Pretty smexy freshhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

RibboN union jack skirt 20L

Haiii ! I’ve got summer blues you know? Christmas is kinda over..and Im longinggg for spring & summer !Sooo I decided to do a little shopping for zesty fresh gear…scooted over to RibboN a new store I found a month or so ago and snapped up a few zestttttty outfits…above is the union jack skirt I just couldn’t resist…such bright satin colours (it does come in other colour options too) high-waisted and snug fitting purrrfect for my temperament today ! Click on the photos for a closer view !

RibboN Jewel Tunic in blue denim

Then I spied this oh-so-cute tunic for 30L..the jewels across the bust are soooper sparkly! (and the whole top is resizable to fit all boob sizes yay!) The texture detail is fahbulous..I teamed it up with my fishy strawberry ripped net leggings..it comes in two other colour options also.

RibboN black lace dress 25L

Isnt this dress just breath-taking? Its available in white also but as I was on the look out for something for New Years eve I went for black…frilly flouncy net skit pufffs out around you, rufffled net across the breasts and a divine little net pompom for your head..gorjusss!!! Can you believe this little stunner is just 25L? no I double checked the price too ! Price range from as little as 20L – 50L

Go smooch about..theres a group dollarbie on offer also at the moment that looks a lotta fun !

Go get ribbons : RibboN

For the curious: first two hair styles by Truth, last hair style by curio, Skin by redgrave,red shoes gift from kookie (LOVE that store) black shoes by GOS. Necklace blogged before from Zara,ripped fishnets by Fishy strawberry (lovvvvve them) Stool by Props & poses.White tank in first pic by Bubblez


Airflow IS Argrace

Airflow soft leather jacket with sweater

Yus indeedy, Airflow is the new brand name for Argrace’s clothing line, it even has its own super new store yay! Argrace is now for head-gear & furniture…the clothes are all Airflow..confused? I was ! Anyyyyway…Steve beat me to the post (and yes I even gave him the info tsk lol) But if you pop over the Airflow there is this gorjusss soft leather jacket waiting for you as a group gift PLUS  pair of jeans ! Argrace has been my shopping nirvana for such a longgg time…and the bestest thing is their stuff is transferable…so a great place to find gifties . Click the pics for a closer view !

Airflow soft leather jacket with Tee

The jacket comes with two options for wearing, the grey chunky hunky sweater , or with a white tank tee, makes it very versatile. As with all their gear its top-notch quality and has a tactile look to it..like you want to stroke ittttt….not sure how long this will be up for grabs so hurry along today!



Feel the Flow

I was over at one of my all-time favourite stores, *Argrace*, the other day and found that there had been some changes. AIR Winx, the apparel designer, had moved into some new digs called *Airflow*. After making sure there was no new hair for me to get at *Argrace*, of course I had to go and check out the new store.

When I arrived at *Airflow* I found this brilliant ‘soft leather jacket’ was being offered as a group gift and I had to grab it. This is just a great looking jacket. It comes in four different versions: the jacket all by itself, the jacket and a white or black t-shirt and the jacket plus a grey sweater which is the one I am showing here. The textures on all the different versions are wonderful  and when they call it a ‘soft leather jacket, that’s exactly what it looks like.  The jacket comes with sculpted body parts, sleeves and a collar which are all resizeable via script. The sweater also comes with its own sculpted collar which fits beautifully under the collar of the jacket and all of the attachments are done with AIR Winx’s usual awesome details. Even if this was the only gift you could get, I would advise you to join up but it’s not! There are others, for both guys and girls so this is defintely one group you will want to find room for!

Get the gear here: *Airflow*


Virtual Impressions

Another new-to-me store is  Virtual Impressions..Player has a way of finding places I’ve never seen (he really should be my personal shopper!)  I adored this gift he gave to me Christmas day…stunning pearl & diamond necklace & earrings..they just fitted me perfectly straight out of the box, I havent taken them off since ! Decided to mooch over to the  Virtual Impressions store and have a wander…there is sooo much to see..I also noticed a 50% sale room but alas no time to snoop …head over and take a look, all items are transferable yay!

Virtual Impressions "zara" set

go get pretty :  Virtual Impressions


Pinkness rules

ya it SO does..I adore all things pink..so when I opened a couple of Christmas gifts and saw pinkness I was thrilled ! First up is a fahhhbulous pair of shoes from Carmen’s..totally PINK…wih a Hud for manicure colours & resizing…

MallaKi by Carmen

I headed over to check out the store as I hadn’t been before-and wowser…soooo many styles…and the prices wont burn a hole in your prim pocket either !

Muse by Lil Lace

Next up is this darling little dress…has a beautifully low-cut away back..gorgeous detailed corset style front…it also comes with shocking pink leggings to wear with it (or not)…I dashed over to take a look around and there’s plenty to see..and very affordabubble !

Go get revamped: Carmen’s          Lil Lace


Sock ’em

Well, well it’s the last Monday of 2010 and that means it’s the final Monday Mania of 2010. Where does the time go? Anyway, swaffette Firefly sent me SF Design’s offering for this week’s Monday Mania and it’s a beauty.

These grey ‘sock boots’ are what you can get for Monday Mania this week and they are a great Winter boot. They look like just the thing to go tramping through the snow in with those big, thick sock tops over the boots. The boots themselves look soft but thick and just lovely. I like the colours too since I have so many boots in black and brown, these grey ones make a nice change and look different. As always with SF Design, for the shoe part of these boots you get two versions: one with a resizer script and one without. Also these boots come with that handy alpha layer that  was going on about yesterday, they rock.

So, that’s your SF Design Monday Mania item for this week. The Monday Mania board is just inside the men’s casual clothes section of the store, be quick and get yourself these super boots while you can!

Get the gear here: SF Design



Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you all had great Christmases. I’ve got a couple of cool things to show you that I picked up before the Christmas holidays started.

I hadn’t been to Reek in a long while but I found a few things in my inventory from there that I liked, so I went down to the store to reacquaint myself. When I got there, I found that you could score a pack of four wicked little tees if you hit up their subscribo, so that’s exactly what I did! There’s two for guys and two for girls and the one I’m showing above is the ‘Dude!’ tee. As I think I’ve said before, I like t-shirts with good creases on them, don’t know why but it just makes them look so much better and these tees have that in spades. The colours look great too, the grey and blue on the Dude shirt especially. You’ll be able to find the subscribo board on the wall just behind you when  you enter the store.

The second thing I picked up from Reek was this pair of boots. They’re called the ‘Shearling Boots’ and are brilliant. The details on them are amazing: the folded down tops which expose the wool lining, the stitches and the leather are just all so well executed. They also come with an alpha layer which I think is a great idea for shoes, even on well fitting ones like these, since I’m awful at resizing shoes when they need it. They’re listed as a ‘Fifty Linden Friday’ item and will only cost you L$50 at the moment but I’m not sure how long that will last. They were still there today when I went and double-checked, though. You may want to hurry, hurry, hurry because you don’t want to miss out!

Get the gear here: Reek