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Green Envy(Dollarbie).

JuicyI stumbled upon this retro dress from !Soul in the MP(Marketplace).  Because the texturing is so good this took the minimum of editing and it was a perfect alignment of the texturing.  You don’t even just get the one item even in her gifties you get much more.  In this case 2 dresses, this one which you can wear with or without the belt and another with 2 tones of this lime colouring (and with the belt of you want to)..

I’ve got my fav LBD from here (little black dress) but as I’ve said you get more than just the outfit you get the FULL outfit, sometimes it’s blouse, trousers and boots set or bikini with sarong and hat or a corset with matching skirt and boots and on and on.  Demos come with everything included to you don’t have to take a chance.

SnowHA HA so there I was sat there outside of her shop typing away in RL and wondering what was flickering on my screen and I realised that the snowman she has set outside actually follows you and chucks snowballs at you so I was a sitting duck.  So what the heck I took a piccie of me trying to avoid being splattered.

At the moment she has a gift vendor in her in world shop which has a very Christmassy red mesh dress with white fur collar.  You do have to join her group to grab it but that seems to be only a token 5Lds.


!Soul Marketplace

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Advent gifts round-up – so far!

Snowy! ba

Had a notice come out from the Virtual Vagabonds group today, a place where you could pop in and collect a list of stores who will be having advent gifts for you! Some have a cost or you might need to join a group, most dont or a very nominal one. Theres something for everyone by the looks of it ! The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with the advent list – its just a photo of my home looking all Chrismassy! Anyhoo, list below – so far, Id imagine more advents and seasonal gifts will be advertised as we get into December. Have fun ! Fai ❤ (HUGE thank you to Victoria Bazylinski who took the time to compile this list !)

Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia – Advent 2013

Viviane Fashion Mainstore – Advent 2013

The Vamp Realm  – Advent 2013

USC Textures – Advent 2013

Twisted Trinkets – Advent 2013

Timeless Textures – Advent 2013

Sway’s – Advent 2013

*Nerdy Girl* – 2013 Daily Gift (12/14 – 12/25)

++MRSTYLE++ – Advent 2013

Moonstar – Advent 2013

Miss Darcy – 12 Days of Xmas 2013

Mieville Christkindlmarkt! – Advent 2013

Leri Miles Designs – Advent 2013 (0L – 100L daily)

LeCock – Advent 2013

Larnia Kids Mainstore – Advent 2013

~Lantian Flox~ Advent 2013

::: Krystal ::: & Kouse’s Sanctum – Advent 2013 (10L-40L daily)

❤ JFC bikes – Advent 2013

Isis Boutique – Advent 2013

Hunt & Hunter Resource Center – Advent 2013 (1L daily)

GINZA jewelry Kohime – Advent 2013

Gatsby’s – Advent 2013

freebiecosmos – Advent 2013 (Group Only, 0L Join Fee)

Eternal Dream Poses – Advent 2013 (Group Only, *150L* Join Fee)

:: envi ::   Advent 2013 (12/1 – 12/9)

Dressed by Lexi – 12 Days of Xmas Hunt 2013

Drama Libre – Advent 2013

DMC DarkMoon Creations – Advent 2013

DeVicious Mainstore – Advent 2013 (0-99L daily)

[CIRCA] Living – Advent 2013 (Group Only, $1L Join Fee)

CHOP ZUEY COUTURE – 12 Days of Xmas 2013

Charisma’s Designs – Advent 2013 (Group Only, OL join Fee)

Beyond the Mists – Advent 2013

[][] beach street [][] home and garden – Advent 2013

Baby Monkey – 12 Days of Xmas (Group Only, 250L Join Fee)

Artistry by ~ E ~ Advent 2013

Akaesha – Advent 2013 (Group Only, 0L Join Fee)

Aileen’s Shabby Chic – Advent 2013

22769 – Casual Couture – Advent 2013

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Advent 2013


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Peace On Earth Hunt – hello old friend

Peace On Earth Hunt - dress, wand & necklace FREE!

For the last five years I’ve always done this hunt – its epic and one of my all time favourites . Sooo many fahhhbulous designers get into the spirit of the season and leave out some incredible gifts for you to find. My first item to share is this so sweet outfit from Bubblez. The Angel dress is floaty and gauzy and SO ferminine I didn’t want to take it off. It comes with wings, a pearly necklace anddddd a WAND *squeeee*. You get two versions of the wand, one that showers you with little snowflakes and one that doesn’t – but seriously – WHO doesn’t want snowflakes ?! All mesh sizes are in the box, get your hunting goggles on and seek it out !


POEH blog

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Be kitsch at Kuro

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch NEW! (colour change couch and stool - packed with poses adult & PG versions available

Another item from the latest round of The Challenge is from Kuro. The theme is kitsch this month and this was JUST what I was wishing for ! Cutesy colours to choose from the menu (pink,green and a serious brown for those who aren’t uber girly!) You can get this couch in both PG & adult versions. Having *cough* extensively checked out the adult version, it has SO much nortiness included you might wanna handle it with oven gloves. The PG one is crammed with poses too ! Even the stool is colour change and ohmaiiii…literally bucketfuls of animations, it would make a brilliant prop for budding photographers (28 poses inside). The couch is just 4Li and the stool only 2 Li amazing ! The set is also materials ready so if you’ve got the latest browser all set up you’re in for a real treat !


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Sweater girl with a vintage twist

Immerse NEW

Immerse has an exclusive for The upcoming Fashion Fair, it begins on the 30th November, one to look out for. The new dress is called “Sequoia”, lovely tight fitting sweater dress with a beautiful bow tied belt at the front. (thanks Lily <3)

Eclectica - NEW!

I wore it with my newwww super elegant Slink shoes from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy <3) These are the” bowed court shoe”s, the fabric is a rich brocade, so lush! Lots of other colours available (the silver and black are just yummy) and at 190L a pair – very affordable. These are also materials ready hoohah!


Fashion Fair (I will try to get a more direct LM from Lily when I see her online)

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Big Hands.

Big handsI don’t have that many poses but fortunately for everyone I have big hands and this pose.  Following on from Zan s blog about Alyxen Design I popped over and grabbed a pair of the boxers she had mentioned.  Having been able to check it out  a bit more I can see that you can buy 3 versions pulled up, half pulled down and all the way down.  I reccomend you check out the pictures at the side of the boxers to see what they look like without the hands covering. Apart from the 3 different styles there is a vast range of colours from the deep gold I am wearing to zingy green and sedate browns.  Not trans which is a shame as they would make a great gift.

Alyxen Designs

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The Challenge Goes kitsch !

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_008

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this round of The Challenge, as its Kitsch and gawd I lurve that. I even had to log in from work to see a package that had arrived from [Breno] ! (YES I get that excited) Was sooper chuffed to see that it was a Marilyn inspired item – retro! Imagine this in a room, focal point, glossy lips, ciggy hanging out – LOVE it. Uber low prim, coming in at 2Li, naturally I had to squeeze in shot…

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_004

…as I wanted to show off a coupla things Id recently bought and had given for review. Lust after my boooots , mmhmm my first purchase since getting the Slink high feet at Shoetopia. These are the demi boots by Slink, come in a range of colours (the donation colour being OMG pink squeee) Superb styling and just what I was hoping to find for Winter. My skirt is an older release from coldLogic, such a classic little piece, tight fitting mesh skirt, perfect length, called “page” and available in a heap of other shades. The short sleeved sweater top is a new release from Somnia, there is a light and dark pack “swanky shell” is the name and this is the grey from the lighter pack. Somnia is always such brilliant value so go check it out.

MOCK Golden twilight Winterberry makeover

I also must do a big fat shout out to Mock Cosmetics. I such a rubbish blogger and rarely mention everyyyything I’m wearing. Mock has saved me an absolute fortune in skins to be honest. I buy her makeovers mostly : because I’m a) lazy b) they rock. A makeover usually changes lips,eyes and sometimes cheeks. You wear it as a tattoo layer, et voila – totally different look for the skin you’re wearing!

MOCK Iron & Fire Sahne Makeover

You can also get lips creams, glosses, eye liners, blush and more ! The changes to your face can be subtle or dramatic, depends what you fancy and SO affordable. I usually go for a very natural new skin these days, as I know I can vamp it up with my makeup layers. I treated myself to two new “makeovers” yesterday, 1st photo is Golden twilight Winterberry, I also added a very light slick of Smolder crema lip colour, 2nd photo is a makeover called  Iron & Fire Sahne – now both of these are fairly low-key, which is what I wanted, but there are heavier looks available also, most of which I do own !

[Breno] (The Challenge item not for sale until the 1st of December)

Slink @ Shoetopia



Mock Cosmetics