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I’m sad.(Freebies).

I’m sad for 2 reasons I’ve finished my last Baileys and I don’t have these in RL.

I stomped my way back over to the “Holiday Shopping Event” which I’ve just done a post about, one of our readers pointed out that there are actually 5 not just 3 full sims of shops with just sweet discounts also some quality FREEBIES and these shoes from Ingenue are just gorgeous!

Called Cream and Rose. I do believe you get 3 mesh feet fits and knowing the Ingenue brand and looking at the picture I know a lot of their SLink shoes are for the med fit..which of course I have because I have all of the SLink feet.  Again they’re free so it does no harm to pick them up and even if you can’t get them to fit at 1 prim such pretty decor items.

The LM takes you close to the Ingenue shop but to get to it look for the Mossu shop on the corner then Apple May Design and next to that Ingenue and remember those shops will also have gifts.

Holiday Shopping Event

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I’m a brat! (Freebie).

I know that with some shops I’m almost guaranteed to find a new and super freebie and G&D (The Italian Style) shop is one of them but nooooo, no Christmas pressies for us just this Halloween pair of heels and so the brat in me sulked.

I decided I would still show you them because of course not everyone is all sweetness and light and these bloodstained shoes might just be up your street.

You also get a small hud and I wish now I’d chosen the gold shade instead.

G&D The Italian Style

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Check out my “Fany”.(Dollarbies).

At first it may appear that the title of this post is pure “clickbait” but I promise you it’s not, “Fanny” in the UK means a ladies naughty bits but “Fany” in this case is a really lovely pair of shoe with POM POMS and we all know pom poms make everything better.

So a really pretty pink but you also get a black pair as well.  I don’t think there is an inworld shop because I picked these, and so much stuff, off the Marketplace so you may have to log in there but I promise when I log back in I will check to see if there is an inworld shop.

You get SLink and Maitreya fits.

PS.  For once I’d NOT recommend you rezz these to use as decor as they were something like 130prims..a bit ouchy even for a sim owner lol.


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Get used to this.(Freebie).

I swear I was just at the Alb shop just a few days ago (I checked my teleport history) to see if there was any new GG’s and on that visit I didn’t spot any and then today a shout out went out in the free groups for this brand new gift and as usual everyone TPed over so get ready to see this cute dress + bag + shoes in all the blogs.

I bet with even just the minimum of sewing skills this is a dress you could even make in RL.

Obviously, I’m not showing the bag, you get one with and without a pose. Now zoom in on the shoes and my legs.  The shoes are those “stacked” ones I usually don’t like but in this case, they’re not too “stacked” and the peachy cream colour is lovely but the addition of that light glittery pattern which goes up your legs just makes them even prettier.  A lovely addition not just to this dress but any “party” dress you may have.

I hadn’t spotted the advent calendar on my first visit either but did this time.  Won’t tell you what it is, a nice surprise for you, but I suspect it’s one that once the day is over you can’t get the old ones.  The other thing is the “delivery box” for the Advent gift is in itself rather cute and makes for a pretty decor item.

PS. Ignore the truck.

ALB Dreams


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Cheap, Free & Funny.

If I don’t log off soon and go have something to eat I will be as skinny as this AV (yeah right!).

Yup, this is an AV which means you will have to ditch the mesh and strip down to your Alpha but this “Papergirl AV” is so cute and she stands out from the crowd, admit it if you were in a shop and an AV comes in looking just that little bit different we ALL look.

She’s my Gacha win from the “MoOH” Gacha and only 40Lds a pop.  I would have been happy with any of the “Paper AVs”.

(Ignore the sign is just an old thing I had and I’m using it for its pose only).

So silliness is over and now for the FREEBIE.

I should have worn these before I stripped off so you could see me wearing them but now I want to keep my Paper AV on and have a trot around SL in it.  So I just rezzed them on my floor, only 2 prims each so a nice decor item as well as wearable shoes.  That bright redness is perfect for a seasonal outfit.  You get the 3 main mesh feet fits and you will find this under the Dore Papillion Boutique Gacha.

This event has just opened and there are other gifts but when I went back to check them out this place had gone from dead quiet to dead busy so I don’t know what else is out for us.

PS. When you walk you use your AO.

The Gacha Life Event

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No Sh*ts Given.(Freebies)

Can I just say that happiness is the small things like your rescue cat trusting you enough to curl up on your lap, insert silly happy face here, it’s only slightly marred by the fact I need to pee so bad it hurts and my leg has gone numb.

Ness Market is a mix of things, it’s a blog a full perm shop and a clothes shop and even though I knew these boots were Maitreya only I still decided to pick them up because as you can see they make for me a great decor item.

1 Prim each so woo hoo but of course, you Maitreya gorls(sic) can not only wear these but since you can make copies then wear em and rezz em.

Just before I TPed home I decided to grab the dress next to it not thinking it would have my fit in it but it does and ooo very nice indeed.

Just like the undies, I did a post about I’m loving the ruby red colour.  Even though this has a Christmassy theme to it it’s less in your face and a more anytime you want wearable look about it.  A classic design with great texturing and attention has been paid to the finishing, so you have the wrinkles and crinkles and seams where you swear you can see the stitches lol.

There is a total of 4 gifts on the wall outside of the Ness Market Shop and I’m just about to check out the other shops on this small shopping platform.


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Not so “ugly” Christmas Sweaters.(Freebies).

Drat just as I was sauntering around the “Black Friday Bazar” event the call out went out in one of the Freebies groups and of course everyone TPed over so I decided to scurry off back home and just show you the 2 sweaters I got.

A really nice easy to wear sweater which comes in lots of fits.

This one has that fuzzy angora feel to it.

Sorry lacking on details because I TPed out BUT this event is what I consider a perfect event to be.  It’s big enough to be able to kill some time wandering around but small enough so you don’t seem to get lost and wonder if you’ve missed something.  A decent mix of clothing, shoes, decor etc, some really nice gifts, in fact, I think all of the stalls have a gift on them, and also in my case, LM’s for me to go check out the shops when I have time.  What I did miss is that there is a TP to a Demo area so when I’ve got time I’m going back to see what the demos are.

PS.  I didn’t buy it because I simply wouldn’t use it but on the Storax Tree stand there is an old-fashioned baby pram on Skis.  I did waste a heck of a long time wondering if I should buy it as a decor item on our sim because it was only 60Lds but then it got busy so I TPed out but check that stall out and you will see for yourself how tempting it was.

Black Friday Bazar