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Be a Tarte.


Gratuitous scenic shot.  In the summer I laid out throws and blankets on the ground and draped some over a line to create a lovely summer hidy hole and I’ve found something similar from Tarte.  Called Blanket Fort. A thickly knitted blanket with small light globes.  Poses for singles, friends and snuggles not too many but all are sweet and simple.  Click and join Tartes group because although they’re not clear the lights in front are bottles with lights in them and only 2 prims and Group Gifts. I’m being rather quick with this post because Tarte is having a 50% sale, woo hoo, but it’s limited to this weekend only so I popped over and snagged the full length mirror I had wanted and rezzed this from my invent.  The tent is reduced to 125 and the mirror is now just a 100Lds.


Just a bit clearer and closer so you can see the lights and texturing a bit better and also the group gift bottles.


But I was also sneaky and got the new !gO group gift before Faith.  Both of us have been long-term group members and it’s not free but every month there is a great free GG and often a slashed price on another item in store so this is one of the paid groups that payback really well in the quality of the gifts.  LOL Almost forgot to say what it is in case it’s not obvious, it’s this top.  A crunchy knitted hoodie.  The back is longer than the front, a hood and ties down the front.

I’m hoping the !gO LM takes you straight to some of the best mesh and non mesh free/dollarbies I know so before you go inside !gO grab the goodies off the washing line now OK get TPing now.



Tarte Blog


Double D(freebies)

In the UK Double D is a bra size but in SL it means FREEBIES.  First up is this lounger which I may have gone OTT with the sunlight (A girl can dream) but the clarity of the wicker work is excellent and so is the prim count, a mix of male and female poses as well.


Floatie! my beloved pool is getting a bit cramped but check out this floatie.  Awww only cuddle poses, the one of me sinking is my own.  Comes with a swirl of water around it.


I have this coffee pot in RL but then again most people will have or had one because it’s such a classic.  Can’t actually believe this is a single prim for the tray, pot and cups! and of course FREE.


There was other freebies from past seasons such as the pouffe I used in one of my last posts with some fun poses and a whole pagoda with furniture which because it’s all unlinked means you can rearrange it as you wish or just use the pieces you like.

Double D

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Cart Sale – Brilliant !

Cart Sale - Pure kitchen Island 10L !

I had to make a separate blog about this purchase at the Cart Sale…I SO love it ! I found this little gem at The Cart Sale – for the princely sum of 10L. Its by Pure and to be honest, although I liked the look of it on the box, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect once Id got it unpacked. Blimey ! Its awesomely fabulous. Looks just like a plain kitchen island, then you hop on board et voila, the magic happens. There are some seriously good animated poses, which send props for you to wear straight to your inventory. Above I’m making dough with my little rolling pin.

Cart Sale - a few animatins

There also mixing, whisking eggs, making sammiches and lots more. Its not all about baking, there are a few that will pose you having a morning coffee ! My best find at the moment .

The Wash Cart Sale

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Cart Sale (everything 10L !)

Cart Sale - Clown avatar, complete with heaps of gestures 10L

I hopped, skipped and jumped my way over to the bi-annual Cart Sale. It’s such a vast space to cover with soooo much to see ! Everything is priced at 10L or under, here’s a few of my top buys. Above is a brilliant Clown avatar by Wicked Monkey. Its dead creepy and is totally complete, you also get a ton of really really cool animated gestures to play around with it ! Alllll this for just 10L *faints*. I will definitely be heading over to their main store to investigate further.

Cart Sale - Fantasy Sky Dome 10L!

I nabbed this from [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] , the fantasy sky dome ! It’s gloriously colourful and comes along with two loungers and table to enjoy the view. I really liked that nothing is hard linked, so you can pick and choose which parts you want (or add more) its pretty low prim also yay!. Again, just 10L, it’s a real winner.

Cart Sale - Hair 10L ! Roses Jewelry 10L !

Last up for this post is a hair-do from [Bizarre Hair], its called sweetheart and is pretty unique. It comes in three parts, so don’t forget to wear them all ! Just 10L and definitely worthy of inventory space. Head over and have a wander, theres stuff for guys too, home decor, skins etc

The Cart Sale

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Fresh as a daisy

NS Store -Monster-jeans,top,glasses,bag & shoes

I managed to nab this outfit while it was on a special 60L offer, however its still only 99L full price. You get the mesh jeans, top, shoes (non slink) a bag andddd glasses & headphones ! Its real look-in-a-box for sure and at that low price you can easily split the pieces up for use with your own gear. (This outfit is upstairs on the left)

Free mesh Tee's with HUD

I also took advantage of the dollarbie on the counter, fahhhbulous pack of tee’s all with such cute designs on. Wear the HUD et voila! I had a mooch around and most complete outfits were very inexpensively priced, there is something for everyone – go take a peek.




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Defeated (freebies n stuff).


I have a migraine, just a mild one and until the pain killers kick in I’m basically failing to get my act together and make a semi decent picture which is making my poor head even worse so you’re going to have to put up with this one of me jumping in frustration (as it happens I will be mentioning the pouffe soon).

Check out my previous post and you can see the sweet jumper and skirt which are group gifts from Moon Amore.  As always when visiting new shops I walk outside to check out if there is any other nice shops there and I’m so glad I did.  This is a small and well landscaped shopping area, small shops set in a garden, watery setting with lots of sitting areas to chat with friends or use for poses.  I’m so “off” today I couldn’t even take a picture of the scenery!  I know you can’t really see what it’s like in the picture that I’ve used but the dress I am wearing which is a simple spring patterned mesh dress is a Dollarbie from the shop next to Moon Amore.   I’m also wearing a really excellent camera, no poses in it, but you get different sizes, s/m/l etc and only 15Lds! I’ve given the LM for that shop as well even though all LMs are actually in the same location.  You can get the fat pack of all the cameras for only 50Lds.

Icing on the cake is there is also a Hunt going on.  So easy peasy because you’re looking for sunken chests and where do you find a sunken chest? in the water of course.  Easiest hunt ever and some real sweet prizes.  The “hunt board” LM takes you to the board where you can see exactly what you can win and there are some goodies and also a real nice mix, a skirt, cuddly octopus, owl bag, poses, tattoo’s etc so basically something for everyone.

Moon Amore

Pixicat (camera)

Hunt Board