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I’m only here for the tarts. (25Ld Tue & Freebie).

The new 25Ld Tue offer from the Lorien shop is a good excuse to show off one of their free group gifts which I have shown to you before.

The dress is a free group gift, you will need to pay 1Ld and it is refunded. It’s one of two freebies on the wall behind the reception desk. The editing of the photo is not one I use often as it does change the texture of the dress so it looks like latex but it’s silkier inworld. It’s such a classy elegant look in a style you don’t see much of which is why I’m glad I have an excuse to reblog it and the excuse is the basket.

The basket is the 25Ld Tue offer. I’m a sucker for baskets esp wearable ones. You get 2 versions with or without a pose and rezzed it’s only 1 prim.


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Kawaii Decor. (Freebies(sss)).

I found in a folder a whole load of cute decor. I have no idea of how long I’ve had these but I am 100% sure I’ve not shown you them before.

In this picture, there are 3 separate items, the kitchen, cake cabinet and picnic blanket/set.

I’ve taken the pictures with no editing so you can see how pretty they are.

Just look at the detailing on this cookbook. This one on the stand is only 2prims the rezzable one is 1 prim and you also get a wearable version.

I’m glad I checked as it turns out that there is there an inworld shop and unlike the marketplace shop it’s all free inworld and 1Ld on the marketplace.

Oops forgot to say that there is a whole wall of stuff for you, big and small things.

PPM (Poyun).

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Think about it. (New Kaithleen Group gift(99Ld) & 10th Birthday Sale).

I’ve been in the Kaithleen group forever so the initial 99Lds it costs to join has paid off big time and this is the newest group gift.

Now a photo where you can see clearly what it looks like.

This is a one-piece so it can’t be worn separately. It also only comes in the one main body colour which is the lovely pink shorts and top but the hud that is included has a big hud of shades for you to play around with the hem, sleeves and tie.

I would have loitered longer as there is a BIG wall of Lucky Board with excellent prizes but there was someone else who’s name started with the letter “Z” so I never take a prize if someone else is waiting….when I returned to LM grab I won two more outfits.

Also, there is a Birthday Sale going on and a lot of things have been discounted to either 75Lds for a single colour, sorry I’ve forgotten how much for the fatpack I think it may have been something like 299Lds but don’t quote me…still a bargain.


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My treat, not free.

I knew there was a Valentina E sale but it isn’t in the main shop and I just didn’t have the right LM so it was lucky that Faith did a post and I could get the right LM.

Unlike her, I showed great restraint and this is the only outfit I did buy.

Then I reminded Faith about the Tromphe Loeil Superfan offers, 50Lds each, and this week it’s a very tempting Lighthouse/house and this boat.

I wasn’t going to buy this as I have quite a few boats but Faith knows my weakness for them and she surprised me with it as a gift, sent through the gifting option as it’s not trans. This boat is now added to the three I already have moored around my small island house.

The reason I love this one is it’s already prepped for escaping. You have the suitcases on the back, a pile of books, a bottle of wine and a throw. The light on the prow can be turned on or off.

It is 20prims which when you consider the details it’s worth it, some decent useable poses. Singles and couples but no naughty ones!

Faiths Post.

Valentina E.

Tromphe Loeil.

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How did I miss this? (Freebie & Cheapies(Marketplace)).

First is the freebie which is quality hair from the Tram shop.

I had decided to try to pick up some more of the Uber gifts and this is the Uber gift from Tram. A lovely big hud of colours as well and I think it’s 3 slightly different styles or maybe sizes, not too sure.

Now for the cheapies as it’s obviously what I’m wearing.

I did a post not too long ago about the birthday gift from the Milota shop, it’s on the table just outside the front door, but somehow I forgot to check their marketplace shop and that’s where I found a load of 5Ld gifts.

I’ve added the panties as this net skirt doesn’t have them and as you can see it’s pretty see through.

That lacing around the waist is so nice and you do get a hud to change that.

Bum shot, this skirt does come with a pantie hud but I’d kept the same one on that I was already wearing in my mesh skirt picture.

I have no idea how I bought only pink shades as you can buy different colours and I was sure it was the green version I’d put in my marketplace basket. If you want the fatpacks then they’re only 20Lds.

Makes sure of the sizes, the net skirt is a Maitreya only and although it looks good from the front it’s a different matter from behind.


Milota. (Marketplace).

Milota. (inworld).

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For once I like it. (Freebie).

Reblog…and I don’t care.

This freebie top from the Gaia shop has a big statement to make as it has “F*ck Hate” across the chest and as much as I agree with that statement I really appreciate that it can also be worn without it. Also, the hud gives you a lot of colours which allows you to change all the different parts of this top.

Just in case you need white jeans and you have time to kill I will give you the LM to one of my fav shops, Bumblebee which has a nice wall of lucky boards and very wearable gifts in them.

If you’ve never been in the Bumblebee group before then I’m pretty sure it still has the 200Lds worth of new member credit.

While I was LM grabbing I checked and yes the free shop credit is still there for new members, BTW just as a reminder, you will also see a lot of special offers and unlike some shops, you can actually use your credits to buy those.

Gaia. (On the table at the entrance).


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Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. (Free shop Credit).

I wasn’t intending on doing a freebie post today but I don’t know how long this offer will go on and I suspect it will end sooner rather than later.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as the Montemartre sim is very busy so much so that not a lot would rezz for me which is why I have no photo, fortunately, I was able to make out the 300Ld free shop credit board in the Charlotte shop so I joined and grabbed and then TP’d home to wait for it to calm down.

The reason I think this may end soon is that the shops on this shopping sim all seem to have boards up with special offers, discounts and time-limited offers and quite a few have run out of time or the amount that was set for sale so thats why I think this has been running for a while.