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From May to October.(Freebies & Mention of Bargain).

Like me, you may already have this top as it is Powedermoons Group Gift from May and I did blog it and it’s also one of my fav goto tops as it not only looks fab it’s green and green is one of my fav colours.

These oversized pants are very skirt-like and with that dark plaid pattern, it makes for a great seasonal look.

I will confess I have an oversized sweater which looks better with this skirt but that was not only a paid-for item and sadly the shop I bought it from it not in SL anymore but keep this green sweater for jeans and rummage in your invent for your own oversized sweater or jacket and create a great look.

UPDATE:  I’ve found the shop which I bought the sweater from and it’s still on the Marketplace.

I honestly do not know how long I’ve had this sweater but we’re talking years, and years and years, and it’s as good now as when I first got it.  At only 99Lds and 4 colours in each pack a bargain.  As you will see from the link there are 3 colour packs, I only bought the dark one, and a demo….try the demo! But this is a classic case of creating a great look for free or cheap.


FA Creations(Marketplace only)

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Hot for the teacher?

H.E.D School girl outfit FREE! - Eternal Dream Summerish poses 90L per pack Feebs Rascals St. sales !

The Hot for Teacher Hunt has started, all prizes are just 5L and you’re looking for a ruler. I’ve got a schoolgirl outfit to show you that’s the gift from H.E.D. I wasnt overly keen on a schoolgirl look to be honest BUT, once I had it on, I really rather liked the style. Of course it sure helped the plaid had pink in it ! You get the traditional pleated skirt, hot pink push up bra and a cardigan , plus a rosary necklace…perfect accesory. I really couldn’t find out an awful lot about this hunt, but apparently all hints and LM’s to the participating stores are at the start location. (see below)

Mustnt forget a shout out to Eternal Dream poses, my pose is from the “summerish” packs that are out at the Feebs Rascal St Sales event. Only 90L per pack yay!

Hot For Teacher Hunt Start Location

 Feebs Rascal St Sales event

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This is what friends do


I’ve met some people in SL , who when you ask “ooo where did you get that from”, wont say…whats that all about eh? Not so with my friend Fey…she delights in passing on info and sharing where she gets some great buys from …She was wearing this fantabulous plaid skirt the other day…and as always eagerly shared with me where it was from…I had NO idea that one of favs stores had started making mesh clothes ! Yes yes yes HOC is offering this mesh skirt…and whats more…its pattern & colour change by using a HUD…24 choices !!! Theres plaids, plains and a selection just for group members (free join, wear the group tag BEFORE attaching the HUD and the VIP extras will appear on the HUD) You also get choice for the belt colour…fantastique. Fey wore her skirt in a black & white plaid..I choose a traditional houndstooth pattern…there is also a demo to try before you buy…great price for this item it’s just 175L…brill. Fey is also wearing a top from new-to-me store d o l l l e*, very crisp styling but also sooper feminine…oooo btw my boots are from LaRoo..”Liberty”, they come in stacks of colours…go take a peek. My top is from coldLogic (naturally!) its called tallen and is available in singlepringle tones or delishhh quantum packs…

HOC use 2

Fey had another top from d o l l l e that I Soooo loved, it’s a new release and is available in a few tones…I thought the pure white looked gorgeous with the HOC plaid skirt in bright pink…love how it exposes your arms and shoulders…group join is free of charge and there are oooodles of gifts for you to collect PLUS some lucky chairs (that I won something on yippeeeee!) If you like the furniture in these snaps…its from Lisp Bazaar…the whole lot for just 10L ! Its called “Medium Wood Fireplace Set”, perfect for this time of year and such an amazing bargain…

d o l l l e *


Lisp Bazaar market place store



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The Candy Man

mmhmm the CandyMetal crew are at it again…another bundle of newness ! This is the Sugar Punk outfit…naturally I plumped for the PINK version, but there are other tones up for grabs …beautifully made loose baggy cardigan…that hangs cheerily over a plaid mini skirt…

completing the look is the knit look tee, not mesh and fits perfectly under the other two mesh pieces…its sassy and I LOVE it heaps…thanks Emy ❤