included. Has a really stylish latex shine to the fabric and depending which colour you choose can have several ways to wear it. Of course – today I HAD to wear it in PINK ! Just join the free Hype Event group and click – there is another gift dress which would be ideal for Valentines day to grab also.

Mix Event

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Free Wearable Lantern & W/e Sales

FREE Rabbit lantern -Fat pack Dress $77L - Fatpack Heels $75L Back drop Synnergy $75L

Love love love my cute Year of the Rabbit wearable lantern! Its free from Bada atm – group is also free to join. Its comes with left and right hand poses (3 different poses inc) I’ve been busy trudging around the w/e sales too – snapped up this adorable dress fatpack from No Cabide for just $77L and the heels from KC Couture (also a fatpack) for only $75L. My backdrop is from Synnergy – they have quite a few in the w/e sales, this one is the “Soho Loft” , dead handy for interior photos, it even has a bedroom with bed, sweet mini kitchen and bar with stools inside.

(Bolero is from Blonde Queen)

Bada Lantern

KC Couture


No Cabide

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$60L Promo – Only 2 days left

Fatpack shorts set $60L

I spotted this outfit in this weeks $60L Promo event – love it ! Its a one-piece BUT the fatpack Hud you get allows you to play around with the shirt and shorts independently of each other. There is SO much choice ! Plains, patterns & prints, really flexible to give you all sorts of looks. You’ll find this at Anshara along with a couple of other items on offer.


$60L Promo Gallery

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Free Fatpack Hunt !

FREE fatpack dress

I did this hunt yesterday at Flamingos – a new-to-me store which I will definitely be returning too! All the prizes are fatpacks which is lovely and its totally free to do. As you enter the store click on the big poster and you’ll receive a notecard of hints – makes it a lot easier. You’re looking for little lollipops. I picked out two items I really liked, above is the July dress, a body, skirt and top joined and of course a Hud with a ton of colours.

FREE fatpack top & Fatpack pants

I also loved this two piece set of pants & top, again a fatpack of colours which is brilliant.

Happy Hunting !


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Palomma Casanova – Rest In Peace

Palomma Casanova RIP

Palomma Casanova was a remarkable lady in Second Life. The Free Dove was her baby, her project, the way she reached out to help everyone. It really was a labour of love, I know from our conversations how much she toiled over it. When I heard she had passed away I was really shocked and saddened. Palomma had never mentioned that she was sick, never moaned or complained. Always upbeat, forever forging on with her plans inworld.

I will copy here a notecard that has been given out for your information.

“Hello dear friends of Palomma,

It is with great sadness and pain that I have to announce you that Palomma Casanova left us on Saturday January 14 after a long illness. This is a shock to me and a huge loss. She fought her illness with all the energy she had and endured the pain very bravely. Her passion for her work and for helping others was admirable.

For almost 12 years, this kind, generous and talented woman was by my side day after day. She will be missed by all of us who had the chance to know her. May she rest peacefully with all my love.–

About Free Dove

When the subject of her eventual departure was brought up, Palomma’s response was that Free Dove would POOOOF when it was over for her. Free Dove was her baby, the vehicle that allowed her to express her love of people and her willingness to help them, but she didn’t want it to outlive her. She had created Free Dove in 2006 and when she left, her group had reached nearly 150,000 members, a rare achievement. We will remember her as the generous woman who dedicated 17 years of her life to SL citizens.

I have no idea when Free Dove will disappear. In the meantime, I have blocked all payment boxes for Free Dove shops, I am unable to refund your last payments, but your shops can remain in place until the end comes.

Regarding Christmas trees and Christmas gifts, I will be returning them this Wednesday because the holiday season is over. As for last month’s HUNTs panels, I will try to change the textures and replace them with an image to pay homage to Palomma.

Concerning the “Free Dove” group, you will retain the ability to send notices as long as the building exists, but please don’t abuse and follow Palomma’s rules. The day the building disappears, I will remove the ability to send notices to all.

As for creators’ gifts and the prims belonging to other people, they will all be returned the day the land is abandoned.

Thank you for taking the time to read me.”

Rest In Peace ❤

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Free & Pretty

FREE sparkle dress in gold & red

I headed to Cynful at the weekend to check out their Happy Weekend Sale items – never been there before and was pleasantly surprised by the store. The group is free to join so I scoped around and found over to the right hand side as you enter some fabbo group gifts. This dress was one of them, comes in red or gold and has a Hud with which you can fiddle about with the sparkles and glow etc.

FREE necklaces rigged for mesh bodies

I’m a bit picky about necklaces and usually only shop at a handful of stores for them. I don’t want to have to play around with necklaces endlessly trying to get the right fit – I want it right out of the box onto my neck! Was chuffed to find all the necklaces are fitted for various mesh bodies yay! Also all came with a Hud for heaps of colours and chain tones – brilliant. I know its hard to see them clearly in these photos (as I just looked ODD really close up ) but they are quality items.