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In a Bind

Bind – the newest outfit release from Neve, this you will find at the WeDoSL event. Best sexy outfit I ever got my mitts on. You can turn the shine off btw – but I really loved it on. Soooo what can you do with this? Wear the top and skirt as seperates, braces on, off, up or down. Undershirt on or off and of COURSE a fantastic choice of colours, patterns etc to choose from! Thanks Neve team ❤




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Nifty Neve – Something new

Oh this is SO nifty! New release from Neve called “Truss”. Is it a dress? is it a bikini? Its both! A very cute sundress in four packs of patterns & colour ways. Perfect for the beach or drifting around in the sun…Then….

BOOM, its a bikini ! One swift click of the Hud et voila. How handy dandy is that?! You all know how I love stripes, so I went with the stripey pack, but there’s plains, patterns etc available. You can get your paws on this bundle at the latest round of Uber. Mesh body fits and demo’s available. Thanks Neve Team ❤



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Sweet Free

A pretty little something for your Wednesday, from Rebels Spirit. I really like the summery colours, simple style, easy to wear and just $1L – if you go to the main store apparently its FREE. (Yup just checked it and it is free PLUS a couple more) The beauty of this is that the gifts are transferable – so you could pick it up as a pressie for someone else!

Fits included:

– Fitmesh Dress Size S, M, L,
– Mesh Dress Size S, M, L,
– AlphaMask for Classic Avatar,

– Fitmesh Dress for Maitreya, Belleza (Venus, Freya), Slink (Hourglass, Physique),
Tonic (Curvy, Fine), Ocacin, Voluptuous,

Rebel spirits

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Ya – there’s more !

I joined the free group at ya – and today received a lovely gift ! Two aprons pink and green. Standard mesh sizes once again – really cute and nothing spent from my meagre budget yay! Join the free group and take a peek in the past notices to find the pressie.


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Ya – Free !

I really love this little shop called Ya, just a handful of items for sale, a load of freebies to help yourself too and the odd hunt gift to find. This apron and wearable tray of donuts are the gift for the July Hunt – and cost me just $1L. You also get a rezzable tray of donuts included. Standard mesh sizes, medium seemed to fit my Maitreya body really well.


Ya July Hunt $1

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Sale of Your Dreams ! 50% Off!!

Oh my days – hurry along to the Neve main store and fill your boots in the Summer Sale ! Its only on for a few days so really do not delay!!

Sale – July 4th – July 9th


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Off to a flying start ! (Free)

Day one I think I’ve done ok! Found two coolio summer dresses from Evie – didn’t cost me a single penny. The amazing dress, simple, elegant day or night.

Andddd the Pride dress above. Both come in all the major mesh body fits, group is free to join !

You know I was thinking, its a bit of a cheat to say “Surviving a month” on $50L, when we haven’t factored in living expenses, like rent? Im going to try and find a rental home for less than $50L per month – gawd, tough one – anyone got ideas>?!!!