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It’s a fine line.(Freebie).

Thank Goodness I found the pixelation option as although boundaries are to be pushed but not on this blog and this outfit pushes my boundary lol.

Yes, I know you can’t see much of it but it’s free for you to try out and while you’re at the NyDesign shop you can pick up the “strip me dress” and shoes.

This top and panties chainset comes in lots of fits and you even get a colour hud and I’m wearing the pretty pink even though you can’t really appreciate it lol.

These are on the ground floor to the back and on the right wall.



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Shoes, just shoes.(Freebie(s)).

It’s been one of those mornings so a nice quickie.

Fab freebies from “Breathe”.  There are three pairs of free shoes but I know for sure I’ve shown you one of them and the second also looks very familiar but these are most certainly new.  All three pairs are excellent and I will assume that all three will come with the big fat hud of colours.

Just walk forward into the last room and that’s where you will find them.


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Damn and Blast! (Freebie(s)).

I meandered into Ane and instantly spotted a massive 70% off and then just as instantly spotted that the sale is well and truly over which is a damned shame as there are three items I would have snatched up in a heartbeat.

Never mind I consoled myself with the four free for all gifts on the desk.  Two of them were jewellery so I didn’t try them on and the other two are these.

The boots have an iridescent sheen to them.  You get the one fit, but it’s a fit that will fit all feet…as long as you take your feet off that is.  The bag is the other freebie.  You get this plain version and a patterned one and with or without poses.  The bag looks odd rezzed on the chair but it does have a rather good fit/pose.



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Well Blogged.(Freebie(s)).

The other Free to join Group Gifts in Justice have been well blogged by me so I won’t reblog them, instead, I will show you the NEW Group Gift.

Very nice detailing, cheeky hand pattern and although you do get a hud it’s to change all the odds ‘n’ sods but the main body of the shoe remains this blood red.

Justice.(Turn right)

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Free Boots, Ankle boots & Shoes

Love a free pair of shoes – love free boots too!I found these at Mosquito’s Way & Fashion Addiction. Both stores have free to join groups.

I wont spoil the surprise by saying which pairs are from which store because Both have lots of group gifts on offer. I haven’t shown anywhere near whats out just the ones that sung to my “sole”.

Fashion Addiction

Mosquito’s Way

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Unexpected. (Freebies & Super Bargain).

I’m not a big fan of Khaki but I do love block heels and these freebies from Ohemo are so good I can ignore the fact they’re Khaki and thick-soled.

Ohemo is not a big shop but I saw at least 2 pairs of shoes which if the demo sign had rezzed I would have grabbed them to try them on. It’s just a glitch and chances are when I log back inworld they will appear but it’s nice to see some different designs.

Then just before I left I spotted another freebie on the wall in a gift box, I can’t remember which freebie group it belongs too but it’s one of the two biggest in SL so chances are you’re probably already in it.  Oddly enough for a shoe/accessories shop that gift turned out to be this patio set.

I did take more pictures but something went screwy with them so you only get this one.

You get a linked/unlinked set in teak or charcoal plus a table with a tablecloth on it and a hud to change the tablecloth texture.  Only 1prim for each piece.  The poses in the chairs don’t match up with the height of the table as the table is shorter but those are really good poses and I might see if I can copy them.

PS. Faith if you spot a random chair on your back deck it’s because although I heard the rezzing zizzle I couldn’t see it lol.

UPDATE: When I returned to LM grab I checked and it turns out that some of the shoeboxes are labelled as “demo’s” easy enough to see when you know what you’re looking for.

So I grabbed the demo for these shoes and they were as good as I had expected and I hummed and hawwed as I have so many shoes but when my mouse pointer hovered over the buy box and the price of ONLY 45LDS popped up AND you get the fat pack of colours it was a no brainer!  I picked one of my fav shade packs to check out first and you can change all the bits from the sole to the fringe.  I can’t remember how many other shade packs you get but it’s about 5 or 6 of them.

They’re actually 50Lds but you even get a 5Ld Group discount and since the group is free to join it would be silly not to save 5Lds as there is always a Dollarbie to be found.


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I’ve finally smeshed it. (Freebies).

Sometimes “Natures Candy” just doesn’t do it and at this moment I’d kill for some chocolate instead of the apple I had to have.

The jeans are an SL frees & offers gift they also come with a nice matching sweater but since you have to go to Smesh to get these I decided I’d use one of the Smesh Group Gifts as the top instead of the sweater.

You will have seen this jacket before, I didn’t even need to rejoin the smesh group as this is one of my “keepers”.  I just love the retro feel of it and so it’s been tucked away in my invent waiting for a chance for me to dust it off and use/reblog it again.

Just inside the door on the wall to your left is where you find the SL frees & offers gift as well as a few other gifts but for this jacket and other smesh gifts you will have to head straight ahead into the shop for those.