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SorryX3 but great FREEBIES!

Again sorry about my lack of posting but RL won’t calm the eff down and now it’s HALLOWEEN!!!  Although I’m a Brit we have started to embrace the spooky side even though it’s just an excuse to eat loads of pumpkin based goodies.  So I have my Pumpkins carved, a basket of treats so my house doesn’t get egged, a pile of horror films to watch  a good Take Away on speed dial and some good friends over to spend a lovely wicked evening.  I hope that whatever you chose to do you have fun doing it even if it’s just you or with a whole group of friends or family make sure to treat yourself.

Sooo I did managed to get inworld for literally half an hour and at my first LM I scored so well I grabbed the Free GGs and TPed straight to my platform rezzed a house and rezzed the goodies.

Some of you with sharp eyes will notice that the sofa/chairs and baskets are in fact items I’ve blogged previously but damn they’re sooo 100% quality and so low primmed I don’t care but first the NEW GG’s.


3 shades of bench/chair/loungers and more because you not only get the 3 colour options but also PG or Adult version.   I did do a few of the PG poses and they’re were as good as I had hoped….nope I’ve not tried out the Adult ones lol.


I deliberately took these pictures in my Nams setting to show off that amazing texturing.  You can even see every stitch in the knitted throw.


This is the reblog as I was so pleased to get these again as I had accidentally deleted them out of my invent.


You get a sofa and chairs in a selection of colours.


This basket is also a reblog and I’m showing you the side/back view of it so you can see the detailing right down to the leather strap.

OK back to RL and again I hope everyone has a great evening evening if that is just on your own snuggled in front of the TV.

PS Honestly! I was in such a rush that I didn’t grab all the GG’s out and when I was LM grabbing I noticed that there is even more new stuff, a hot chocolate mug, blanket with pillows etc so make sure to grab em all and then have a good look around.  I’ve been tempted by a few items in this amazing shop and when I get back inworld it’s the first place I’m going back to.


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Shame (Freebie).

The only shame in this freebie is that it doesn’t come as separates because the skirt and top as a combo look great but I can just see that skirt being worn with so many things I have in my invent.  I managed to get some time in SL today and I had grabbed a load of goodies and then slowly but surely as I tried them on I binned them!  So I decided to use what little time I had left doing some of the Bitter Sweet Hunt which I do believe is brand new.  I think you have to pay a Linden for the prize but I’m not even sure what it is you’re looking for because I got so distracted by the Group Gift Hippo Board at the back of the shop I actually forgot about the hunt LOL.  I will pop the link at the end for you to see the LMs and hints and although you don’t get to see any pictures lots of good shops are involved.


So sorry on the lack of posting off me but RL is so busy I’ve barely managed to grab time to myself let alone SLing but I’m hoping normal service will resume as soon as poss.


La Moyet Design

Bitter Sweet Hunt LMs & Hints

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Its F.A.D Baby (feebie inc)

FREE Mesh fur jacket

A new event for moi – there’s so many to go to these days huh? As I arrived I was greeted by this super-duper little free fur jacket as a gift – joined the group (free to join) and snapped it up, really neat little thing, made by Me Sew Sexy. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique Mesh body – and as you can see it works great. New hair by Elua (fast becoming one of my fav hair makers) This is available at the latest round of Uber.

LEGENDAIRE complete outfit - 3 colours inc,jeans,shoes & scarf $159L

The reason I went to the event was this outfit by Legendaire, you get the whole thing for just $159L – that’s shoes for slink high feet, jeans, sweater and attached scarf – plussss there is a HUD, for three changes of colour on the sweater and scarf woohoo! What a great bargain. The only downside for me, was it wasn’t particularly brill with my mesh body (which I rarely take off I have to admit).

LEGENDAIRE complete outfit with shoes,jeans scarf & top - $159L

There was one teeny tiny patch that peeked through on the arms – and that would drive me nuts! I edited that out for the sake of the photos, so be aware the jeans fit beautifully over my mesh body, the top not so much. All in all its such a lovely Autumn/Winter outfit I will keep it for the days I remove my mesh body.



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Warm & Wicked

Chez Moi - wicked tea party NEW!

More spooktacular items from Chez Moi yay! This “Wicked tea party” set really hit a note with me, it’s just beautifully made and more importantly its FUN ! This is an exclusive for the Tres Chic event that’s running until the 10th of November. Soooo here’s the deets:

* CHAIR: 4 Land Impact each chair
14 animations (female and male)
Texture-change options: 9 textures to choose by menu controlled

* TABLE: 3 Land Impact
– Macaroon and Tea: 19 LI
– Cupcake: 11 LI
Tap the table to display the menu

* PUMPKIN CANDLE: 6 Land Impact

* FLOATING TEA POT: 3 Land Impact

Wicked Tea Party NEW!

Low in prims but not in style, I adore the floating teapot and cup, the multi scene is really cool, cupcakes or tea party – your choice !

Sweet Temptation complete outfit (appliers for jeans inc) plus boots NEW - PSYCHO Byts foxes

Incase you’re curious, my outfit was a birthday gift from Player, I haven’t taken it off since trying it on – L.O.V.E it. Sweet Temptation is the store name and this appears to be a very recent new release. Mesh sweater with HUD for four patterns & colours, jeans come with appliers and traditional layers, plussss the scrummy boots that work with Slink flat feet or regular av feet. My adorable little foxes were another gift, these are from PSYCHO Bits, you get one for your shoulder, one for your head, one to snuggle, they actually blink and move !


Sweet Temptation

Tres Chic

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Witchy fun and photo op (Freebie).

It’s not often I can use a green windlight setting but this free cute Witchy outfit was screaming for a wicked windlight.


The hat, dress, shoes, pendant and staff are all freebies from Cocoro Lemon shop Coco Design and you don’t even have to join the group to grab although there are some other Freebies that Cocoro has set out and I’m going to check to see if there is anything new once my very busy RL cuts me some slack!…but if you check out the shawl outfit next to the Freebie you will be able to see an example of her quality designs.


So once I’d grabbed the freebie I popped over to this sim I had spotted in a Flickr group to take a quick snap and found that it has the WOW factor.  I didn’t loiter too  much and  I swear I actually took just the 3 pictures, the 1st I changed the windlight setting to suit my witchy outfit but these other 2 were taken in the sim setting and it’s simply gorgeous.

I literally pointed the camera one way and took one of the sea and then turned around and took another of the scenery can you imagine how many brilliant pictures you could take here if you spend a little bit more time than I did.


Sometimes if you don’t have the confidence or skill to take a picture with a wow factor when you can find a sim where they have done all the hard work for you and you can snap away knowing that even the most novice photographer can capture the real beauty that SL has to offer.

Coco Design

Kilu sim

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Sweater Love

Neve - New Sweaters! FateStep Dolores boots - kokolores hat & hair

Thank gawd – new seasonal sweaters from Neve yippeeee! I love this time of year and I love sweaters, doubly delighted that these have added glamour, more about that later. So so so anyway, there’s heaps of newness going on instore and on the market place @ Neve, so head down for a full on gander. I’m going to show a couple of my firm fav’s here. Above is “peek” with added stripes, how yummy. The marvellous thing is – if you turn around there is a heavenly split all down the spine – not enough to make it odd but just enough to make you extra enticing ! I’m wearing the sweater with the Neve zeezee leggings, a colour from the lively pack. Check out my newwwww boots  – picked these babies up from FateStep today, they are totally incredible and awesome. You can recolour (and re texture) almost ever.single.part – seriously go grab a demo and check out the HUD – its massive. I also bought the HUD for the socks, dead handy.

Neve new sweaters! Fate Step Dolores boots - kokolores hat & hair

Ok my OCD about wearing stripes overtook me so here’s another colour in the peek range and another colour of the zeezee leggings anddddd another colour from my magical HUD in the Dolores Fate Step booties!

Neve NEW - FateStep Dolores boots & socks - elikatira Miya hair NEW!!

This is the peek ombre sweater, it’s a bit more delicate and sheer, and kinda has (OMG!) a striped effect happening all over. Again at the back there is a lovely split to expose your spine, super glam. The leggings are another colour available from the zeezee lively pack btw.

Neve sweater NEW! Elikatira hair Miya NEW!

Just a sneaky peeky at the rear, I took this photo and then realised I look a little awkward and clumsy – oh well – real life following into my second life I guess ! You can see what I mean though, it’s not overtly open, but just enough open to give a whiff of flesh – love it. Thanks Neve Team ❤

Neve @ coldLogic store

Neve market place

FateStep Dolores Boots

FateStep store


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Darker nights mean more snuggling

Chez Moi - NEW!!

A new round of Lost & Found is open and Chez Moi are there with a delectabubble set ! The rocking chair (I am rather partial to these as you know) actually rocks, and has heaps of poses – some with wearable props. I particularly  like the blanket box – how cute it is with its words “To have and to hold, in case you get hold” awww ❤ The side table gives out steamy cups of cocoa and is suitably shabby to go with the chair and box. Theres even a fire made in an old wheelbarrow, would look great in any garden scene. You can buy the pieces singularly or as a pack for just £330L. (There are more items in the set, Im not showing it all here)

Thanks Nanda ❤

Lost & Found vintage market