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Needful things – PROMO $99L!

Super new release from ArisAris to share and its on a promotional price offer of just $99L ! Perfectly form fitting jumpsuit that comes with a Hud and six choices of colour & patterns. You can go from something quite classic as above…or…

Something more casual like this. There is denim, satins and more! Body fits included are as follows:

1 For Belleza Freya –
– 1 For Belleza Isis –
– 1 For Belleza Venus –
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara
– 2 For Slink – Physique and Hourglass
– 1 For Tonic
– 1 For Altamura

I wear a Slink Physique body and I am not wearing one single alpha ! Totally gorgeous fit. Free demo available.

Needful Jumpsuit

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Moving Day.(Freebies).

Drat, I thought I was the “FIRST” to find this freebie but of course as soon as I’m stood there grabbing it the call went out and everyone turned up and you can see why!

A simply lovely Freebie from Rebel Hope.  Go on guess what I’m going to say next? Can’t be bothered to list the sizes but you lucky sods are in for a treat.  You do get a hud with 2 textures in it.

At least the earrings fit! LOL, as it happens there are a few other GG’s at Rebel Hope and I’ve never really paid much attention to the earrings but actually, I spotted that these tasselled ones are rather pretty and I do believe they also come with a hud.

PS.  Can I just say how nice it is when BIG names in SL can actually still be bothered with us little people?  This house is a Dust Bunny house and I won’t bore you with the details but “Noel Bunny” she of DUST BUNNY not only responded to my note BUT sent me the updated model of this house!!!!

Rebel Hope

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Sunday Dollarbie

I’ve long been a fan of Maya’s – everything is just $50L, that includes fully furnished homes ! I like to cherry pick the furnishings from each build and stash them away for future plans – such a savage ! The builds are great fun, and always stuffed with animations for single pringles and couples. Anyhooooo I saw this little treat for Autumn for a single $ and thought Id share it – you get everything in the photo …well apart from moi – and trust me, Player would tell you that’s a blessing 😛 Maya has some fantastic items for Halloween too – all for $50L take a peek.

Maya’s Autumn Dollarbie

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I’m getting hangry!(Dollarbies).

Going to keep this simple, and a bit primmy.

40 Prims to be exact so for a lot of people too primmy but this is a real statement piece.  

I didn’t want to stand next to it to show you how big this thing is so I dug out this ruler so you could get some idea lol.  Sadly it’s non-mod so not only could I not TEAR IT APART but I couldn’t even shrink it.  Not that I think shrinking it would reduce the prims that much and it does need to be kept big as it is rather bold statement piece.

There are a few other Dollabies and cheapies in the “Diabolical Alderson Creations” marketplace shop.  Check out the first pumpkin set which is pretty stylised, large and thats only 9 prims, and the small one is just 1 prim.  Feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t bother taking a picture of that to show you but again just follow the link and check out the MP shop.

Diabolical Alderson Creations (Marketplace)

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SL reality.(0-15Lds Apples for Teacher Hunt).

This is my SL reality.

I betcha wondering what’s up with this picture, if you look in the background I’m rezzing houses to see which one I want to move in for Winter, yes I know I’m early but I get so little time to decor a house out I thought I would start early but the other thing I do is I simply delete my old house leaving all the decor just hanging there waiting to be sorted through and decide whats to be packed away and what I will move into the new home.

Anyhow ignore the bag and just look at the coat, for the moment that is. I knew this hunt prize was going to fit even if it didn’t come in my size.  I’ve taken the picture in my Nams setting as that’s what I use when I want to see things as they are and I only change back to the Windlight setting so the whole sim looks atmospheric and pretty.  This prize cost me I believe 15Lds and is one of 4 you will find in the Entice shop.

If you don’t have a budget then you might want to check out Tori’s Style shop because the apple there cost you nothing and in it is a very handy strappy top which some interesting colours in the hud normally it would be a keeper for me but I want WOOLIES and SNUGGLIES, not summery stuff but I’d totally recommend you get it and not just because it’s for free, and comes in ooodles of fits.

If you do have some money to spend and you like the bag it’s a Gacha win from one of the shops involved in this hunt. I do actually like bags and so for 40Lds I thought I’d give it a go.  Comes with a wearable pose, used, but I’m hoping it’s low enough to be used as a decor item.

If you want the full list and pictures then go to the Entice shop first and click the board and you will be sent it.

Entice (Yes there is a board for you to click and the note with all the Links/pictures etc are sent to you.)

Mockingbird (Hunt prize and the bag Gacha)

Tori’s Style(Tank Top, not shown).

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Trying to wrap up! (Freebie).

I’m trying to find a decent Free/Dollarbie sweater/jumper and failing badly so here is another summery/beachy dress which as lovely as it is is not what I want lol.

Although of a very classic SL design, 3 colours, some fits etc I did notice that the Evani shop is in a rather nice shopping center so when I log in I’m going to have a saunter and see what else is there for us.

PS.  There is also a Halloween “Wednesday” dress as well.  Plus I haven’t said much but there are some lovely clothes in this shop if you have Lindens to spend.


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Babies got back!(Freebie).

I have to admit I did need a bit of a giggle and the heads up from Shi about this Marketplace freebie, was it.  The creator seems to have made it for themselves as a tester but they’ve put it out for any of use to use and since Halloween is just around the corner it’s perfect.

You get the baby sized AV for free and it comes with a pack of skins in a variety of shades inc more natural ones but there is also a Dollarbie skin with 2 shades in it. I’m not sure if they’re the same shade as the 2 natural ones in the baby pack but lets face it this “baby” ain’t never going to look like something you’d want to cuddle let alone breast feed lol so I’d stick with the weird and wonderful freaky shades.

I’d love to tell you about the spooky forest I found and the hysterical Reindeer that swear in fright and run away when you approach them but it was there yesterday but gone today!

Baby AV (Marketplace)

Skin (Marketplace)