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Last chance for some Summer Lovin



I have one more gift to share with you from the Summer Lovin Hunt…its this bamboo set from [CIRCA]…beautifully textured….and such a fresh shade of green…looks like the bamboo was just chopped and made right up ! In the gifty box is the side table…a tall trio of bamboo poles that hold a plant..and the gorgeous swinging bench seat…both cushions have poses in them…plus the rug….go make your summery garden complete …you’re looking for a beach ball – thanks Cherelle ❤ (The hunt is officially over but this prize is going to be left out until the end of July- dash!)




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Vanity Fair is in Town

Ohh I have some pretties to share ! The Vanity Fair event is underway…and ArisAris are there…they have some wonderful new releases….these hankerchief hem dresses are SO of the moment…and the prints for these are just divine. This one called “Joie to Sense” has a real boho feel about it…love the shoes? They also come as part of the deal !

I totally fell in love with this version called ” Joie de vivre”, pure and fresh…the coolest summer look you can get…this also comes with the shoes you see me wearing…wedges…with pretty toes displayed !

Last outta the blocks…is this cheerful little frock “joyful heart”..its bright and zesty…crisscross halter neck…with mouthwatering green and eye popping pink to make your day go with a BANG !

Arisaris @ Vanity Fair

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I used to be a Tart….

…but now I’m a reformed character and shop at Fall in Fall out(formerly known as Tart) . Knowing the quality of their clothing as soon as the notice was sent that they have a special offer of jeans for a mere 10Lds and knowing that this is the sort of shop where you pay for good quality I TPed and clicked and was sooo not disapointed.  They haven’t skipped on quality from the open, studded belt to the prim bottoms that don’t resemble great big bells these are simple damned fine wearable jeans.  Have to say  I did have to edit the belt down a bit and a reziser would have been handy but then I have an exceptionally skinny ass and for us old timers a little bit of editing is a doddle.  Placed just inside the entrance and you even have a choice of colours 4 shades of blue.  Sexy clothes for those who dare to wear.



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Feminine Monday Mania

It’s a really girly Monday Mania week…First outta the blocks (yes, I will be making sporting ref’s for the duration of the Olympics !) Is this sweet lingerie set from  “The Lingerie Shop”…now I think the designer made an error…because the REAL Monday Mania item isn’t this at all…but what the heck…its pink and I thought Id show you the quality anyway . The real set is really retro and head over and take a peek..I did and there are quite a few freebies dotted about plus lucky chairs ! My jewelry is from n@n@…I really look forward to their MM offering..and this set is just charming. You get the daisy earrings and the stunning decorative necklace…gold choker that winds around your neck..with a burst of flowers at the front…

New to me store Artic Storm…has this totally fab mesh evening dress out as their MM item…gawd isnt it glamm…oooozes smexiness…tall column of red leads to a black edged hemline…the back is equally alluring and deeply cut to expose your spine…the edges of the torso are encrusted with a beautiful red ruby style trim…

One more starter…at the the jewelry I wore with this gown..its from Beloved Jewelry…and what a bargain it is…not only is it soooo reasonably priced at 35L seperately..or 50L for the earings and necklace together…but but but…it has oooodles of options for metal colour and gemstone colours…makes it a really essential set to keep for all occasions ! Dont forget..all these items are just for Monday…and are priced between 25-50L…go grab yourself some steals!

Beloved Jewelry


Artic Storm

The Lingerie Shop

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Do the Dash

With the Olympics having started over the weekend, can you think of any more perfect a time than now for SF Design to have a pair of sport shoes for us for Monday Mania?

These are not just any old sport shoes either. No, not at all, these sport shoes look pretty awesome. I’m loving the mix of blue colours and the white stitching goes perfectly with them. The texture on the shoes overall is fantastic as well and while I’m not a huge fan of velcro strapped shoes (not any kind of fan really) I can’t hold them against these shoes because they do look cool. They are super easy to fit as well with the inbuilt resizer script so you won’t have any hassles in that area and you’ll be zooming up and down the track in no time flat.

As always these shoes will only cost you L$25, an Olympic-sized bargain, for today only. You can pick these up at that price from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Sprint over

Oh had a spot of luck…I went over to [CIRCA] who have two hunt gifts out…now both hunts have officially ended BUT…the owner is kindly leaving them for us to find until the end of July. There are hints to help you on the posters for these two hunts…and LORD if I can find can ! Above is the gift for the Midsummer nights Dream event…beautifully made bed, stuffed with poses , suspended from two really lovely trees…even a little lantern on the floor…

Next is the Seraphim Turns One item…youll find it in a cupcake with a candle on top…I almost tripped over this on my way in ! It’s a truly stunning Pergola…with floaty drapes…a huge sofa for you and friends to lounge on…I totally adore how the light dapples on the wooden floor…its even got a chandelier hanging in the centre…really lush! (it is a little prim heavy buttt…sometimes you just have to go with the flow) The store itself is relaxing to wander & spacious..lots to see…home decor…interior design and garden items….take a browse and see if you can find the gifties!


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Sakide Rudiess

Proof positive that sending out notices of new designs works because as soon as I got this note I grabbed my remaining Lindens and TPed.  I love a little bit of boob flashing and yes this is how you are suposed to wear it but for those with more modesty than me you can of course team it up with a top because although the main skirt is mesh the straps are not and you get a choice of all 3 layers.  You also get a pair of socks with an old fashioned gaitors holding them up and they do suit this outfit really well and with a choice of 3 colours you can use them to finish off other outfits.  And the price? a more than reasonable 120Lds.

As soon as you enter the shop ignore all the goodies and zoom in on the back corner because there you will find some LBs and 2 MMs  and once you’ve scanned to make sure your initial isn’t there then you can have a leasurely time checking out all 16 Gatchas and then all  3 floors of really nice unfussy, great textured, with attutude, Sassy Kitty clothes and if you have a lot of SL time to kill the top floor is devoted to Camping Chairs.