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Pick carefully. (FLF Mina “Wet” Hair).

When Mina brought out her first “wet” hair it was such a new thing that I bet the sale of it went through the roof. The “wet” version was so popular she actually updated the pack to include a permament wet hair.

Since then she’s come out with more wet look hairs as for those who not only like to take pictures but do like to add more realism to their “OFTD” (outfit of the day) then when you’re in a beachy look then wet hair is just a great finishing touch. What you can’t see in this pictures is the small droplets of water running down the strands of hair.

This hair is called Marsha and is her FLF offer.

This hair is also an interactive hair and with a very simple easy to use hud. You can keep the hair permamently wet or dry or set a timer to change from wet to dry and turn the water droplets off and on.

As ALWAY check out the demo as you will get the fully interactive demo to try. If you want to check out the other wet/dry hair then you will spot a random shower in her main shop and it’s there because the other wet/dry hairs are close by and you can try them out using this shower before you decide which you like best.

OH I’ve just had a thought of course wet hair is for when you shower or over excercise both vertically and horizontally…wink wink lol.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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Hippy Chic. (Dollarbie(s)).

This is a reblog as I’ve had this little short and top set in my invent for a long time and it’s time to dust it off for a reblog as it’s most certainly a summer look.

This is just one of the dollarbie from the KIB Design shop. There are only about 5 dollarbies, inc a very slinky black gown which I was tempted to reblog. The rest of the items in the group gift section are for the paid for group which at only 50Lds is pretty good.

As it happens there is a group gift called “Sunny Summer Jumpsuit” which I have tried on many times and I would love to join the group just to get this jumpsuit as not only is the style lovely the colour/pattern hud it comes with it just my cup of tea. Sadly, Maitreya only. Try it for yourself and I think you will see why I really like it.

The group gifts are to be found upstairs or you can be lazy and use the TP. The dollarbies are on the shelf under the big picture of the “Sunny Summer Jumpsuit” the rest of the paid for gifts are on the walls in the same room.

I also spent time wandering around the KIB Design as their use of patterns and textures make their brand really stand out. From price checking the items I like I spotted that everything is priced the same, 229Ld and everything comes in a fatpack of colours/patterns.

KIB. Design.

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It’s, not, getting old! (10Ld TeleportHub Gift & Mention of Freebie(ss)).

This is a reblog which I forgot I’d already blogged it as always it was such a long time ago I’m happy to dust it off and alpha my AV behind out of the picture.

Oh my Lord I remember when this style of super cinched in corsettes were first created it made my RL heart flutter.

This is for the Maitreya Lara shape only. The panties can be worn seperately. As this is a TeleportHub gift that group costs 10Lds to join.

There are other free gifts in the MAAI shop right at the LM, a very good black leather dress, some stockings, nail/toe varnish etc nice stuff so check them out even if this corsette isn’t a good fit for you.


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Showing off/Last Post/Last Visit. (Cheapie & Freebie).

I returned to the Hair Fair to make my donation and then got suckered into spending more Lindens and I have no regrets.

One of the stalls, I say stalls but they are mini shops, has a sign board outside of it which says “Bandana Booth” and yes it has nothing but banada’s for men and women although as you can see from the one I’m wearing some are more like fashion hats. Each item has been created by different shops/designers and all proceeds go towards the “Wigs for kids” charity.

Each bandana/cap/headscarf is only 50Lds so I bought this and another one. I won’t be keeping the other one which although is lovely I just know I won’t wear it and since they’re non-copy/trans it means I can pass it on.

This one is most certainly a keeper for me. It does have a hint of “Rosie the riviter” look to it. That oversized bow and how it sits neatly on my head is so good and it means I don’t have to faff with getting it to fit over my hair.

Oddly enough this is the donation from a shop I know extremely well as Alaskametro sells the only make up I actually spend Lindens on. So just like 95% of the time I’m wearing a Mina hair I’m also 95% of the time wearing Alaskametro makeup. I just think no matter if you’re wearing one of their gothic looks or a natural pastel the shading is very realistic and smoothly blended and the fit on my AV is perfect. I will put the link to the Alaskametro shop here. The group does cost, sorry I can’t remember how much, but of course like most make up shops each demo you pick up comes with a wearable shade.

This dress is also a freebie and yes it’s also a reblog. As I was hunting out something to go with this cap I came across this dress and a quick TP showed it is still out as a group gift in the (U.F.O) shop. The editing in this picture has changed the shade somewhat as it’s a lovely pale mint. If mint isn’t to your taste then there is a darker red version. This is one of those gifts you hope stay out for a long time as the quality is excellent and even though the fit is just I think a Maitreya it’s pretty forgiving for most AVs.

Bandana Booth@The Hair Fair.


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Not going back. (60% Sale@Sintiklia).

Everyone knows I blog Mina hair and it’s the only shop I blog for. I won’t bore you regular lot cos you all know how much I just love the Mina hair range but that doesn’t mean I don’t check out other hair shops.

I’m always looking for hair with an interesting twist or a style I want but as yet not found. Which is why I know the Sintiklia range pretty well so I was super excited when I got the notice that there is a 60% sale going on.

From just one wall I grabbed 8 demo’s and out of those 8 I bought this one. I’m not going to tell you much about this particular hair as you all need to just grab and try on the all the demo’s for yourself as what looks good on one AV or in the picture doesn’t mean it’s going to look the same on you.

You do have plenty of time as this sale goes on till the 4th of July but go and check out the 60Ld “Happy Weekend” offer, it’s a lovely long and wavy hair…which I obviously haven’t bought lol.


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My treat. (I got spendy@Redeux).

Redeux is open and even though I know that now there aren’t any freebies I still went as it’s a great way to pick up a discount/promo/special offer and of course those damned Gacha’s!

This skirt is what I treated myself to. It’s off the SK (Sweet Kajira) stall and the moment I saw it I knew I was going to buy it but I still tried the demo out as I knew it only comes in a Lara/Legacy fit and I’m happy enough with the legacy fit.

There is a matching blouse/jacket which is a separate purchase and although I did really like the blouse, the jacket is another layer, I wasn’t as keen on it as the skirt so I’ve just popped on a random top to cover my boobies up.

You only get 2 colour options at this sale price fortunately for me this peachy/orangy ombre shade is just my cup of tea.

Many of you will recognise that I’m on the Yorkshire sim. If you’ve not visited it before then it’s time you went. If any of you would like to take nice pictures but don’t feel you have the skill, confidence or photo editing skills then this sim does all the work for you. Its windlight setting is perfect for showing off your AV and outfit meaning all you have to do is pull a pose a click away.y



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Liar liar pants on fire! (10Ld Gifts & Mention of Freebies).

The news reported that today was going to be the hotest day of the year…somewhere just not here! So I’ve done all the boring RL stuff and instead of working on my tan I’m working on this post.

This is a reblog and I know that because when I picked up the pants and shirt from the “The Annex” shop I was happy to pay 10Ld for each item forgetting that I’d already had them so not only did I get my 10Ld x 2 refunded the pants and shirt were redelivered! Very impressed that someone has gone to the bother of ensuring that people didn’t accidentally purchase something twice and assumed that maybe you’d lost it which was why you were buying it again.

The pants and bouse comes in a Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya fits with 9 colours for the top and 10 for the bottoms.

When I logged back in to LM grab I spotted that for the cheapies, there are more items at a 10Ld discount, you can try the demo’s on.

As for the freebies, I do remember them as they haven’t really changed in a very long time for a lot of you they maybe new and it costs you nothing to try them for yourself.

The Annex.