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Don’t cry little “Crybunbun” (Freebie).

I stumbled on these as I was having a little sim/shop-hopping.

A rather interesting tippy-toe design, obv very Kawaii etc.

As you can see from the breakthrough these don’t come in an SLink fit you only get them in the Maitreya or Legacy fit.  You do get a hud which allows you to change everything apart from the toe bit.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

When is a rose not a rose? (10Ld Group Gifts).

When it’s a delivery box.

Not only are these, single, roses so freaking pretty each one you find contains a Belle Epoque gift inside.

We all know these “Hunts” ie the big picture board with the picture and number of each prize as they usually come with a prize tag, albeit a small price tag so imagine my surprise when each and every hunt prize is FREE for Group Members and we all know that the Belle Epoque Group costs only 10Lds so for that tiny joining fee there are 15 hidden roses for you to find.

I’d only earmarked 3 items to buy so to find out I could grab the lot was such a nice feeling.

I deleted the picture I’d taken as it was not good and since I was already at the Belle Epoque shop grabbing the LM I decided to just use the sim and sim setting to show you the clothing in a much nicer light…I’m also being photobombed by that Flamingo, I’d never noticed before that they do move.

Now OK, the one issue is that the Belle Epoque range is only for Maitreya, boo hiss boo, but as you can see from this dress and the pretty boots there are things which will fit other mesh shapes so I grabbed them ALL!!!  When I log back in I’m going to have a most pleasant time unpacking the other unopened boxes.

BTW not today but at the end of the month, I may throw in the towel and go for the Legacy Mesh Body.  They have a new small “titty” one out and I love it.  I’d kill to have small titties in RL, big-boobed girls will know exactly why I want pert tits!  Since the Legacy Alpha hud has a much finer alphering(sic) options I’m hoping that I can buy more from shops like Belle that run limited mesh fits.

Belle Epoque.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Starting off with a chuckle! (Freebie/Dollarbie).

First, shop, that I visited was S@bbia of course as  it’s my daily routine and Woo Hoo a new group gift.

Actually, I suspect these shoes maybe an old group gift, I didn’t have time to check my invent, but I DO NOT CARE! The thing is you know that when it comes to quality freebies I am happy that they’re kept out permanently or occasionally dusted off and put out because it means those who missed getting them the first time have a second chance to get them.   Of course, I could be wrong and these are new.

Just excellent quality, freshly buffed leather, shoes with a tied lace and this style is a perfect “go-to” for wearing with jeans, shorts AND I know since I keep all of my S@bbia group gifts these shoes go with the dresses perfectly.

Can you see it?  My feet in the background.  I’d rezzed this doormat to try to show the shoes off better as the skin on my feet and legs don’t match and I didn’t want to zoom on them, I’ll tell you about that at the end, what I didn’t realise is that this doormat comes with a menu and I chose to use the “picking up keys” option which meant I bent over to pick up the keys only to fall forward and down into the ground….ok it made me chuckle lol.

Thank You, Bri!

It’s been brought to my attention by one of our reg readers, Bri (you all have nicknames to me) that “potentially” the skins/hair etc I did a post on are not legit ie copy botted.  I will NOT say that that is it in this case but F*CK IT, I’m pulling the post as I know the shops/creators in SL are just people like you and I and all they’re doing is trying to earn some money using skill and/or their time and imagination and no one should leech off someone else’s hard work.  So Thank you I truly don’t want to be part of the problem.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Springing into Spring. (Freebie(s) & Cheapies).

Yup in the UK today is officially the first day of Spring and there is a very nice event going on called “35Ld Welcome Spring” or something like that lol.

Lots and lots and lots of FREEBIES and lots and lots of bargains as every stall has at least one item priced at 35Lds and the rest of the stuff is discounted. Every stall has at least one thing priced at 35Ld and everything else is discounted so price check before you buy and there is a really nice mix of clothing and decor.

I can’t say much more as I have to RL now but I thought I’d do a quick post as for some of you you will be SLing whilst I’m RLing and this event will give you something to do and so many gifts to unpack it’s a lovely way to distract yourself.

PS.  This dress is obv a freebie and you get a fat pack of colours and matching strappy wedges to match.

Welcome Spring


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Good Morning.(10Ld Group Gift(s)& Reminder for Freebie).

First the almost free and then the blabbing on.

These shoes are the new GG from Enchante and that only costs 10lds to join.

I chose the pink out of the colour hud, the picture in the shop has them in bright red.  You can change the shoes, straps and sole and you get a decent amount of colour choices.  There are other gifts in the shop which I have shown you at least…maybe 3 times before as they themselves are that good so make sure to check them out as well.

OK, Random picture that I took yesterday of the Free mesh body.

I wanted to show you how finely you can alpha the bits out, although I’d alpha’d the whole nipple and aureole you can literally just alpha out the nipple leaving the aureole it’s that fine.  Again I just chose random bits so you can see that really so many clothes you may own you will be able to adapt this body to fit.  As you can see though I have neck issues, I probably could have found a better matching shade, in fact, I’m pretty sure the shade I wore yesterday was a much better match to my Pumec skin but in the end, because I take so many close up photos I wouldn’t use this.

When I went back to the Lucyshoes(sic) shop to make sure the MM, Midnight Madness, offer was still on and it is I also spotted that there are other shapes for sale.  I’ve picked them up as well because it’s fun to try new things. These obviously come with a price tag but if you love the body then you will be happy to pay the price.

BTW I did try clothes on with this body and my SLink flatties, Maitreya jeans and Legacy bra top fitted perfectly!

Enchante (Shop on your left).

LucyShoes (MM is still going on)

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Sweet Treats. (Freebie(s)).

Chances are you will have received the notice about the Candyland Event and you may have already visited it and if so then I have no surprises for you but if you’ve not gone you really are in for a big surprise.

Almost every stall has a freebie on it and dare I say it, bloody good ones as well.  Not only did I spot quite a few dresses, obviously wearing one in this picture as I LOVE that colour/pattern, but shoes as modelled by me↓.

I can’t tell you the details of which stall to look for for the gifts I’m showing you but this is a really nice sized event, big enough to have enough to tempt you but not so big you get bored or lost halfway through it.

Also, this is almost even more shocking is that everything I unpacked seemed to have my fav SLink fit!  Oddly enough these sneakers didn’t but as you can see one of the other fits has worked.  You get I think at least 1 more colour in the pack.

I know this dress is an SL “Classic” now but the texturing, like shot silk, and the colour is just meeeee.

Speaking of which look at the yummies I’m holding.  I don’t often show wearables but just so cute and calorie-free.

I haven’t unpacked everything as yet but what I did unpack has some really decent stuff as gifts so even if what I’m showing you isn’t to your taste or you already have similar pop over, get the goodies and unwind as you unpack and sort them out.

PS.  The shops are not just 1 isle when you get to the bottom turn right and there is more.  I think I’ve visited this event in the past and missed out half of it by not walking the full length.

Candyland Event

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Pick ‘n’ Mix.(Freebies).

What a random collection of freebies picked up from the FaMESHed event.

Shoes, fab, cropped jumper, fab, shiny shorts, fab, hair, fab and chair…fab!  What isn’t fab is nothing colour/design matched, so I just threw the lot on and pulled a rare seating pose.

As said in the title these are to be found at the new FaMESHed event, I didn’t see many gifts, standard boxes stood next to the stalls, but I may have missed more. What I did see was a few things I’m interested in purchasing and I got some LM’s for places to check out.

PS.  All of these gifts are from some of the BIG SL shops.