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Weekend Sales – Which ones am I doing?

Spirit $77L each item

I already started my weekend sale shopping , above is the 7 days Sale offering from Spirit. “Lucy” is a top and pants offer. Each item is just $77L. You get a logo top and a plain one, with the pants you get a Hud with all sorts of options for the fishnet and trims – very happy with it ! As the name suggests you’ve got 7 days to get these items.

Free top & skirt FAT PACK

Also part of the 7 Days Sale is a free gift from Evani !The Elliean skirt and top is totally free if you join the 7 days Sale group (its free) just click & collect. You get a massive fatpack for both pieces, with options for trims, bow and skirt layers – deal! Huge amount of mesh body fits in the box.

7 Days Sale Gallery

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

30L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale – info later today




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Which Weekend Sales am I Doing!

$30L Moon _ Sha 1Li Decor version & Adult & PG 2lI

I’ve already begun my weekend sale shopping and snapped up this old well by Moon Sha for just $30L (30L Saturday Sale) You get a 1Li décor version plus an Adult & PG version for 2Li – it looks brilliant out in my garden. Listed below all the sales I’ll be doing – see you there?

30L Saturday

Happy Weekend Sale

The Saturday Sale



Wanderlust (look out for the gorgeous backdrop by irrisistible)

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Sunday Funday (Free item)

Free outfit & Empowered Happy weekend Sale

I went to The Beauty Event last night – Zan wasn’t feeling so chipper, so I popped over and scooped up the ton of gifts. I mean seriously – wayyyyyy too many gifts! You’ll need to join the group which is free to click on the boxes at almost all of the stands. This little outfit from Good Girl caught my eye. Sweet as sugar shorts and top, just right for a lazy Sunday morning. If you haven’t taken a look at The Happy Weekend Sale yet be quick – it ends today. My prop and pose is from Empowered, set of poses and cakes to wear in the sale for just $60L! I grabbed a couple that were on offer actually, good stuff. Actually that reminds me – I also bought a prop & poses from Fashiowl for $60L – a quad bike ! When your are at the store check out the FREE pose & props sets on the left wall by the desk – no group to join just click – Happy Sunday! (Argh!! Sorry for the hand poking through the plate!)

The Beauty Event



Happy Weekend Sale

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The Sales I’m Doing !


I’m short on time today and I noticed that quite a few readers like to check out the weekend sales. I thought even though I haven’t the time to blog my purchases (and there will be many!) I would share the shopping links right here for you to check out the galleries – if you like that let me know !

Faith ❤

The Saturday Sale – my fav!

Energy Weekend Price

Wanderlust Weekend

EBento Weekend 

$30L Saturday

Happy Weekend – gallery not updated until later today

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Went Crazzzy @ Muniick !

Muniick Wringet set $50L !

I went to Muniick to buy this Vintage Wringer set – but thennn I ventured inside and bought a whole lot more ! The above set is not only very low land impact but its also just $50L today ! I don’t have the sort of home for it ATM , but you know me – that’s bound to change anytime soon!

Muniick Vintage Cigar set $25!

I also bought this set for just $25L ! The ash tray insert is colour change and the cigar box opens and closes, all very low land impact. Stunning pieces to add a little more realism to your space.


Muniick Llewellyn Living Room Collection Tables & Decor Bundle A $60L !

Then I saw this collection of décor items @ $60L, there’s more to this set than I’m showing but I’m running out of time ! I fooled around with the tea set and unlinked the shadow then made the whole thing small – word of caution the jug & cups are separate so edit the rest, then edit those ! I got it down from 4Li to 2Li ! Strangely the gorgeous little clock is 3Li – might fiddle with that later too .


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Neve @ Fameshed X April

Neve @ Fameshed April - Kuni Sale hair

New goodies from Neve in the latest round of FameshedX ! This is the “peel” shorts and “slice” shirt. Choice of four packs of shorts and four packs of shirts. From the very sporty to the positively luxurious satins – its all there. Fits included: Maitreya + petite, Legacy, TMP legacy & perky. Thanks Neve Team ❤

My hair is by Kuni and called “tone” – gawd I struggled to get into the store to buy it. Its part of the Happy weekend sale event that ends today. Now listen up ! There are two boxes, both priced at $60L. If you just want the one style buy the left box, if you want the Hud to alter the styles you need to buy the right box also (if they’ve moved them around dont blame me!) Of course I bought both !


FameshedX Gallery


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Happy Weekend Sale Early

I was sneeking about at Spirit earlier this morning and noticed that they already had their Happy Weekend Sale item out yay! This is the “Augusta” pants and top. Plenty of colours to choose from including plains and patterns, and a discounted fatpack. Each item is just $60L and comes with a Hud to alter the piping colour on both. Shhh dont tell anyone its out early ❤