Tootsies !

ooOOoo Phoebe , one of our group members let me know about these prim feet that are currently on a *profile picks* gift at Mayden couture…heres the pic  (I sadly can not add the pick no room left in my profile boo!!)

Mayden Couture profile picks gifty

 Phoebe  says they are well worth the 24 hour wait to collect– go gettum! Thanks for the tip Phoebe ❤

Get tootsies : Mayden Couture


2,000 Bubblez

As you all will know by now, we’re huge fan of Bubblez Design and the awesome clothes that milo makes for us. Now her group has broken the 2,000 members barrier (yay!) and she has put out this absolutely fabulous group gift for the guys to celebrate.

The outfit is called ‘Salvatore’ and is a wickedly wonderful gothic style suit. Seriously, I’m finding it a little bit difficult to find the words to say how much I love this suit. I’m a big fan of suits in general and this one is simply one of the best I’ve seen. The details are amazing in every part of the outfit, from the creases in the trousers to the little silver crosses on the folded white shirt cuffs. Every part of this suit works so well, I love the buckled collar, it gives the suit a little gothic touch and makes it stand out from the pack. It even comes with its own silver-grey hankie to wear on the breast of the suit jacket and it matches the darker grey tie nicely. All the attachments come with their own resizer script (except for the trouser cuffs which don’t need them) and are just so easy to wear and fit (see/click picture below for a closer view). Honestly, you have to – I repeat, have to – add this suit to your wardrobe as soon as you can.

And oh, before I forget, congratulations milo for reaching 2,000 members (I’m sure it’ll be even more very shortly).

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design


Get your brooooom on!

This has to be one of the sweetest halloween outfits I’ve found yet ! It’s a freebie from KiiToS and is hidden verrrrry well (look under tables is my only hint!

KiiToS secret gift for halloween

awwww its a shoulder kitty …!!

KiiToS secret halloween gift

Yes, some might say I look VERY at home on a broom, dressed as a witch …(Player I mean YOU ! LOL)

The kitty & brooms, shoes, headband are all in the box…have fun!

Go get halloweened: KiiToS


oyakin gifties

I scooted over to one of my fav clothing stores last night “couverture” fora little light retail therapy…popped into oyakin also and thought Id re-show a couple of their long time gifts!

Oyakin gift dress/top & leggings

The dress (which I’ve worn as a shirt) is in the gift, two shades, khaki & beige, very twirly & girly..the leggings have been in my inventory for a agesss and I use them heaps! several colours, with two cuff style options..so pritty!

Oyakin summer leggings, shown with the "fore" 1L pink tshirt

Remember the fore t-shirts I showed you a day or so ago? Looks sooper cute with the oyakin leggings huh? You can find the dresses & leggings in the back of the store , placed on a small cupboard shelf….hope you like ❤ While you’re in the slow sim…check out a store called node also…such beautiful sculpted items..and of course..toodle along to couverture , prettiest things!



You know..those jeans you have..?

yeah sure you do..the ones you tug on when you get up..they have aged around your body..they fit your shape perfectly…and feel like an “old friend”..maybe a little torn & worn…faded…soft as silk through millions of washes , tumbles & spills…always wanted that look for your second life huh? Ok I HAVE them !  And guys..these are UNISEX hurrrah!Poisons latest release, surely surpasses all past (and present that I own) click the pics for a closer view and check out the detail…

Poison Original jeans in black

These new jeans come in 4 options..black..worn black…blue..worn blue. Each pack has the sling-em-low & normal fit plus two styles of prim cuff..a folded back cute-as-a-button one and a smoooooth look..

Poison original jeans in blue

The shading on these is sooper awesome…

Poison Original jeans in black "worn"

I think I’m loving the turned back cuff millionssss…sooo cute with my low tops !

Poison Original Jeans in blue "worn"

These are available now at Poisons main store, priced at 175L per pack- don’t forget you’re getting TWO pairs in each pack (low slung & normal in the same colour choice) -thats only 87L per pair! Trust me, you will wear and wear and wear them…thank you Mr. Corocota Torok for giving me my favourite jeans ❤

Got get the gear : Poison