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Sparkle with me. (Freebie(ss)). LM fixed.

No special editing was needed to add all this bright sparkliness to my beach, it’s all down to that magical bright white cube.

I logged in to SL log out of RL and just TP’d here and there till I landed in the RE:ON shop which I think is aimed for more clubs/bars etc.

The walls are covered with different rezzers and you click on them to get the demo rezzing in the middle of the shop. I was very tempted by the fog one but in the end for only 35Lds picked up a big and lovely “bubble and water effect” which I think will look very interesting just placed a bit off shore on my side.

These aren’t the “rezzers” of the old days which just spat out spiders or emoji’s and who can’t forget the lovable flappy willies.

The ones in this shop billow, flow, sparkle, or zip around. This free one has a lovely mix of dots, and zippy bits as well as those hazy patches. Although the instructions are in Japanese it’s easy enough to understand, 2 basic huds one to turn it off and on and the other allows you to change the colours.

OK now for the “Pay attention” part as although there are some gifts in the main entrance to find this gifts and others you turn to the dark room to your right and thats where you will find the gifts on the back wall plus the ones for sale and its in the middle of the room that the demo’s rezz.

PS, I’ve only left the cube on the surface so you can see it as you’d normally just sink it under the surface.


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Super freaking cute. (FLF & Freebies).

I’ve not been to Jians for so long, mainly because I know I’d just cave in and buy something, so I didn’t know they’d even changed their shop, same old LM though, and I didn’t know they had new group gifts.

Mum and baby snoozing away with a lovely slow AO.

Only an EVIL person could hate this puppy in a basket. There is a third gift of a wearable Easter basket with a cute animesh bunnieh!

A bit sad that the prims are on the big side however if you love something then you can always find something to remove to free up the prims.

As for the FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) check out this leaping salmon.

I was so tempted to put an arrow pointing to it lol.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. As you can see it’s now leaping happily in one of the little streams I have on my land. I took many pictures trying to catch the fish looking it’s best and this was the best I could do. If you look at the link to the Seraphim blog they have pictures and LMs for all the shops with a FLF offer out and a good picture of these fish and all the options you get in a fatpack of excellent fish…and low low low prims so I’m tempted to pop one in every little stream I have.

Seraphim Blog (Pictures and LM’s)


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Inexpensive Glamour For Your Trotters

Pure Poison Dollarbie shoes

Was browsing the market place and noticed that Pure Poison has a huge amount of reduced older shoes on offer for between $1 – £10L ! The top left pair was my one and only $10L buy, the rest I’ve shown (and there are heaps more!) were all $1L – all of these came as fat packs! I didn’t notice any Legacy fits, but plenty of Maitreya, slink etc. Fill your boots ❤

Pure Poison Market Place Store

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Now for something different. (Freebie & Mention of Cheapies).

It’s nice to be able to show you something different and this explosion of wires and cables spurting out my mouth and wrapped around my neck is cetainly different. You get 5 versions but I think they’re pretty much the same. I also like how it animates your mouth open which gives it a creepier look.

This group gift is to be found at the LM but please use the TP to check out the shop cinphul shop as there are some unique items of AV accessories and home decor. It’s one of those shops you have to keep looking as although not everything maybe to your taste you just have to check everything out.

I’m not sure if the TP is broken but I remember from a previous visit/post that if you leave the shop and fly around to the back on the hill are 2 tents with some free, discounted and some full priced items. Take note to price check as somethings are still expensive also the 10Ld items are Gacha prizes.

I’ve blogged many items from this hidden stash of goodies before and I’m so glad I went back as it’s reminded me of some of the items I’ve not used esp the “Memaw’s quilt” that I bought a long time ago and completely forgot. If you want to check those out then they’re just behind on of the tents.


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Get Your Free Bunneh!

Crybunbun FREE holdable bunny

Awwww look at my little fuzzy bunneh! This is for everyone at the CryBunBun store currently. It is smaller than above but I edited mine to a little larger – isn’t it just so precious?!

Crybunbun Hud

It even comes with a Hud for more super cute bunneh colours!

CryBunBun Store

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Feeling Blue (Free gifts)

Seniha Group gift outfit

Cant feel blue when there are great freebies to show ! The photo above shows one of the many group gifts from Seniha – the outfit comes in many mesh body fits and has two versions included. I really thought either Zan or I had shown this before but I couldn’t find it in the archives – so apologies if we have! The group gifts are behind the main counter , turn around and there are some lucky boards with some great prizes – group is free to join.

E.D.D.A Dollarbie outfit

Found this two piece outfit on the market place from E.D.D.A – just £1L, many mesh body fits included. It has a soft suede look to the fabric which is so sweet. Happy Wednesday!



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Ana has style & (Freebies).

As mentioned in my last post I hopped over to AnaSTyle(sic) and found at the back of the shop some freebies inc this outfit.

Again another full outfit, shorts, fringed top, shoes and even the jewelery. I usually don’t wear jewelery but it’s orange and orange is my fav colour. So glad they’re seperates as I’m keeping those shorts and the earrings but you may want to keep the whole outfit for yourself.

AnaSTyle (sic).